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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
ShowP&F ~ Wellmont Theater Montclair NJ ~ 11-9-12 ~ MG210>PSP3>PMD620 ~ FG
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Torrentp&f2012-11-09.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asp&f2012-11-09
Info hasha0cb377aa7d7887b81b7cffe04f196d14b72154e
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DescriptionPHIL & FRIENDS

The Wellmont Theater
Montclair NJ

Source: Microtech Gefel 210>Aeta PSP3>Marantz PMD 620 BOB DFC
Transfer:Marantz PMD 620>PC>CD Wave>Traders Little Helper>Flac (Level 8)
Taper: Freddie G
Transfered: Freddie G


01. tuning
02. Jack Straw
03. Loser
04. Mama Tried
05. Mr Charlie
06. Pride Of Cucamonga
07. Crazy Fingers *
08. Bertha *
09. Cumberland Blues *


10. tuning
11. The Wheel *
12. Magic Bus *
13. Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad *
14. Life Is A Carnival *
15. Uncle Johns Band *
16. Mountain Song
17. Wharf Rat
18. Scarlet Begonias ( battery change @5:56 maybe 15 seconds lost )
19. Fire On The Mountain


20. crowd / donor rap
21. Lovelight **

* with Jason Crosby on fiddle **on piano


Checksumsp&amp;f2012-11-09t01.flac:0d74abe215121e4595bafb7c9e725f1d<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t02.flac:fa1251c03a22b254b6fcc6eb4cc30b81<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t03.flac:edec5aad44d6e011f160edb9bb6b1812<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t04.flac:fed8862606753aaca4dea702e7eb604c<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t05.flac:51c48c2a315ac467d541a8938846190f<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t06.flac:e63c0b36fa376c71adcc340ea73dc4bd<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t07.flac:689521920a808169a087c3388feb8b15<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t08.flac:564686d58fcdcc201f080a2fc3f92ef9<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t09.flac:dc22ee57e02117ebf5d3847bcef495e2<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t10.flac:b3e3693039e45997418c875b42ee0afe<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t11.flac:6af137bc6879b33dda85feed59e5d600<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t12.flac:de0df3bded7b293c61487f0bdc137ae4<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t13.flac:4bff6a66de6fd1847a4799e20b79d032<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t14.flac:fc8c163f4e73f29cb3de2217b53ff99a<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t15.flac:4be9a1fb535bfaf3d110b66019066df9<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t16.flac:91f660ca957a173a0cfad68f3b22496f<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t17.flac:aa84a5b155b529919370447bbee93e28<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t18.flac:b0fc58a293810debe31bb056285f88cd<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t19.flac:586970645ad4fd12237384863ba73c33<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t20.flac:10dfdf3eda2377b45714d31d7a239c24<br />
p&amp;f2012-11-09t21.flac:0cf8e8b6746294ad10e08e52d85c7758<br />
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
Last seederLast activity 29 days, 06:44:48 ago
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p&f2012-11-09.txt1.9 kBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t01.flac6.07 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t02.flac40.70 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t03.flac44.90 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t04.flac24.88 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t05.flac48.96 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t06.flac36.18 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t07.flac43.41 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t08.flac49.19 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t09.flac52.33 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t10.flac6.22 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t11.flac56.96 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t12.flac38.65 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t13.flac56.25 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t14.flac48.11 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t15.flac63.75 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t16.flac60.88 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t17.flac68.83 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t18.flac46.80 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t19.flac53.03 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t20.flac26.05 MBN/A
p&f2012-11-09t21.flac37.45 MBN/A
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zmanatl 2012-11-10 09:46:44
Great work on the 3 night run Freddie! Wish I could gave joined you. You hitting Port Chester? I need a Saturday if you know of 1.
tapejunkie 2012-11-10 09:51:38
Hey Z will be at the Cap only Sat
Roseland Sun & Mon

ill let you know If i hear of a sat cap

mgadvise 2012-11-10 10:24:26
Who is Phil Lesh? And, more to the point, why does he follow me everywhere I go asking for my organs?

Thanks again, Freddie for the fast up!.

I thought the playing and energy were even better at this show than on 11/8. I think this is one of those "the setlist says it all" shows.

Not sure where the review link for this show is. Anyway, Mr. Charlie>the end of the show was top notch. Jackie was on organ for Wheel, where he put his hat on Chimenti. It moved around some more and by the time of the group bow it ended up on Phil. When they bowed he pulled it off and kind of doffed it to the audience. I'm not sure if he just didn't want it to fall off or if he was trying to be theatrical, but it was pretty funny.

Jason Crosby was actually on organ for Mountain Song>Fire. Oh, and everyone in the band seemed to really love him. Judging from the hugs I would almost say that they were "in love" with him. I think Chimenti dry humped him a little and John slipped him the tounge...just kidding, but you know what I mean. Huge smiles and genuine affection shining through.

ToadDog420 2012-11-10 12:10:37
Thank you for the quick upload and taping this. Gonna make some quick corrections. If my memory serves me well, here is the setlist.........

Set 1
Jack Straw >
Mama Tried
Mr. Charlie
Pride Of Cucamonga
Crazy Fingers > *
Bertha > *
Cumberland Blues *

Set 2
The Wheel > *$
Magic Bus > *
Life Is A Carnival
Mountain Song > **
Wharf Rat > **
Scarlet > **
Fire **

Donor rap
Lovelight **

* w/ Jason Crosby on fiddle
$ Jackie Greene on organ
** w/ Jason Crosby on organ
jeetyet 2012-11-10 14:34:22
10 Q
SpiralLightofVenus 2012-11-10 15:09:40
Who sang lead on Mama Tried? Is that Jackie or someone else? If it is Jackie he is doing a great job changing up his voice to go more country.
SF702 2012-11-10 16:52:44
Jason Crosby.....another former Zen Trickster member shines with the DEAD!!!
boppo 2012-11-10 19:44:34

thank you tapers!!!

thanks freddie g!

tapejunkie 2012-11-10 20:29:14
Thanks for uppin to Archive
be great if you can put the 1st 2 nites up there too
raygun 2012-11-10 22:51:30
Thanks for sharing Freddie! Great Pull!
Huge thank You to Phil for keeping the flame burning!
See you all in NYC!
sprobeck 2012-11-10 22:57:55
WRBzWorld 2012-11-11 16:25:05
thank you!
CharlesTaylor 2012-11-12 10:01:47
Thank you so much for these fast uploads. They do play music these guys, don't they. For a rather new, even overseas, Deadhead it's miraculous to see that there is a spirit alive, and in this way to participate and virtually be there
stephenr 2012-11-12 13:11:27
i hope this sounds better than being there - no matter where we went - the sound sucked. far below par.
ToadDog420 2012-11-12 15:57:11
revised. Carnival > UJB.

Also for the person who asked who sang Mama tried....It was Jackie.

Set 1
Jack Straw >
Mama Tried
Mr. Charlie
Pride Of Cucamonga
Crazy Fingers > *
Bertha > *
Cumberland Blues *

Set 2
The Wheel > *$
Magic Bus > *
Life Is A Carnival >
Mountain Song > **
Wharf Rat > **
Scarlet > **
Fire **

Donor rap
Lovelight **

* w/ Jason Crosby on fiddle
$ Jackie Greene on organ
** w/ Jason Crosby on organ
Tranastasio1 2012-11-13 09:17:16
Thanx for the "KIND" seed!

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