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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX - 2001-05-03.fob.at822.28709.t-flac16 [The Shack Project - TSP2001#24] **ID3 TAGGED FILESET**
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Torrentmmw2001-05-03.fob.at822.28709.t-flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash89ed968850c9a12da05649c3e09b693eea8cf680
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DescriptionMedeski Martin & Wood
Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
May 3/2001

[This fileset is an ID3 tagged version of]

Source: Audio Technica AT822>DA-P1 (FOB)

Disc 1:
01. [10:44] - Nostalgia In Times Square/Angel Race (I'll Wait For You) >
02. [11:51] - Shacklyn Knights > Open Intro to [@9:53] >
03. [08:05] - The Dropper >
04. [07:59] - Felic
05. [10:14] - Big Time > Organ Intro [@9:02] >
06. [08:23] - Note Bleu >
07. [10:07] - The Lover

Disc 2:
01. [07:01] - Syeeda's Song Flute >
02. [13:32] - We Are Rolling > Improv [@8:57] >
03. [09:11] - Bone Digger
04. [05:50] - Ancora >
05. [07:02] - Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus >

- DISCS ARE NOT SEAMLESS (No music is lost) -

Disc 3:
01. [08:44] - Coconut Boogaloo >
02. [08:30] - Dracula >
03. [12:14] - Chubb Sub
04. [08:55] - Gonzo

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37bee0fbda5d8041a09df500c12641a2 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D101.shn
0d1a3bb080f027f107cbc33d807380ed [shntool] mmw01-05-03D102.shn
b89376fd8735f3b0decce57a0f1c190e [shntool] mmw01-05-03D103.shn
296755ec99cfc2f946a8cea8278cf7a9 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D104.shn
45ea9fce0f05720742fce4fcd524dc0a [shntool] mmw01-05-03D105.shn
7bf98045c8d328932c89c03ad48aed5c [shntool] mmw01-05-03D106.shn
6a4ece4d721e36f6642c9bfea6157b0a [shntool] mmw01-05-03D107.shn
3cbf82bc7b659dcc90430c454675147e [shntool] mmw01-05-03D201.shn
308f825a94ca8719983d06b282f8b6f9 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D202.shn
3d0f9cf4ea4987158a1a70f3f11b3d7f [shntool] mmw01-05-03D203.shn
f92657244d16603aa1214ac90c6059b6 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D204.shn
6b009301c2f2883ccd82a376bebdcadc [shntool] mmw01-05-03D205.shn
99f601f76dbd730d6bf0e39c23a74c88 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D301.shn
b48107dcb752af0d2cd7493264959008 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D302.shn
cc2ae22c8b960c96baadf6616304e6d1 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D303.shn
baa718c6bea09bacff3e6b66c75344ff [shntool] mmw01-05-03D304.shn

37bee0fbda5d8041a09df500c12641a2 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D101.flac
0d1a3bb080f027f107cbc33d807380ed [shntool] mmw01-05-03D102.flac
b89376fd8735f3b0decce57a0f1c190e [shntool] mmw01-05-03D103.flac
296755ec99cfc2f946a8cea8278cf7a9 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D104.flac
45ea9fce0f05720742fce4fcd524dc0a [shntool] mmw01-05-03D105.flac
7bf98045c8d328932c89c03ad48aed5c [shntool] mmw01-05-03D106.flac
6a4ece4d721e36f6642c9bfea6157b0a [shntool] mmw01-05-03D107.flac
3cbf82bc7b659dcc90430c454675147e [shntool] mmw01-05-03D201.flac
308f825a94ca8719983d06b282f8b6f9 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D202.flac
3d0f9cf4ea4987158a1a70f3f11b3d7f [shntool] mmw01-05-03D203.flac
f92657244d16603aa1214ac90c6059b6 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D204.flac
6b009301c2f2883ccd82a376bebdcadc [shntool] mmw01-05-03D205.flac
99f601f76dbd730d6bf0e39c23a74c88 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D301.flac
b48107dcb752af0d2cd7493264959008 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D302.flac
cc2ae22c8b960c96baadf6616304e6d1 [shntool] mmw01-05-03D303.flac
baa718c6bea09bacff3e6b66c75344ff [shntool] mmw01-05-03D304.flac
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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Added2012-11-11 22:12:45
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duggy 2012-11-11 22:21:36

This is an effort to seed all existing MMW shows, and yes, preserving the audio of the original SHN/FLAC filesets -- but now with a twist. We are now seeding ID3 FLAC encoded filesets of db.etree sources which still maintains the audio integrity. The seeding will proceed chronologically for the most part, with exceptions as we feel the vibe to seed other gigs from other times.

Thanks to MMW for allowing their music to be recorded....really, thank you.

Huge thanks goes out to the TAPERS, without whom this wouldn't be possible...and those others who have helped get the tunes to our ears.

These shows are all being listened to, setlists updated, flaws noted and/or corrected, and hopefully we're circulating the best seeds we can.

All shows listed here in SHN/FLAC will be seeded:

These shows will be seeded as well, either by me or by one of a few other kind souls:

Shows listed here circulate in some manner. We are looking for as close to the original source as we can get so if you can help out with any of the following, we'd all appreciate it: (this list is in the process of being compiled and is grossly out of date ... maybe forever? Worth a look though!)

enjoy the grooves


MMW Performance History @ - this is a fantastic resource that allows you to look at info on gigs by MMW and related side projects and guest appearances; big thanks to Tom for creating this page.

We are actively updating all setlists as we seed, and also others outside the particular order of the project.

db.etree is also being updated in tandem with the updates to Tom's pages -- both the source and show pages.



- 2001 TORRENTS - [TSP2001#1] -
2001-01-21.s1-akg-ck77+s2-cable-radio+fm.111336.flac [TSP2001#2] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-01-31.senn-mke2002.6152.shnf [TSP2001#3] **SET II INCOMPLETE** -
2001-02-07.senn-k6me4.2924.shnf [TSP2001#4] -
2001-02-15.fob.akg480.4453.shnf [TSP2001#5] -
2001-02-16.akg480.90519.shnf [TSP2001#6] -
2001-02-17.akg489.26146.flac [TSP2001#7] - [TSP2001#8] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-06.schoeps-cmc64.3892.t-flac16 [TSP2001#9] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-09.nak-cm300.30358.t-flac16 [TSP2001#10] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-10.unknown.30368.t-flac16 [TSP2001#11] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-12.unknown.29638.t-flac16 [TSP2001#12] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-13.akg-c391b.4841.t-flac16 [TSP2001#13] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-14.akg-c1000.4224.t-flac16 [TSP2001#14] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-20.neumann-u89.117619.t-flac16 [TSP2001#15] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-21.schoeps.cmc6.117637.t-flac [TSP2001#16] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-23.unknown.117648.t-flac16 [TSP2001#17] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-24b.unknown.117649.t-flac16 [TSP2001#19] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-27.fob.mbho-603a.120155.t-flac16 [TSP2001#20] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-04-28.mbho603.6153.t-flac16 [TSP2001#21] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-05-01.fob-adx50.28936.t-flac16 [TSP2001#22] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-05-02.mbho603.7413.t-flac16 [TSP2001#23] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-05-03.fob.at822.28709.t-flac16 [TSP2001#24] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-05-05.fob.neumann-ak40.4544.t-flac16 [TSP2001#25] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2001-05-05.neumann-km140.4056.t-flac16 [TSP2001#26] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]

... hopefully somebody who grabbed a fileset you need can go back and help you out. Folks, please revisit these old torrents and see if anyone needs some help. Thanks for helping to spread the grooves.

**NOTE** I am trying to leave all new torrents open indefinitely since my new internet connection affords me ample bandwidth to keep on seeding! (dug - Jan 2012)

duggy 2012-11-12 00:04:24
The night before found the band closing the halves with classic tunes, and this night finds them starting each half by reaching into the past; Nostalgia/Angel Race to start the show & Syeeda's for Set II. Love The Dropper > Felic combo, and likewise the We Are Rolling moving > Bone Digger is the 2nd set ... Ancora is a WELCOME treat -- why don't they play this?! Why didn't they ever really play it much?! Baffles me ... the Coconut > Dracula > Chubb Sub is a great way to finish out the evening ... and yeah, I'll take a Gonzo -- would have love to have caught that acoustically on the last tour (Oct 2012) as it sounds real nice on the recording ...
Pisces 2012-11-13 00:24:19
dagon333 2015-11-12 23:11:08
This looks awesome.

Thank you.

Peace and Much Groove.

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