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ArtistDark Star Orchestra
ShowDSO June 29, 2012 Longmont. CO
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TorrentDSO_2012-06-29.MTX.Hayes.Flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asDSO_2012-06-29.MTX.Hayes.Flac16
Info hash8595b73866bb264139b57fc987f398eec9e8588a
Description DSO
GD Set list - Mostly 10/24/71
June 29, 2012
Left Hand Brewing Comp
Longmont, CO
Total Time = 158:33

3 Source Matrix:
DPA 4022| DPA 4027 | DPA 4060

Source 1: DPA 4022 (XY) -> w/V3
Preamp -> Tascam DR680

Souce 2: DPA 4027 (ORFT) -> Naiant Mid
Box -> Tascam DR680

Souce 3: DPA 4060 - 3 ft omni spread
-> Tascam DR680

Location: DFC, FOB. Mic on stand
at 7 feet. 35 feet from monitors

Transfer: Tascam DR680 (24/96) wav ->
USB cable -> PC

Editing: Wavelab plugins -> Flac(16)

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.

Recorded by Patrick H.

Disc 1 Set 1 (61:12)
01 Sugar Magnolia 9:39
02 Deal 6:49
03 El Paso 5:54
04 Tenn Jed 8:35
05 Jack Straw 9:40
06 Hard to Handle 8:52
07 Are you lonely for me 6:57
08 One More Saturday Night 4:50

Disc 2 Set 2 (71:08)
01 Truckin 10:46
02 Ramble on Rose 7:53
03 Mexicali Blues 5:24
04 Dark Star -> 14:42
05 Crytical Envelopement 21:15
-> Other One -> Crytical Envel.
06 St Stephen -> Johnny B Goode11:04

Disc 3 Set 2 (26:09)
01 Easy Wind * 7:08
02 What Love will make you do *11:12
03 Midnight Hour * 7:45

* Boots on Harp
Checksums7489240688ac3ad232753837ff10bec5 *DSO_2012-06-29_D101.flac
6c2efe6620b5c3754ec8822f3f2de9a4 *DSO_2012-06-29_D102.flac
d9d6dab68d7ec727f93e7f10f6c040fc *DSO_2012-06-29_D103.flac
b1a9d2569a35a5b31751115474ce1b95 *DSO_2012-06-29_D104.flac
af24f5ad2beea29b2e89f0aa29a73007 *DSO_2012-06-29_D105.flac
9c9c5d4ae60fd3454bab4718fc8188d0 *DSO_2012-06-29_D106.flac
87d14b3acca7253291ce8a296b238840 *DSO_2012-06-29_D107.flac
cc878b94f3ceb3cde471527f015342c1 *DSO_2012-06-29_D108.flac
b2a228d8b24251413c5e20939c7d9621 *DSO_2012-06-29_D201.flac
37c0ad94e6e38e8a2cadb0fafc989590 *DSO_2012-06-29_D202.flac
e936525ef26afa58cf6f2fc0ab9bbcb8 *DSO_2012-06-29_D203.flac
f1a2a38026b75ca73d643c5bb624578e *DSO_2012-06-29_D204.flac
d62480980c6b5d217cb2e28f338aa356 *DSO_2012-06-29_D205.flac
c442272f3c1ae62816ff396ce9cae2c1 *DSO_2012-06-29_D206.flac
cf20f13fa0dcfa20568458a21ce86c1e *DSO_2012-06-29_D301.flac
834e39c890d365dab737c5a5bd525290 *DSO_2012-06-29_D302.flac
584c9fccb87344f8f9d9153d3bc26e3d *DSO_2012-06-29_D303.flac
TypeDark Star Orchestra
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phil_er_up 2012-06-30 20:09:30
This was mostly the 10/24/71 show with one drummer. DSO said that they did not repeat songs and put in some filler. This was a benefit show for the Firefighters. It was well attended. Very hot day in longmont and the band put on a strong show.

Notes: This was the second show of
the Summer DSO "Meet me at the Jubliee
Summer Tour 2012". They played a
inspired 2 set show of mostly 10/24/71.

Recorded with DPA mics from first
in back of SBD DFC. Mics on stand
at 7 feet. About 35 feet from line
arrays. Created a 6 track matrix.
Crowd banter is minimal when music
is playing. Sound at the venue was
good. Sound of recording is good.

Performance: A+
Sound Quality: A-

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jeetyet 2012-06-30 21:59:40
Yeah Patrick, Get Some!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dodge 2012-07-02 18:56:48
Does anyone have any info on Boots? Last name or any history of him? I have seen him play with Phil and RatDog and now DSO but don't really know much about him. Thanks!
jackstraw58 2012-07-05 15:49:49
Thanks for the show.

Boots has been around the Fort Collins area for years. Seems to have connections with the Dead family somehow. I see him most often at the grocery store.

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