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Showphish 1999-07-17 oswego county airport, volney, ny **upgrade to shnid 87157**
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Torrentph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8
Info hash61b16ba7a713c59aab6d423dffebceccb9530fe1
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oswego county airport
volney, ny

Set 1:
01- Tube >
02- Boogie On Reggae Woman
03- Birds of a Feather
04- Guelah Papyrus
05- My Sweet One
06- Roggae
07- Tweezer >
08- Have Mercy >
09- Taste >
10- Character Zero

Set 2:
01- Funky Bitch[1]
02- On My Knees[2]
03- Jam >
04- Down with Disease
05- Wolfman's Brother >
06- Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley[3] >
07- Timber (Jerry)
08- You Enjoy Myself

09- The Squirming Coil
10- Tweezer Reprise

[1] Son Seals on guitar and vocals.
[2] Phish debut; Son Seals on guitar and vocals.
[3] No vocal jam.

Notes: This was the first show of the Camp Oswego festival. Have Mercy was played for the first time since November 12, 1994 (335 shows). Son Seals sat in on guitar and vocals for his own composition, Funky Bitch, as well as the Phish debut of On My Knees. Afterwards, a brief blues jam was played as Son left the stage. Sneakin' Sally did not contain a vocal jam.

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source: akg460b/ck8>b18>sbm1>d8 fob by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>audiogate(16/44.1)>cdwave>tlh(flac16) by john m 2012-10-26
Checksumsph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t01.flac:5b62b5057d3077ff6429484297bc2fae
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t02.flac:56a094b5f0858be640142096941afd7c
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t03.flac:6905ceef001981fc6f9dbd5f4799600d
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t04.flac:93ac3b1ad226dc7b654451021ceb66f7
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t05.flac:85e4399213cb1d03ee957397a7beda01
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t06.flac:d993b810d3798769f224140803f649ba
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t07.flac:8120658666846541aa83f6b1a0c797cd
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t08.flac:2367f9821d7043e309e76610b11f38fe
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t09.flac:4437366acacf9e51c0ab128de2db06fe
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s1t10.flac:a277c7f43a917f7497b2c07f1eb43bc7
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t01.flac:abe89e8e89506b2f958c3497ee9744df
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t02.flac:4e808e83eb082d0d73b99c26a025ca00
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t03.flac:737f3729e37117c83921b7392ebb680b
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t04.flac:8aeb52638a9e45303afb267147d162f8
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t05.flac:a83ad4280a624c96b00d61d50baf6482
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t06.flac:6dc24641f5e309796fe79248010024ec
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t07.flac:d7f0941011fc5653514ad3dade5be44d
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t08.flac:84b71f88839148a6fa9055cb121e5219
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t09.flac:bcf30f36ce715ed10fbf1744357df3a1
ph1999-07-17 akg460b-ck8s2t10.flac:1aae4cb823d7bcfe5adac1f0dca38d23
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Added2012-11-12 07:30:43
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twatts 2012-11-12 08:52:36

sprobeck 2012-11-12 13:03:01
Thanks for the upgrade!
metawhy 2012-11-12 17:20:37
jasonsobel 2012-11-13 05:30:44
I just added this to the etree database:

metawhy 2012-11-14 10:32:32
why do ALL sources of oswego sound like dolby C was applied to them (no high end clarity)

JK's tape even suffers here, and he usually makes the best pulls around

was it the humidity? was phish's sound system broken?
catapult2000 2012-11-14 18:33:13
Thanks for the upload. But I agree that all the tapes I've ever heard from this weekend are lacking in sound quality. Maybe it was the heat ?
master.madison 2012-11-18 23:05:32
One of my fondest Phish experiences...mostly because of the sound. No kidding!

It was in addition to the ridiculous heat, it was very dry air with practically no wind. In person, the sound and how it "carried" was spectacular in my opinion...very crisp and very comfortable.

Since Oswego was my first Phish festival, I was stoked about having another opportunity to catch that sound experience again at Big Cypress.

It wasn't the same. Big Cypress sounded more dense and didn't "carry" anywhere close to how it did at Oswego. South Florida air in December was much cooler and higher humidity.

I've been pulling down every new version of Oswego to find the one that comes closest to actually being there. Looks like this one is next on the list. Thanks for keeping them coming!

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