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ShowKate McNally and Eric McDonald 2012-11-11 Skinny Pancake, Montpelier, VT mc-012 ~ Excellent Scotish Fiddle Guitar Duo
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DescriptionKatie McNally and Eric McDonald
Skinny Pancake
Montpelier, Vermont
November 11, 2012 – Sunday

Oktava MC-012 > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Mics positioned x-y 2 feet from instruments, no PA
Recorded by Bill Koucky and mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0
and dithered to [16/44.1]

** 16 Bit **

2.Bruichladdich / Gladstones / Katie's Tune
4.Clueless / The Dirty Bee / Pressed For Time
5.The Good Win
6.Cathe Cart / Mirrors / Trip To Kozak
7.A Set Of Strathspeys and Reels
8.A Set of Muineiras by Carlos Nuñez
10. Stan Chapman's Jig / Irish Jig
11. Say Will Yet
12.The Farmer's Daughter / The Glen Where The Deer Is
13.In And Out / Dud's Jig

- Break -

14.The Walking Of The Called / Song for Katie's Grandmother
15.Bridle March
16.Sepal Petal And Thorn / Orange Poppies
17.Marnie Swanson Of The Grey Coast
18.Jock Brown's 70th
19.The Good Win
20.Bad Soup / Riff Raff and Widget

Time: 1:45:02

From their Website:

Katie McNally and Eric McDonald found each other in high school as
like minded musicians in the Boston traditional music scene. Both
sought to functionally push the envelope of traditional music,
using original music and modern sensibilty to add new color to
the familiar style of tunes that have been passed down for generations.
Over the years and many impromptu musical moments, this musical
relationship congealed into a cohesive unit. Now the music,
while based heavily in the scottish tradition, is infused with
influences from two diverse and educated musical backgrounds,
where carefully arranged traditional pieces seamlessly give way
to original compositions. Every set provides an enthralling dynamic
intensity, jerking the listener's emotional chain back and forth
with an ultimately satisfying blend of feeling. Having always been
two of the busiest players around, these two have amassed a reputable
list of experience, currently including the scottish powerhouse Cantrip
(McDonald) and the fiddle supergroup Childsplay (McNally). This
practiced musicianship shines in the melodic texture and murky
tones that linger long after a McNally/McDonald performance.

KATIE MCNALLY has grown up steeped in fiddle music. She is a
former New England Scottish Fiddle Champion and a two time runner
up for the National title. She recently graduated Tufts University,
where she studied traditional music from many cultures
(including a semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland). Katie is
quickly becoming a renowned instructor. You may often find her
leading workshops for the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club or teaching
at Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School. She also performs with
the fiddle Supergroup, Childsplay, alongside many of the nation's
finest acoustic musicians.

ERIC MCDONALD is known for his tasteful playing on both the mandolin
and the guitar. A former student at Berklee College of Music, he cut
his teeth touring with acts such as Matching Orange and The Dave Rowe Trio.
He has studied with some of the best mandolinists in the world, including
John McGann, Joe Walsh and Sean Staples. As a guitarist, Eric is an
in demand accompanist, performing with acts such as Brendan Carey Block
and Kyle Carey. He is on staff at Passim School of Music and Maine Fiddle Camp,
and tours with acts such as Rebecca Wudarski, Cantrip and Pesky J. Nixon.

Checksumskm-em2012-11-11t01.flac:334cbba15208ad781b41fa0d6e914c37<br />
km-em2012-11-11t02.flac:d44badcd54ff202fc61e5d8fe3776235<br />
km-em2012-11-11t03.flac:046cda5cf863362eea1206620b05344d<br />
km-em2012-11-11t04.flac:38c9e3e3734977cea19519cf8812c048<br />
km-em2012-11-11t05.flac:79b42f7e1bf3a94f13e50b0dcd28a661<br />
km-em2012-11-11t06.flac:6b4cebccfddf2d2b66af609dae01c8d2<br />
km-em2012-11-11t07.flac:6f74265c2224a15e8cdb6869272f7c34<br />
km-em2012-11-11t08.flac:ab8a71f0c8b9aebc37a1972209340d53<br />
km-em2012-11-11t09.flac:e0296cf9976715504759a0332fa184d5<br />
km-em2012-11-11t10.flac:8e865c6ce2a8df9ea93392fe45b877a7<br />
km-em2012-11-11t11.flac:47fc9a2788c3ef255a0c475062eee8de<br />
km-em2012-11-11t12.flac:9610102b0c9c5bada25f633dc7ecbada<br />
km-em2012-11-11t13.flac:cb2e8fa1b08d2978850e44864e25fb99<br />
km-em2012-11-11t14.flac:f93ebccf26e1a2c07050e77e0619032f<br />
km-em2012-11-11t15.flac:f2da47a11ae52aeb58364ff6b2de56d0<br />
km-em2012-11-11t16.flac:f43f81f1f0b02a2c62caeeb50eb79f62<br />
km-em2012-11-11t17.flac:3949df82412f24b7b99f8e3006d845e5<br />
km-em2012-11-11t18.flac:24290bbb2ff09390fe930df29ff23a4d<br />
km-em2012-11-11t19.flac:08a8390febbcf71c0cf26bfb045e0d8a<br />
km-em2012-11-11t20.flac:4d7e9fd8da6d8909d8d4f1da99ee4ebd<br />
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whynotus 2012-11-12 21:56:07
Wonderful Music
satodog 2012-11-12 22:13:49
new to me....thank you for sharing and to the artists for allowing it
dasmuellerII 2012-11-12 22:33:10
thanks Bill

another show from just up the road from school.

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