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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowP&F ~ Wellmont Theater Montclair NJ ~ 11-8-12 ~ MG210>M248 ~ FG
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Torrentp&f2012-11-08.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash432ee81d6a0c6b5f2cbc561a811b6bf4345bf4f1
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DescriptionPHIL & FRIENDS

The Wellmont Theater
Montclair NJ

Source: Microtech Gefel 210>Oade M248>SD722>Sony D8>Marantz PMD 620 BOB DFC
Transfer:Marantz PMD 620>PC>CD Wave>Traders Little Helper>Flac (Level 8)
Taper: Jon P. & Freddie G (Jon didnt pack his mics SO my mics into his pre)
Transfered: Freddie G


01. tuning jam
02. Truckin
03. Any Road
04. Early Morning Rain
05. Ship Of Fools
06. He's Gone
07. Cold Rain & Snow
08. New Speedway Boogie
09. Mason's Children


10. tuning
11. Across The Universe
12. Mountains Of The Moon
13. St. Stephen
14. The Eleven
15. Wish You Were Here
16. China Cat Sunflower
17. I Know You Rider
18. So Many Roads
19. Not Fade Away


20. donor rap
21. We Bid You Goodnight


Checksumsp&amp;f2012-11-08t01.flac:78fde298587f247d41fa9de97d2e73bd<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t02.flac:67dd8cedf2e3b2250637f9ba8c7bf059<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t03.flac:9c9ac87c2d86632113dacec242a150a4<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t04.flac:4dbf4609f4164daedaebe2a3599a7e07<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t05.flac:7be880941f55aaff680a97c499bcf7d2<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t06.flac:d6002255a406038b876ca18c0c18d430<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t07.flac:aa4e384f9f12897b46c0590ff14e11f8<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t08.flac:bf34598afc0379cd0bd08bc8c28745fe<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t09.flac:74da1e633ef54561ea30e9ccf6628c27<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t10.flac:22e52ff6d68529d26200166abbbd9f7d<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t11.flac:9c631a2e8e4dd002f6902e9bea2e494a<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t12.flac:27196b8dc8429518981587a07e1ece00<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t13.flac:ae1faec158925de6892bf944a99b9b5a<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t14.flac:05704007ee498cef7286f5875ffbd507<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t15.flac:151c205036085feaffb96aff91ec93f5<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t16.flac:419b141995c361f05694189609e81f81<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t17.flac:3adefb24e77fd6ca13e36afc639de4b3<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t18.flac:ef742c80db508a0e2ef62466cc8f2c54<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t19.flac:2856064ac4425dd080a36f08acb37cd9<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t20.flac:0abb8deabea0cb4a61fde62c78e8cbfe<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-08t21.flac:f2142d5e781381ed940b996207ba3352<br />
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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p&f2012-11-08t01.flac8.44 MBN/A
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p&f2012-11-08t03.flac53.29 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t04.flac45.34 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t05.flac40.29 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t06.flac43.99 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t07.flac48.10 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t08.flac70.11 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t09.flac64.51 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t10.flac6.55 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t11.flac42.66 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t12.flac83.00 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t13.flac61.48 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t14.flac47.77 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t15.flac36.28 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t16.flac34.48 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t17.flac55.01 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t18.flac37.86 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t19.flac63.10 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t20.flac7.88 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-08t21.flac17.59 MBN/A
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TheOtherOne788 2012-11-09 01:58:22
Looks like a nice show!

cool to see that the band did not need to cancel! Go PHIL!

was it crowded as usual? i dont know if a storm would keep me from a Phil show haha.
mgadvise 2012-11-09 02:22:03
Many thanks for these high quality and oh so speedy uploads! Last night sounded terrific.
_MULETAPER 2012-11-09 08:22:06
Thanks Fred.. where the hell is beacon and redbag? tisk tisk
zmanatl 2012-11-09 08:30:21
Nice work Freddie! It was almost in the cards for me.......
gratefulsox 2012-11-09 08:59:49
Thanks for your efforts taping and uploading. Sounds great!
gratefuldave78 2012-11-09 09:56:12
dude early morning rain! no way , that has to be a first?!!!
jeetyet 2012-11-09 12:18:21
10 Q!!!!
macdoogle 2012-11-09 13:36:19
grate tapin w/ rob, freddie and johnny last night.yet another awesome band phil put together.the sound was very good both nights.i would like to go tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Albix 2012-11-09 16:24:42
WOW. Thanks!!!
sprobeck 2012-11-09 16:30:42
serodavid 2012-11-09 16:34:05
Thanks - really appreciate your work
tommie01 2012-11-09 16:55:09
Phil always finds a way to put good people together and then create something bigger than the parts. Thanks Freddie - it will be interesting to hear John play with Phil outside of Furthur as I have not heard anything from them since Summer and I always love your recordings!!!
bobbydee 2012-11-09 19:13:47
OMG!!!!! Early Morning Rain!!!!!! a definite breakout i've been waiting for ! I cant tell you how long this has been "the song" I've been waiting for Phil to work up!!!! Thank you!!
dansisler 2012-11-09 19:27:10

holy mickey & the hartbeats batman

which tune was sung for bob ? he's gone or wish you were here?
boppo 2012-11-10 19:03:38

just got this on the archive . .. 9th is almost done as well :)

raygun 2012-11-10 23:00:13

holy mickey & the hartbeats batman

which tune was sung for bob ? he's gone or wish you were here?

Envy is a sin............
Your bumming because we got this sick Phil run & your getting Bob Solo.
Next time you post a picture of you & your family with Bob, hope you at least let him know how you feel about the man......

Thanks for sharing Freddie, sorry cannot take the Bobby haters.
pgh music 2012-11-11 07:53:58
good one raygun.. always aprec phils line up wish i could see one of these shows thnx for up again and peace from da burgh
WRBzWorld 2012-11-11 16:21:32
Thank you!
dansisler 2012-11-11 16:41:18
who is hating on bobby? just wondering why he isnt in this band.

oh and ray, yes hopefully i will have another oppty to hang with bob and I will let him know again how much I have enjoyed his music over the past 25+ years...
Tranastasio1 2012-11-13 09:15:54
Thanx for the "KIND" seed!

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