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ShowRadiohead 2012-03-09 St Louis - mk4v ***16 Bit***
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Torrentrh2012-03-09.mk4v.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asrh2012-03-09.mk4v.flac16
Info hash97ce4da92a55fb241579b4124f6c695a4c4d8d69
March 9, 2012
Scottrade Center
St. Louis, MO

source: Schoeps mk4v (DINa/FOB) > kcy > Sonosax SX-M2-LS2 > Sony D50 (24/96)
transfer: Memory Stick > Sound Studio > xACT > .flac (16/44)

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Bloom
d1t03 15 Step
d1t04 Airbag
d1t05 Little By Little
d1t06 Morning Mr Magpie
d1t07 Myxomatosis
d1t08 Kid A
d1t09 Videotape
d1t10 The Daily Mail
d1t11 The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy
d1t12 Karma Police
d1t13 Identikit
d2t01 Lotus Flower
d2t02 There There
d2t03 Feral
d2t04 Reckoner
d2t05 Separator
d2t06 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
d2t07 Lucky
d2t08 Everything In Its Right Place
Second Encore:
d2t09 Give Up The Ghost
d2t10 You And Whose Army?
d2t11 Idioteque

run time: 2 hours
Checksumsrh2012-03-09d1t01.flac:92e4302f39e6678faa0fcfcebe310377<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t02.flac:af7023ebdbe7acfc9cdb7c915d195891<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t03.flac:57981e7aabea1c7940dcaac2466ea969<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t04.flac:f2131a63c716fb97661348308f12e513<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t05.flac:54fb360b9bd7afe96a94e18a5b69b486<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t06.flac:9d80fc2e9626dbba4aecb58cf9d1957a<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t07.flac:5d779462e164ff1884f1e25c9841bc21<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t08.flac:c073fabbc925c13d4885a2e0dad4820a<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t09.flac:5574730885b5462ff2b159acb035cb02<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t10.flac:d540ba242dc617d9ded85ebf0b0cc59c<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t11.flac:2e369a7e366cb80a6f58adce295a80fb<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t12.flac:174f05e8569597c32b49488a7dfef112<br />
rh2012-03-09d1t13.flac:d73f9283c6bac40bae1b084f0a5d3f9a<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t01.flac:303cb47e2bbfdd6a18ee741d43094e59<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t02.flac:a68029818be783aa6bd063803d8695b8<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t03.flac:ccdf9712647746a3c7c346c0ba566c59<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t04.flac:2654734d90442f5236a940a349b10b45<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t05.flac:73340b2a5b5173d6670c7019ac223752<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t06.flac:b33a6072ff7da59ce8cf1ef64d6d3d29<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t07.flac:7d4869677e467a3f05377776af0953e7<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t08.flac:747d9b8caa4218145982f4198511e4f7<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t09.flac:90657c44f93fa2997e055e59eba90510<br />
rh2012-03-09d2t10.flac:45e7e7219da7317a79013f09a73cf7bf<br />
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zmanatl 2012-03-10 17:59:16
Ah, you still have the Schoeps! nice work BP!
billydee 2012-03-10 18:43:33
Very nice, thanks a bunch!
twatts 2012-03-10 18:45:21

geewiz010 2012-03-10 22:38:39
Thanks for this!
scootertrash 2012-03-10 23:44:38
Thanks BP!
clarisse 2012-03-11 06:41:55
Thank you!
funkymtn 2012-03-11 10:12:45
many thanks!!
mike2sin 2012-03-11 11:17:19
Thanks so much for these! What is the difference between 16 and 24 bit again?
servosmeg 2012-03-11 14:15:23
super terrific. #1 good time. thank you, sir.
RandyBayers 2012-03-11 15:04:48
I shot about 25 minutes of video, 7 songs. Coming very soon to youtube:
teamdrink 2012-03-12 09:31:04

Basically 24 bit is higher resolution = better sound.
tynecastle 2012-03-12 14:29:02
Great recording - many thanks for sharing!
smoovranger 2012-03-12 21:45:49
I was next to you on the floor but I didn't get a chance to thanks. This is a great recording and thanks for sharing.
RandyBayers 2012-03-13 06:35:41
billtasty 2012-03-13 10:44:49
great sound - nice airy / open recording with minimal crowd noise. thanks for the efforts and for posting. looking forward to broomfield tonight.
sgordo 2012-03-14 23:34:28
Thanks much!
bobisphat 2012-03-24 18:09:46
love it. thanks.
newplanet7 2012-05-27 17:18:54
teamdrink 2012-03-12 09:31:04

Basically 24 bit is higher resolution = better sound.
First off thanks for the tape! It does sound tasty.
Second the above is not exactly correct. I know you have knowledge about recording team drink so I am actually going into detail for mike2sin question.
24-bit does not automatically give you "better sound" at all.
There are so many factors that go along with it.
The rest of the recording chain maters. Mics/preamp/a~d.
If you have shitty mics, a noisy power source/preamp or noisy recorder, you will make a crappy noisy tape with a 24-bit stamp on it. Location/configuration are more important to pulling a tasty tape than 16 vs 24bit. Taping isn't just a show up and hit record thing. I have to know my gear and have to have knowledge of things that go wrong while taping. Mic configuration is huge in order to have a great STEREO tape at the end of the night.
Honestly, the biggest and most valued reason 24bit is "better" is because it allows for more headroom while taping.
Headroom is the amt of db's you have before
reaching 0db's AKA hitting the point of clipping.
The headroom is allowed and accepted because you can run at a lower gain and boost the gain on your computer with software without taking a hit on raising the noise.
For example, you can ride the meters in the beginning aiming for the largest peaks to hit -6db and just use peak normalize on your pc/mac to bring it up to a decent volume.
With 16-bit you basically run hotter while recording and don't have as much headroom to play with before introducing some hiss.

Now, I have been taping for 5 years straight 16-bit and have my gear dialed in so that I know how to get the best tape without polluting it with noise. You wouldn't know that it wasn't recorded in 24bit if I didn't put it in the lineage.
To really get the full amount off of a 24bit tape you should also have a nice playback system that allows for 24-bit playback.
If you are burning to disc(16bit) or converting to mp3 the 24bit resolution you should just grab the 16bit. Like I said, whatever medium you use for playback is oh so important. When recording in 24bit it is a higher resolution and thus is capturing more information. However, in my experience it isn't noticeably audible

All that said, I am making the switch to record in 24-bit for the headroom alone. Also, I have done a comparison where I recorded hot with 24-bit, hitting peaks in the -2db range and range and also ran the gain conservatively peaking at -6db, and TO MY EARS, running hotter in 24bit(while still being safe) sounded more full.

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