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ShowPHISH - Dec. 6, 1996 - Aladdin Theatre - Las Vegas, NV ***UPGRADE OF DB#649***
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Aladdin Theater
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 06, 1996

Source: (Row T/DFC) Schoeps cmc6/mk4's > Beyer MV-100 > Apogee AD-500e > DAT(c)
Transfer: DAT(c) > Sony PCM-R500 > SPDIF > Tascam HD-P2 > r8brain (16/48 > 16/44) > CDWave > FLAC
DAT(c) provided by Eliot Byron
Transfer by Terry Watts
48k Master FLAC available

Disc 1
Set I:
1. Wilson >
2. Peaches en Regalia >
3. Poor Heart >
4. 2001 >
5. Llama
6. YEM
7. CTB >
8. DwD >
9. Frankenstein

Disc 2
Set IIe:
1. ,,Julius
2. Sparkle >
3. Mike's >
4. Simple >
5. Hood >
6. Weekapaug
7. Adeline
8. Good Times Bad Times

Disc 3
Set IIe:
1. encore break
2. e: Harpua >
3. e: Wildwood Weed >
4. e: Harpua >
5. e: I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart >
6. e: Harpua >
7. e: Suspicious Minds >
8. e: Harpua >
9. e: Suzy Greenberg


Encore with members of Primus, The Yodeling Cowgirls, John McEuen, 4x Elvis Impersonators, and Courtney Gains.

I placed a trackmark in the middle of the encore break so that SetII could be burned onto its own disc...

Terry Watts

ChecksumsFLAC FFP:<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t01.flac:0d1ee8979638d456b843bfbe32008ae7<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t02.flac:fc2df172bf24b74e89f34b69658508e3<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t03.flac:8e3444eaff7e5e0432342c90af425405<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t04.flac:9192f45fe76982cf6ad725baf761e406<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t05.flac:8c30d48b92fb858ce8b92a6e39fd6a2a<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t06.flac:fc74f39b824282152b21e69a3d5cc481<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t07.flac:d5c8bceefed12ffda0e954b0ff234d4e<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t08.flac:39ed22c3800433e2bce5188660d6ac66<br />
ph1996-12-06d1t09.flac:33be893f3accd24c84d63ae3439d1781<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t01.flac:0612e5f1ddcf8e8d9e9c4572d6393df5<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t02.flac:5b95524555fd36a01f2af1fc89e39cf2<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t03.flac:8418644d30a683265b302e7492c589c5<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t04.flac:a2e10ba0d777ad038e6ccf6a785efaa8<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t05.flac:ab163a25df903ff274c140cd97318e58<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t06.flac:b6ba7458ee6ef0fbcdb4b171cc2d044a<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t07.flac:eff5ce3bd92da5c0d7eaad0a2781cb11<br />
ph1996-12-06d2t08.flac:b0f969a7311f038d9119bd3842be44fd<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t01.flac:f0d45512275e779aa8fe1f4c47e007d4<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t02.flac:8fde10a8e7bf93057761a054442f581e<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t03.flac:c3e24d61039a08d4a5ab81d05cececd4<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t04.flac:60e4f5f69508849b3b3920dbbf0cbea8<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t05.flac:4d56d8fa61296c7c8c3f183503dcde23<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t06.flac:f8df336b6abfaf42bfb0fb00ed5a2d07<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t07.flac:a6513c8680f51d6669f5388ed0faf4a0<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t08.flac:a6db09a0fe0fe26fe121130035e8f710<br />
ph1996-12-06d3t09.flac:498f7da3fb0bad4b18b94f9d7af425b7<br />
<br />
<br />
WAV MD5:<br />
f111cfc9493d7dce5069c3a0e2967b09 *ph1996-12-06d1t01.wav<br />
ef98725c54adce6c1a8c08f7e894050b *ph1996-12-06d1t02.wav<br />
4b2f52e57e397988d0680f7bf57aa3c4 *ph1996-12-06d1t03.wav<br />
51726549792a47a2ee5d5e4aa8b127b5 *ph1996-12-06d1t04.wav<br />
a6a2fed8309168264f9cc9435b30d641 *ph1996-12-06d1t05.wav<br />
5f05f277ab12c5a72ebc6bc80763cbef *ph1996-12-06d1t06.wav<br />
352e6614744e825d8e149a2c735a6784 *ph1996-12-06d1t07.wav<br />
18fca59656dece1eca2fd30f03cd6de4 *ph1996-12-06d1t08.wav<br />
4bc33b5afff5c614867ba1388a3d25a5 *ph1996-12-06d1t09.wav<br />
3a24a42112e3fca0c952d0a648c4170a *ph1996-12-06d2t01.wav<br />
f1a39261083ab3f9eb0b5441ba41435d *ph1996-12-06d2t02.wav<br />
c79ae6ea85b835441ff6b3ecac3268e8 *ph1996-12-06d2t03.wav<br />
e42d312e6806649437b1b3bc65ad4cb8 *ph1996-12-06d2t04.wav<br />
83a4b225cda4ff1cdeb03072da3df35f *ph1996-12-06d2t05.wav<br />
930ccf31a4c627717c5621218404bbfa *ph1996-12-06d2t06.wav<br />
b5dbe853a5ea699b2e718a7785e37575 *ph1996-12-06d2t07.wav<br />
31b6596fb595c9ca92d4df5e6c5ea41c *ph1996-12-06d2t08.wav<br />
693d401cd7b63d310b5db36e24beb7c7 *ph1996-12-06d3t01.wav<br />
21e15d2f627e002cac8face6fae08dec *ph1996-12-06d3t02.wav<br />
7d36a80d1ee8fa9edac533ad97f23069 *ph1996-12-06d3t03.wav<br />
019ca9ed156145509443e3b14fa5a18f *ph1996-12-06d3t04.wav<br />
130be6c73399ec798bd880fb554a734d *ph1996-12-06d3t05.wav<br />
723f36227bdcf7b1ec6229c3e6daea53 *ph1996-12-06d3t06.wav<br />
3f01a697110f5f4b81b0fbae4846d8c3 *ph1996-12-06d3t07.wav<br />
7ebd386445ffaddd6a0e1398516f4e92 *ph1996-12-06d3t08.wav<br />
72367f7e214e7c2860c37af22b2ffb5d *ph1996-12-06d3t09.wav<br />
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ph1996-12-06d1t01.flac35.06 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t02.flac17.16 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t03.flac21.01 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t04.flac44.82 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t05.flac30.60 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t06.flac130.35 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t07.flac21.31 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t08.flac61.73 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d1t09.flac28.72 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t01.flac49.66 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t02.flac19.33 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t03.flac60.59 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t04.flac93.74 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t05.flac76.33 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t06.flac61.24 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t07.flac6.29 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d2t08.flac48.63 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t01.flac13.67 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t02.flac14.29 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t03.flac8.12 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t04.flac23.79 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t05.flac9.84 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t06.flac9.44 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t07.flac24.49 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t08.flac43.62 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06d3t09.flac56.60 MBN/A
ph1996-12-06ffp.ffp1.4 kBN/A
ph1996-12-06wav.md51.4 kBN/A
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twatts 2012-11-13 00:20:57
This is an UPGRADE of this Source:

Thanks to Eliot for the use of his DATs!

jasonsobel 2012-11-13 05:27:30
I just added this to the etree database:

Pisces 2012-11-13 08:58:50
metawhy 2012-11-13 09:49:58
thanks Terry! gotta love this 2001 in the first set.

fall of 96 really should get more love, there are some sick proto-funk jams!
drdapsoy 2012-11-13 09:50:21
Such a weird Harpua. Why did they decided to change the groove? I guess they thought the 7/8 would confuse Primus, forgetting that they are more than capable having covered Rush and having an original song in 11.
penn42 2012-11-13 11:40:39
metawhy - "gotta love this 2001 in the first set"

Totally agree, this has always been one of my favorite 2001's
sprobeck 2012-11-13 13:09:05
Yes! Thanks for the upgrade.
kayatosh 2012-11-13 15:48:38
thank you. sounds great.
LAStubbe 2012-11-13 19:45:37
I pulled my DAT of the MK21 source and will do a fresh transfer soon. It's the same DAT that was transferred 8 or 9 years ago.
metawhy 2012-11-13 20:19:32
"I pulled my DAT of the MK21 source and will do a fresh transfer soon. It's the same DAT that was transferred 8 or 9 years ago."


ECB 2012-11-16 20:46:13
This was a great show. I saw three of the previous four shows (missed the AZ show) and all were really, really top-notch shows. I'm very much a '94 guy but these gigs were all up with the best '94 shows that I know and love.

There were no weak spots in this whole show--except for Sparkle--and getting back-to-back Mike's Groove sandwiches (the insane SD show from 12/4 is a must-hear too) was a serious treat. Having the really ethereal Simple drop into a monumental Hood was out of this world. The Groove more than did itself justice. =^D

To the good Doctor's Q: the half-speed Harpua simply suggested to me that while Primus can certainly play most anything in any time signature, Phish and Primus hadn't actually had the chance to fully rehearse what is a very tough song to play.

The Sacto (11/30), L.A. (12/1), S.D. (12/4) and Vegas are all must have gigs for anyone serious about Phish. Happily, there are FOB KM140 of the above three and they're insanely good sounding.

Enjoy and thanks Terry!

geewiz010 2012-12-24 17:28:39
Thanks for this!

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