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The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA

Source Info: Squid Audio omnidirectional mics> zoom h1 recorder (low cut-on, auto level off) @ 24bit48khz

Recorded from front row center, mics clipped to hat, pointed directly at the drum kit. This recording is somewhat lacking up-front vocals, because the vocals were run through the p.a. system. What you hear on this recording is primarily the equipment on the stage,without benefit of the p.a. system. Also (because I was front-row on the barrier) you get a few screamers, clappers, etc every now and then. I recall a balloon bouncing off one of the mics during Southbound Pachyderm. It happened again later in another song, though I don't remember which

Set 1:
02.American Life
03.Dirty Drowning Man
04.Les Talk
05.Moron TV
06.Southbound Pachyderm
07.Over the Falls
08.Lee Van Cleef
09.Spegetti Western
10.Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
11.Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers

Set 2:
12.Hamburger Train
13.Del Davis Tree Farm
14.Glass Sandwich
15.Jilly's on Smack
16.On the Tweek Again
17.My Name Is Mud
18.The Heckler
19.Extinction Burst
20.Harold of the Rocks

21.Encore Break

22.Tommy the Cat > The Awakening > Tommy the Cat->
23.Too Many Puppies > Hello Skinny > Too Many Puppies
Checksums01. Intro.flac:38b7d3255244c8053b1b81f9b9449fc3
02. American Life.flac:311b4d10bc348f6d8457b7ccac061fff
03. Dirty Drowning Man.flac:95ae0c924ed1f138ed933e24d7470b73
04. Les Speak.flac:01b5b73237afcae54809a396f26f93a5
05. Moron TV.flac:ed37e92b9ce2933c6e283dd8f57aff2c
06. Southbound Pachyderm.flac:01bb333df38df1db3aa5186c16409a03
07. Over the Falls.flac:a388e0e5b70e9258154da726aab88006
08. Lee Van Cleef.flac:9461432dea823531e84eda7b9cc51b70
09. Spegetti Western.flac:b1558864e2ca3e7590898560ffa5fcf2
10. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver.flac:144fbce2b1f9ee5adc66db28a2054d43
11. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers.flac:8ba3c759c3ad7964511f952bea3c189b
12. Hamburger Train.flac:6396c26dd0586187fb9adad6abe8f1c1
13. Del Davis Tree Farm.flac:69ff2bb31eb58c3ad9f16f52927ad28a
14. Glass Sandwich.flac:e2df08ece78f13e64c7a6719d05d57b8
15. Jilly's On Smack.flac:c9fc1b791101b0d31b5ef88073603f5e
16. On The Tweek Again.flac:665f7cffcb03493c04f4eb442360be4d
17. My Name Is Mud.flac:665e24b2f3f1057411a8b22b747d4d08
18. The Heckler.flac:4a7b79bdad4aeda28f5256f892376ea0
19. Extinction Burst.flac:eec03bde072dd99884dda450c9175d64
20. Harold Of The Rocks.flac:b0dcaab3cec24ead6d6b9f2af2f4a4d0
21. Encore Break.flac:4a6601cce9e041bcbf8de2b4f081b9c6
22. Tommy The Cat-_ The Awakening-_ Tommy The Cat-_.flac:4a0c4412e7517769379c2d095008ce5b
23. Too Many Puppies-_ Hello Skinny-_ Too Many Puppies.flac:0f1a35a4ae996ffa596e8e450bc6c210
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natural_mystic 2012-11-02 03:03:42
I am eventually going to remaster this, but I wanted to get this out to etree asap
zmanatl 2012-11-02 07:43:55
Nice work Mystic! Was that front row balcony? The floor is GA 99% of the time. Just curious.
retsaot 2012-11-02 08:23:59
excellent. glad to see primus is getting taped this tour
jschmoe 2012-11-02 10:21:15
loving this tour
thanks for sharing your master!
natural_mystic 2012-11-02 12:21:15
zmanatl, I originally intended to tape from the balcony, but I got inside so early that I was able be be front row center. I have never seen one of my favorite acts that close, so I decided to just remain there.
The recording would have come out better if I did tape from the balcony, but I really enjoyed being right up front. Jay Lane (the drummer) kept motioning for me to toss him a joint, but I had left it all in my car. At the end of the show he motioned to me again to toss him a joint, so I reached in my pocket and grabbed the only party favor I had left (one paper hit wrapped in foil). I tossed that to him, he ran up, picked it up and didn't know what it was, so he dropped it and walked off stage.
My last paper dose got swept off stage by the end of the night, I am sure.
Amazing night. Claypool kept checking out my girlfriend's boobs.
spikes852004 2012-11-02 12:35:11
I was there. Seen the guys a bunch of times, but this was my favorite. Thanks for getting the tape out!!!
speak2planets 2012-11-02 18:34:04
Many thanks for taping this show!! I was 4th row center in the middle balcony and for once I thought the sound in the Tabernacle was kinda decent. Most shows I've seen there really don't sound all that hot to me but this one was pretty good. I think it is safe to say that Primus is now officially a "jam band". They took some of their songs pretty far out there. And the 3D movies playing behind them just made the show that much more incredible.
Pisces 2012-11-02 22:58:35
slickdaddyo 2012-11-02 23:14:15
Thanks for taping and sharing. I had planned on going and taping, but I got a new job, and had to work.
thecat18 2012-11-03 00:10:51
Thanks for sharing.
TopHatTapes 2012-11-03 15:59:36
Many thanks... more Primus tapes will show up, probably early next year ;)
Dickie2306 2012-11-03 20:25:02
Thanks for your efforts...your hard work doesn't go unappreciated!. Keep it up and I'll keep supporting you with downloads!
poizon45 2012-11-05 11:09:05
thanks for posting, just for reference, can we get a posting of your girlfriends boobs, just so we know what claypool was checking out, that is all...
slowporch 2012-11-08 13:36:25
primus stretching out their songs makes them even more of a psychedelic juggernaut than a jambland. most jamblanders would run for the hills if they found themselves balls deep in a too many puppies
natural_mystic 2016-03-21 17:49:02
I don't know if anyone will ever see this comment, but I made twp YTube videos out of this show. Set 1: and set 2:

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