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ShowPhish - 2012/06/15 - Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ, Right of SBD, AKG 392(omni) -> Warm Mod UA-5, 16bit /44.1 Khz
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Torrentph2012-06-15.akg.392.16bit.flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asph2012-06-15.akg.392.16bit.flac
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6/15/2012 Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

Source: AKG392's(Right of SBD) -> Hydra Silver XLR's -> Edirol UA-5 (Oade warm mod) -> Microtrack II 24 bit @ 48 Khz

Transfer: Microtrack II-> USB -> PC-> CD WAVE Editor -> Adobe Audition 3.0 16/44.1 conversion -> Flac Frontend

Microphone Config:Omnidirectional 39" separation, 75 HZ bass rolloff, Mics aimed at PA Stacks, approximately 12 ft high on stand.

Taped by: Greg Bloch

Transferred by: Greg Bloch(

Set I

t01 Intro
t02 The Sloth
t03 My Sweet One >
t04 46 Days >
t05 Camel Walk
t06 Tube >
t07 Cities >
t08 It's Ice
t09 Ginseng Sullivan
t10 Stash
t11 Simple >
t12 The Wedge
t13 Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan
t14 The Squirming Coil
t15 Outro

Time: 1:29:31


t01 Intro
t02 My Soul
t03 Birds of a Feather[1] ->
t04 Back on the Train >
t05 Heavy Things >
t06 Twist >
t07 Piper[2] >
t08 Billy Breathes
t09 Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley >
t10 David Bowie[3]
t11 Crowd


t12 First Tube[4]
t13 Outro

Time: 1:34:46

[1] Unfinished.
[2] "Woo!" quotes from Twist in intro.
[3] Stash, It's Ice, Birds of a Feather, Simple, and Ginseng Sullivan teases. Wedge tease from Fishman.
[4] "Woo!" quote from Twist.

Notes: Birds of a Feather was unfinished. Piper and First Tube contained "woo!" quotes from Twist. Bowie contained Stash, It's Ice, Birds of a Feather, Simple, and Ginseng Sullivan teases and a Wedge tease from Fishman.
Checksumsph2012-06-15d1t01.flac:869739140397606a0504c8d6caec9d50<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t02.flac:f5bfaf1013a345bd2f442bfe308469d3<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t03.flac:84ea879baa499025b634b84758644234<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t04.flac:2e0d8649f0e3f7bef8ae58c3c5a61b9f<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t05.flac:f8ff03fc7b182b87113683e6af7eb7aa<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t06.flac:1578238d6e675f71302123b0d7ebe95f<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t07.flac:7e89253c411901572c2bd530e7fa0e40<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t08.flac:6a963457fdeb4b342e90480d18d78b06<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t09.flac:5d97ea9ec7621a6c7ce2569d9c02ab1a<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t10.flac:0e23c0b2f09379fca5feb3ad6e6e6166<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t11.flac:591f976734598bea808b153e24bbd76c<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t12.flac:99fea5b007bffff16a3aa474af264cef<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t13.flac:9b7797b853c719b925c5dc4861af92dc<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t14.flac:1c3f24c514a71cd16e62f7bdc5b072c5<br />
ph2012-06-15d1t15.flac:f9d02ec9ee39042d90a7d05531241213<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t01.flac:c63a0138ca583ac8fb2ceb773ff9ca21<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t02.flac:b905528b9d020580aad79d8afa524a50<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t03.flac:172ff261f74882413001097f1710a8b4<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t04.flac:3cfade86701c9601ea1a4991155ba434<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t05.flac:c48750412c282f477bf805a1fd23b2d8<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t06.flac:7bcdcae0344013cc0e108446c63a54b8<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t07.flac:09a564a83803e75f9121f2a4e6f9b0f9<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t08.flac:7ecbd8d0fba110caef2fffe159fb7bff<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t09.flac:28eff295c878544a437ef0cdd50e87eb<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t10.flac:4175a28269f53f54451c76371abaa5bc<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t11.flac:4294cecf0fb3f3d6109fb1d82eb343e4<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t12.flac:ab87c69113413ee060cedc9bff5040b5<br />
ph2012-06-15d2t13.flac:74aea35cb7ca6d1b7081dd769e38c63c<br />
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obaaron 2012-06-20 22:46:06
Looking forward to hearing these omni's! Thanks!
jasonsobel 2012-06-21 05:45:16
I just added this to the etree database:

thanks Greg!

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