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ShowPHISH - May 15, 1993 - Fishman's Geodome - Underhill, VT ***UPGRADE***
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Jon Fishman's Geodome
Underhill, Vermont
May 15, 1993

Source: Sony ECM-909A > Sony WM-D6C > Cass(m) > Panasonic SV-3700 > DAT(c)
Transfer: DAT(c) > Sony PCM-R500 > SPDIF > Tascam HD-P2 > r8brain (16/48 > 16/44) > CDWave > FLAC
Source by Beth Senturia
DAT(c) provided by Eliot Byron
Transfer by Terry Watts
48k Master FLAC available

Disc 1
1. jam
2. jam
3. jam
4. jam

Disc 2
1. jam

Disc 3
1. jam
2. silence
3. jam
4. jam > jelly


This is warts and all. I did not attempt to fix any issues, I only placed trackmarks at the cuts. Check out the "jelly" ending on d3t05...

Terry Watts

ChecksumsFLAC FFP:<br />
ph1993-05-15d1t01.flac:cf0cd9137ffc950eebc0cadf5f85c0b9<br />
ph1993-05-15d1t02.flac:f6dada0105bf5cf80d9cd9ab3a1d2599<br />
ph1993-05-15d1t03.flac:ffbabe2e8a7db8f8aa00014a46f59416<br />
ph1993-05-15d1t04.flac:9c117a2432f014f823e79d25ff295ff9<br />
ph1993-05-15d2t01.flac:6d3b78f8bd152f9dd082734490c2575c<br />
ph1993-05-15d3t01.flac:ac61b7caf3c9b1e0aaa8358fdfdfb3c6<br />
ph1993-05-15d3t02.flac:eb8e60155d7b4563d59bf3e9dfa40ceb<br />
ph1993-05-15d3t03.flac:6e6c6ee61cc7aef291fb14ce6464c8f4<br />
ph1993-05-15d3t04.flac:415cf3463f0aa3ee8afaa2a2441893af<br />
<br />
<br />
WAV MD5:<br />
0799d89b983f45fee0178d3614bdd0ae *ph1993-05-15d1t01.wav<br />
812cd4e27d2c4471f819829a44d37fb7 *ph1993-05-15d1t02.wav<br />
2e656901d532a6a3ac5b47d581b33d22 *ph1993-05-15d1t03.wav<br />
c0798fd0fcc39b4abdea5dd8ecbd4579 *ph1993-05-15d1t04.wav<br />
97fef3f2dcce07de8cf05c344eaf1bff *ph1993-05-15d2t01.wav<br />
3b0795a2571b6e522c27aff6fe9efc7a *ph1993-05-15d3t01.wav<br />
d6c5f41cf58c593e7fc1b9582d83ec54 *ph1993-05-15d3t02.wav<br />
a027bd1af0d331cd9a258c9439957050 *ph1993-05-15d3t03.wav<br />
177d6fe38f01d9e68f9fc75ca4a34efd *ph1993-05-15d3t04.wav
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twatts 2012-11-08 23:31:26
All thanks to Eliot for the use of his DATs!

This is an UPGRADE of this Source:


Terry Watts
oopap 2012-11-09 00:31:18
jasonsobel 2012-11-09 05:45:31
I just added this to the etree database:

jek 2012-11-09 08:09:23
Whoa! Never heard (of) this before. Look forward to it - thanks for sharing!
funk_lin 2012-11-09 10:05:22
Someone really needs to get Taper Beth's analog masters and see what types of gems are on them. I had access to a few back in the day through a friend who was babysitting them while Beth was on tour and she had a bunch of sound checks ("Fishman for homecoming queen comes to mind from a fall 94 in the South) which means her rig was likely set up for some shows before doors opened....

geewiz010 2012-11-09 10:12:41
Nice, thanks!
colinw 2012-11-09 11:29:46
Cool, this will be interesting to hear. thanks
thecat18 2012-11-10 22:25:01
Thanks for sharing.
kindmeow 2013-12-04 01:31:35
wow, can not wait to hear this,thanks for the kind share

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