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ShowPrimus - 1996-04-18 - Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory
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Philadelphia, PA
The Electric Factory

From Unknown Generation Cassette

01) Intro
02) Jellikit
03) To Defy the Laws of Tradition
04) American Life
05) Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
06) Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
07) My Name is Mud
08) Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
09) Over the Electric Grapevine
10) De Anza Jig
Seas of Cheese --missing
11) Nature Boy >
Hello Skinny >
Nature Boy
12) Southbound Pachyderm
13) Too Many Puppies
14) John the Fisherman
Encore 1:
15) Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats
16) The Heckler
Encore 2:
17) Here Come the Bastards

So this was one of the first Primus boots that i ever got. I know other traders who got this through other channels and had at least part of Seas of Cheese but the tape i have is missing it. I havent seen this seeded before so ill toss up the transfer i did
Checksumsprimus1996-04-18t01.flac:82709529e4ee146a47ddcb736683f4ef<br />
primus1996-04-18t02.flac:0ba48c76b89ffe96c39fd72384dcd7ca<br />
primus1996-04-18t03.flac:b298d5c0fb44959a32bde748e2692f40<br />
primus1996-04-18t04.flac:ca486476c22658bf31d4143370e813e1<br />
primus1996-04-18t05.flac:0b755c3aea41f1264a411a27db524a69<br />
primus1996-04-18t06.flac:9ebf5b084826373559f56540cd887f59<br />
primus1996-04-18t07.flac:344c2ec3a797b082b02d41d525c8652a<br />
primus1996-04-18t08.flac:b1ca1dcc669cf239131b51d92102abab<br />
primus1996-04-18t09.flac:8add2381501399f92ac1d13fd4f0c0a9<br />
primus1996-04-18t10.flac:13574353d8f01647ff88945daccb5286<br />
primus1996-04-18t11.flac:cc44a006d9b26a2f82a2d2c0b2041f4e<br />
primus1996-04-18t12.flac:4a0b8fd284f568d2a349efc9b19fa9ce<br />
primus1996-04-18t13.flac:c9bc1c1ca3c331da1c27ddaebeedd267<br />
primus1996-04-18t14.flac:a1754dec17b821e508fb7710e33eb904<br />
primus1996-04-18t15.flac:a194855488c81d5a62a62cc841bc03c2<br />
primus1996-04-18t16.flac:b2bcff485b162220854bc58163683e17<br />
primus1996-04-18t17.flac:efbf9e724fbc811e1d8305daf31aeb73<br />
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primus1996-04-18.ffp1003 BN/A
primus1996-04-18.txt610 BN/A
primus1996-04-18t01.flac6.74 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t02.flac20.75 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t03.flac41.82 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t04.flac29.58 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t05.flac27.82 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t06.flac42.54 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t07.flac32.31 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t08.flac21.92 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t09.flac42.95 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t10.flac23.01 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t11.flac43.10 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t12.flac36.45 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t13.flac24.12 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t14.flac36.05 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t15.flac39.22 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t16.flac32.44 MBN/A
primus1996-04-18t17.flac23.86 MBN/A
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grizzly adams 2012-11-08 18:01:41
jschmoe 2012-11-08 19:06:13
i've got few 96 shows, so thanks alot for another!
thecat18 2012-11-08 19:49:50
Thanks for sharing.
spikes852004 2012-11-13 09:05:51
Thank You!
iamhammered 2013-01-20 13:16:23
How dare you post a partial show :)

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