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ShowBruce Molsky with guest Sally Van Meter, Rodgers Hall, Lyons, CO 2006-10-14
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Torrentmolsky+van_meter2006-10-14.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashabba5575c97ff4d233b55732a3ab53eb4bc21d1b
DescriptionBruce Molsky with guest Sally Van Meter
Rodgers Hall
Lyons, CO

01 -introduction-
02 Old Quaker or Shaker hymn > Into the Canyon > hymn again
03 My Clinch Mountain Home (Carter family)
04 The Wild Geese
05 Living on a Winter's Night
06 Molsky: Give the Fiddler a Dram > Georgia Horseshoe
07 Green Grows the Laurel
08 The Knoxville Blues
09 The Fare-Thee-Well Blues
10 Georgia Belle > The Forked Deer
11 The Golden Willow Tree
12 The Wandering Boy
13 -a capella hunting song-
14 Brothers and Sisters
15 Cotton Eyed Joe

01 John Brown's Dream
02 Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
03 The Brass Band Ruchenitsa
04 The Quartet > The Hauling
05 Old Sledge
06 + Van Meter: Margaret's Waltz
07 -instructions to audience-
08 -cowboy song- > The Mousetrap
09 -unintroduced-
10 E: Molsky: If the Times Don't Get Much Better Here

+ID3tags 2012-11-07 jwsiii
Checksums8d9e4bbb9cdde31475e4ccada69fd7b5 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t01.flac<br />
bc00792a4ad9cbb6bea1d43dbf37c5dc *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t02.flac<br />
ee2f17016b520db530b9e480f0eab626 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t03.flac<br />
275ef43f02e830203d4a084b31b1aca6 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t04.flac<br />
a8e6ee48d41647dcd1242e7c93003923 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t05.flac<br />
c77a7f2143032ed234ff58bb3ebe204e *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t06.flac<br />
2c9fb680b21a93e93af288b4016780fd *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t07.flac<br />
9d9f6b7ae17643b5975995912ca4e2e5 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t08.flac<br />
d90381213cf6a781ad6799fb74b810cf *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t09.flac<br />
f321126aab2864c93ae295e9818dd6cf *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t10.flac<br />
23ec3c54b9cc48dcd5d8e0c81e8c4f9a *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t11.flac<br />
e8bc9472d6a8839aa46740d1e2dc81cc *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t12.flac<br />
a6bf9d90b8fc936c7e6f68c2b89e1b8f *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t13.flac<br />
2999462024508a32ffc1b27d74bfadeb *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t14.flac<br />
40f092292d6f4918892800788688022a *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d01t15.flac<br />
abd32711e26b3b90331c86a9ef6001cf *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t01.flac<br />
91f281b110c0e9b370217057f228cebe *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t02.flac<br />
38acd3499c818dc4e4c39fa6bdcb0cb0 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t03.flac<br />
30af0bea40917aedf79dec97e2b96b4d *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t04.flac<br />
da1cebd75108c45b81204e7f20228cc5 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t05.flac<br />
e7a3e276dbe8cf0c8b1c9417e74b55bd *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t06.flac<br />
138ecdf030023d0cbba0c9c9213dc4f3 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t07.flac<br />
f337c10e856acfef01ab4138b21a9717 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t08.flac<br />
05d6b13e88399cf483d20f1c310c3cf1 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t09.flac<br />
f6d0d3b1ff648f604476f0b6bcb1f089 *molsky+van_meter2006-10-14d02t10.flac
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whynotus 2012-11-08 21:26:57
Source info?
twirlerzz 2012-11-08 22:11:41
thank you for this
Reelboy 2012-11-09 05:34:09
Thank you very much!
funkymtn 2012-11-09 11:03:38
oldjembo 2012-11-09 13:28:49
Time for Bruce Molsky, as someone once said. Thanks loads
Elrey 2012-11-09 19:35:21
I don't have source info. This came to me with a blank info file. I just found out where I got it from:
I verified the FLACs and filled in the info to the best of my ability and added ID3 tags, and upped it for your listening pleasure. Support please.
Elrey 2012-11-09 19:36:00
So nice to see old friends here again. I have been gone for a while.
AikenDrumm 2012-11-16 12:37:36
Thanks a lot for sharing

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