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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowP.Lesh & Friends-Allgood-7-19-12*Neuman U-89i-Schoeps cm060 3 mic Mix Fob*
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DescriptionPhil Lesh and Friends
All Good Music Festival
Thornville, Ohio 7-19-12

Source Info:
2xNeumann U-89i's(Set to Cardiod)-Grace V3-Digital out-Dr-680
1x Scheops/Strasser CM 060 (70's Solid State Mic-Cardiod setting low end roll off) Mic's ran FOB 60ft back of stage 2ft of DFC.
3 mic done in post with Wavelab using Waves S-1 Imager plug in to widen the stero pair and narrow the scheops to provide more seperation.
Recorded, Mastered and Posted by Pat Myers AKA DATPAT

1. Opening Jam
2. Truckin
3. Deal
4. Chest Fever
5.Big River
7.Long Black Veil
8..Lamps Trimmed and Burning
9. 1/2 Step
10. New Speedway Boogie
11. Casey Jones
12.Viola Lee>
13.Folsum Prison Blues>

16.G.D.T.R.F.B>Bid you Good Night
Checksums62e740b277ee8455033d048475497fa8 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-01.flac<br />
9c9277b3ac70d16d8838ead55bb35a9a *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-02.flac<br />
933b56a58e81e079f9f290b7465b166a *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-03.flac<br />
162501dc1c06df5844908d974aabd200 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-04.flac<br />
c5be5c700feed266af526d358dc7e42f *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-05.flac<br />
2990eb92d3b0330cc6d3c046b0431e23 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-06.flac<br />
130439b9cffdf46dae4747eb7beddcb1 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-07.flac<br />
786996d9b4800f93d6a26229936dbde6 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-08.flac<br />
44011f43ac4a64c03c715e53c6e45f8b *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-09.flac<br />
d45b4ebaaf12c1c0ef464580f3be06aa *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-10.flac<br />
6be73f485a14a0193fe21f41357ccc26 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-11.flac<br />
47e6b0569e6fc71efa0a4911b65e4355 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-12.flac<br />
73c7dce0516669c52eb2f07de7b648f9 *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-13.flac<br />
43c56c19b19c49dcfbd72eee63c74fdf *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-14.flac<br />
460f26c40e430957ce7a5408465db1da *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-15.flac<br />
c9e4074ae62ca408627e62f6b5d6758f *P.Lesh&amp;Friends-Allgood-7-19-12-16.flac<br />
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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pj1621 2012-07-24 19:43:18
Awesome! Can't wait to hear this again. This was my fav show of the weekend. Jackie Greene killed it!
johnpg 2012-07-24 20:37:37
yossarian_hunter 2012-07-24 21:26:45
"Train Kept A Rollin'" is actually Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues."
ejb 2012-07-26 08:11:44
thank you
tommie01 2012-07-26 20:11:05
Thanks Pat. Can't ever get enough PHIL!!!
velvetc 2012-08-06 21:51:46
Any chance you grabbed the Lumineers, the Werks, and/or Shpongle. Haven't been able to find those anywhere.

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