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ShowThe Meter Men w/ Page McConnell - 2012-10-31 BB King's, New York, NY
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Torrent2012-10-31 Meter Men.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2012-10-31 live at B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY
Info hash0855e6bbe502883d2d1d4343aeb2047e1a8f0cbb
DescriptionThis is entree-exclusive. But please note that their play was great but my recording as so bad. It's just for a record that night, rather than a recording. My initial thought was not to upload but per request, I will upload it. Hope you enjoy.

/Users/Kaz/Downloads/2012-10-31 live at B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY/2012-10-31 Meter Men info copy.txt
Checksums/Users/Kaz/Downloads/2012-10-31 live at B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY/2012-10-31 Meter Men.md5
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Size782.10 MB (820086681 Bytes)
Added2012-11-08 08:00:02
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Num files27 files
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2-25 People Say.flac88.52 MBN/A
2-22 It Ain't No Use.flac80.31 MBN/A
2-17 You've Got To Change (You've Got To Reform).flac79.75 MBN/A
2-19 Just Kissed My Baby.flac65.43 MBN/A
1-07 Africa.flac57.82 MBN/A
1-02 Fire On The Bayou _.flac42.47 MBN/A
1-05 Cardova _.flac37.53 MBN/A
2-15 The Hand Clapping Song.flac36.72 MBN/A
2-14 Funky Miracle _.flac35.91 MBN/A
1-11 Hey Pocky A-way.flac35.89 MBN/A
1-10 The Dragon (He Bite Me) _.flac35.34 MBN/A
1-03 Funkify Your Life _.flac34.40 MBN/A
2-21 This Is My Last Affair _.flac27.26 MBN/A
1-09 Pungee _.flac24.01 MBN/A
2-16 (The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather) Doodle Loop _.flac23.87 MBN/A
1-06 Look-Ka Py Py _.flac19.55 MBN/A
2-24 encore break.flac14.65 MBN/A
2-20 stage banter.flac12.15 MBN/A
1-04 Cissy Strut _.flac7.37 MBN/A
2-18 stage banter.flac6.46 MBN/A
1-08 stage banter.flac4.57 MBN/A
2-13 Intro _.flac4.15 MBN/A
2-23 Member Introduction.flac3.67 MBN/A
1-01 Opening.flac3.58 MBN/A
2-12 Opening.flac736.4 kBN/A
2012-10-31 Meter Men.md51.7 kBN/A
2012-10-31 Meter Men info copy.txt955 BN/A
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Pisces 2012-11-08 09:06:31
dscott 2012-11-08 09:11:40
Thank you for posting this!!!

To those tapers who choose not to circulate your sub-par recordings: This guy did the right thing! If your recording of a taper-friendly artist sux, has cuts, or whatever but no other sources have appeared after a month or so, then the unambiguous truth is that you should torrent and/or LMA it.
No need to worry about your reputation as a taper, or your own personal standards. Those things mean nothing to those of us who get to listen to a show that we otherwise wouldn't. The only bad tape is the one that nobody gets to hear!!!
RC HUGH 2012-11-08 11:10:59
Thanks a lot for sharing this per my request, and for your efforts in recording and upping both nights. I totally agree with Scott; something is definitely better than nothing and today's software can fix a lot of recording deficiencies.
092010 2012-11-08 12:02:58
Thank you guys! If anyone can improve it, please feel free to do it and upload it.
twatts 2012-11-08 13:14:36
Thanks for these - something is better than nothing...

Tranastasio1 2012-11-13 09:08:30
Thanx for the "KIND" seed!

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