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Showphish 1999-07-03 lakewood amphitheatre, atlanta, ga **new source** akg461
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lakewood amphitheatre
atlanta, ga

Set 1:
01- Chalk Dust Torture
02- Gumbo
03- Sparkle >
04- Cavern
05- Taste
06- When the Circus Comes
07- Tube >
08- Funky Bitch
09- NICU
10- Waste
11- Meatstick

Set 2:
01- Twist[1] >
02- Piper
03- The Moma Dance
04- Mountains in the Mist[2]
05- Run Like an Antelope >
06- Contact >
07- The Little Drummer Boy

08- The Little Drummer Boy[3]
09- Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?[4]
Encore 2:
10- Harry Hood

[1] Oye Como Va tease from Trey.
[2] Phish debut.
[3] Fishman performed Little Drummer Boy solo on the snare drum, with alternate lyrics.
[4] Dr. Jack McConnell on vocals and kazoo.

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Dr. Jack McConnell (Guest)

Notes: Small glitch in Antelope @ 2:22. This show featured the Phish debut of Mountains in the Mist. Meatstick was played for the first time since June 25, 1997 (123 shows). Twist contained an Oye Como Va tease from Trey. Fishman performed Little Drummer Boy solo on the snare drum, with alternate lyrics. Bill Bailey (first since November 18, 1995, or 242 shows) featured Page’s father, Dr. Jack McConnell, on vocals and kazoo.

setlist info courtesy of (edited)

source: akg460b/ck61>b18>sbm1>d8 ots by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>audiogate(16/44.1)>cdwave>tlh(flac16) by john m 2012-10-10
Checksumsph1999-07-03 akg461s1t01.flac:fd619a68edeefdd9bbb13721297620e7
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t02.flac:b2740276e4bfd74463b9cda5a86635ea
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t03.flac:aa853cb70b75b06c2f32b817cf755c72
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t04.flac:715b92273d69c6bb49a82bee57d81ab7
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t05.flac:b77ed916f3f3f0e7d403c99f907ad015
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t06.flac:a90723a0c19ed5444895fa39e3a9f3ea
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t07.flac:18aa37db73edded008bca87b496f55e8
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t08.flac:6e1c139db7422dafdfa1d6efd751fd75
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t09.flac:509028843b0227ac00f8af6af7fe0554
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t10.flac:528cd7f7d8aa4db4500c42aacc56b5b1
ph1999-07-03 akg461s1t11.flac:b6915c59bc3ce32fea3623b77eb30420
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t01.flac:5d41faa35a766181fa960f81d9f0d905
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t02.flac:e4a0c4b14956e66dff8dd39ad6eea920
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t03.flac:d9a5dc4672816743c6f14de0370500de
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t04.flac:b43dcad4fe3fd28f27f7b58fcbadce80
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t05.flac:a85f96fefb7bcad4d4fbba28208ee675
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t06.flac:0cdf6c5fd9dcf992502819c65c9ec67f
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t07.flac:95770ca06f1d1e16420c62ba1245671b
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t08.flac:497c9a55288e51a6e831f775ab0a55c3
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t09.flac:3eaa85b1dd47ad9769eadae696b7e72c
ph1999-07-03 akg461s2t10.flac:8ad75d526173f3d5a6792e4d3d63d063
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sprobeck 2012-11-01 15:01:24
Thanks for the new source~
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Thanks! Havent listened to these shows since maxell 90's. Sound is amazing!
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