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ShowTrampled By Turtles 2012-11-10 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI (MK41)
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TorrentTBT2012-11-10_MK41_16bit.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashd63ff54fe727aa81aae95f7e4395c3208ccb649c
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DescriptionTrampled by Turtles
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 10 2012

Schoeps MK41 (Dina) > CMC6xt > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @24bit/48hz
8ft high DFC FOB at the brass rail
CF > Samplitude 11 > Sound Forge 10 > CD wave > TLC
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling (

Run Time: 102:08

01 Bloodshot Eyes
02 Victory
03 On My Own
04 Codeine
05 New Orleans
06 ?
07 Sorry
08 Truck
09 Still in Love with You
10 Widower's Heart
11 Wait So Long
12 Help You
13 Separate
14 Don't Look Down
15 High Water
16 Feet and Bones
17 Stranger
18 Its A War
19 Midnight on The Interstate
20 Alone *
21 call back/Erik banter
22 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
23 Whiskey

* Eamonn McLain - cello

Dave Simonett - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Tim Saxhaug - bass, vocals
Dave Carroll - banjo, vocals
Erik Berry - mandolin
Ryan Young - fiddle, viola, cello, mandolin

In support
Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles

Go see live music. This tape by fans for fans, never for sale. Support the artists by purchasing their official release and merchandise.

Checksums0cd7e665f06955d91457649aa84c7e27 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4101.flac
1b404670f9ef0e75699370d3de534a54 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4102.flac
274fff6ddef51c102ec51536e64fd796 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4103.flac
b05994262171af8f4e2d153716b42c59 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4104.flac
d1188ed9c7fe63b01f9b4548f56c8ab9 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4105.flac
95e768844e4f75e72f3e4e8030498806 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4106.flac
fed276b1681efc45b9778babac318d67 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4107.flac
d3b5e4b7fb8ec934783b06660117bf87 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4108.flac
d28e0e390e54ef82d01179f8a88611db *TBT2012-11-10_MK4109.flac
2e2673995ed8a19149d220843da078c0 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4110.flac
21677af245f2acc62515ccdf651a7503 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4111.flac
74ab219b7c2e9bc10a471e9241d004f5 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4112.flac
4967004383ef62fea4f71c18a120b57f *TBT2012-11-10_MK4113.flac
b48c57baa7f8c0b08a90d3778ca2f273 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4114.flac
0a6e8f1ceb878fd3ac98040c9ba0aa2a *TBT2012-11-10_MK4115.flac
b18e14655463d7b9f470c2e3f0b8a1c1 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4116.flac
177334a549fa9928202d460fd483fe63 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4117.flac
3bff07e5a4b35c4a2be5a860d825d88f *TBT2012-11-10_MK4118.flac
0bcbad58b255e027174d5b82a0c7c0d5 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4119.flac
446975b56b026c24dd5c7360423b8d03 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4120.flac
edb3e21841c3658f1e89ee1379e3e484 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4121.flac
9ee0bfe1dfb412faa78352f13c8bf93b *TBT2012-11-10_MK4122.flac
a75737a7167bd50883db91a916bfb433 *TBT2012-11-10_MK4123.flac
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Size552.12 MB (578942771 Bytes)
Added2012-11-11 21:36:08
Snatched36 times
Upped bysoling
Num files26 files
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TBT2012-11-10_MK4101.flac31.53 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4102.flac27.40 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4103.flac15.75 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4104.flac21.06 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4105.flac26.49 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4106.flac26.39 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4107.flac21.30 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4108.flac19.55 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4109.flac18.89 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4110.flac30.53 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4111.flac25.21 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4112.flac22.33 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4113.flac22.91 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4114.flac21.89 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4115.flac37.62 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4116.flac15.57 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4117.flac26.74 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4118.flac17.24 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4119.flac22.39 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4120.flac27.21 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4121.flac21.71 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4122.flac23.94 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK4123.flac28.49 MBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK41_16bit.md51.4 kBN/A
TBT2012-11-10_MK41_16bit.txt1.4 kBN/A
TrampledByTurtles.txt1.2 kBN/A
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ziko 2012-11-12 05:48:28
Thanks Much
rumrunners 2012-11-12 20:54:27
Thanks for sharing

t15 has end of stream flac error

if decoded though errors, the track cuts off short in the song

t15 passes torrent hash and suppiled md5

soling 2012-11-12 22:56:37
^thanks for catching that. Will upload a second source, correct this source and upload to LMA.


soling 2012-11-13 08:59:19
Second source with intact track 15 located here Download that source to patch.



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