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ArtistThe Other Ones
ShowThe Other Ones 2000-09-24 - Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA (Shure VP88) *New Source*
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DescriptionThe Other Ones
Lakewood Amphitheater
Atlanta, GA

Source: Shure VP88 (ots/center) > Sharp MD-MS702
Lineage: MD/M > Philips CDR750 > EAC > Audacity > CDWav > FLAC
Recorded/transferred: Christian Richart
Extraction/seed: Brad Foster

~ One set ~

01. crowd/tuning
02. Help on the Way >
03. Slipknot! >
04. Franklin's Tower
05. Stir It Up *
06. West L.A. Fadeaway
07. Baba Jingo
08. Sugaree
09. Odessa **
10. Friend of the Devil ***
11. Estimated Prophet >
12. Long Tall Cool One >
13. Drums >
14. Jam **** >
15. Lady With A Fan >
16. Samson and Delilah >
17. Terrapin Station
18. St. Stephen >
19. The Eleven
20. Black Muddy River **

Total tracks = [02:31:03]

* - w/ Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers
** - Bob & Mark acoustic
*** - Bob, Mark, Bruce & Alphonso acoustic
**** - w/ 'Bird Song' jam
-- Furthur Festival 2000 (tour closer); Sy Klopps, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers opened
-- Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Steve Kimock, Mark Karan, Bruce Hornsby, Alphonso Johnson
-- Thunder and lightning storm during the show; fireworks throughout

Recording notes:
-- The encore break was not recorded
-- Master MD changes after Sugaree and Terrapin.
The small bit of missing portions are patched with shnid=2948
t09: [00:02-00:41]
t18: [00:03-00:40]

-- Thanks to Christian for sharing his recording and transfer.
Discs extracted in secure/range mode, seamlessly joined and re-tracked.
Log files included.
Checksumstoo2000-09-24t01.flac:1ff318cc980a332693b1b461fcce7526<br />
too2000-09-24t02.flac:e442d6ccc7d20b9f7fb7c41266989b97<br />
too2000-09-24t03.flac:663692e802b1aab1b67e51ff78979a19<br />
too2000-09-24t04.flac:e0b22ffec30bd3982d84614b4db85511<br />
too2000-09-24t05.flac:f165b8cbfd061a5dc270a4a922120ac0<br />
too2000-09-24t06.flac:db1e8008f3574f5bef672ee8bf117338<br />
too2000-09-24t07.flac:f50d66ed2f072c36c7a6c59b4d90b994<br />
too2000-09-24t08.flac:6a3fb4b2067a0b60a4e75e326a542849<br />
too2000-09-24t09.flac:802ec26e403129e00c386d9acd595be7<br />
too2000-09-24t10.flac:29c41f53d46a2309182299cc988d03d8<br />
too2000-09-24t11.flac:a7e9ad8ab31e1b8a361311c57ae14d5a<br />
too2000-09-24t12.flac:0c2408b25cc1de4c4f86aa959d7f767b<br />
too2000-09-24t13.flac:865fd2f96502c7662c5a62a68a4a0be5<br />
too2000-09-24t14.flac:965d1578700bb883526f05a947be9cbc<br />
too2000-09-24t15.flac:7e6dde8910804a4909a2a3b2beb16b50<br />
too2000-09-24t16.flac:8d4ac242080b4cdcff2c6324665c6d63<br />
too2000-09-24t17.flac:bc4431653436d291c433e8ba04ad41ea<br />
too2000-09-24t18.flac:9cc616485387dc91d90250fd823aa972<br />
too2000-09-24t19.flac:da4f0fa986313b1c337131b683ab0489<br />
TypeThe Other Ones
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too2000-09-24t12.flac44.77 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t18.flac44.00 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t19.flac41.56 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t05.flac41.27 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t17.flac41.20 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t15.flac34.98 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t03.flac34.92 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t10.flac34.67 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t16.flac34.46 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t07.flac34.43 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t09.flac31.21 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t14.flac30.69 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t20.flac29.39 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t02.flac17.34 MBN/A
too2000-09-24t01.flac5.90 MBN/A
too2000-09-24d1.log3.0 kBN/A
too2000-09-24d2.log2.9 kBN/A
too2000-09-24d3.log2.7 kBN/A
too2000-09-24-info.txt1.5 kBN/A
too2000-09-24.vp88.ffp1.1 kBN/A
too2000-09-24-ffp.txt1.1 kBN/A
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skevap 2012-11-13 06:59:35
This was an A+ plus show, in my opinion. The band was ON this night (tour closer)...
toomanycdsgigs 2012-11-13 08:57:17
Thanks for taping transferring and sharing. I was unimpressed by the Greensboro show on this tour and rarely listen to this configuration. I look forward to giving them a fresh listen.
sprobeck 2012-11-13 13:25:43
Thanks for the new source!
GuinnessGoon 2012-11-13 20:11:02
I love this ego's involved or shitty vocals...great jams.
bobafett13 2012-11-14 10:45:56
Thanks man. This was a great night. The lawn with the liquid and the lightning....awesome!
skevap 2012-11-14 17:16:35
Sounds pretty good.

Man oh man, I wish there was a sbd of this somewhere!
calvinroots 2012-11-14 22:36:55
Thanks so much for this. My cousin and I were at the last 5-6 shows of the tour and had a blast. I'd like to find the evening at House of Bluse in Myrtle Beach with ZMMM. It was the evening after Greensboro and before Live Oak. Thanks again buddy PEACE

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