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ShowLake Street Dive 2012-11-09 Aggie Theatre, Ft. Collins, CO *FOB/MC803* opened for the Infamous Stringdusters
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Torrentlsd2012-11-09.fob.mc803.kindrec.torrent (click to download)
Downloads aslsd2012-11-09.fob.mc803.kindrec
Info hash2b58b13449e85258b932bf68ccf932f2886a413e
DescriptionLake Street Dive
Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

source: (FOB/DFC/DIN110*)Beyerdynamic MC803 > dmod UA-5 > R-09
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings

need help with set list

opened for The Infamous Stringdusters
Checksumse3c9938ca97ce21e295ce2d946bc970e *lsd2012-11-09t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
8a5e41fe886b0effd4683350fec647f5 *lsd2012-11-09t02.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
f50395b27745e8240255fd1bcb1af911 *lsd2012-11-09t03.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
9472322c2d9388f212f5bf5e27edcc9e *lsd2012-11-09t04.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
40efc86e904c838393bf1c12efb7a8a0 *lsd2012-11-09t05.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
bf8e1623ddcc27331008bdde15429a8c *lsd2012-11-09t06.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
82ee7d5520ba2da0ffd22ae4f8afe7cf *lsd2012-11-09t07.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
caa66598e3d339734a301e1a95110cc5 *lsd2012-11-09t08.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
6aa6dc3cd595759ff9bcefc46371561b *lsd2012-11-09t09.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
3e30a6f8f2b1452c34e9eb3a63252894 *lsd2012-11-09t10.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac<br />
f96ac50835c00a2cc52b334200d1153b *lsd2012-11-09t11.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
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lsd2012-11-09t03.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac33.37 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t06.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac25.56 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t10.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac25.30 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t09.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac25.11 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t11.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac24.13 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac24.10 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t04.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac23.17 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t02.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac22.70 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t08.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac21.84 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t07.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac18.83 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09t05.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac16.21 MBN/A
lsd2012-11-09.fob.mc803.kindrec.md5825 BN/A
lsd2012-11-09.fob.mc803.kindrec.ffp814 BN/A
lsd2012-11-09.fob.mc803.kindrec.txt318 BN/A
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ArchivalAudio 2012-11-14 03:27:55
Thanx for some more LSD...
I'll see what I can figure out for their set list after I have a chance to listen...
imskiing 2012-11-14 19:19:23
thanks for this rare up. very much appreciated. will help with the setlist if i can once i get a listen. thanks again!
ArchivalAudio 2012-11-15 02:34:45
I was excited to see and record (a matrix of) the LSD premiere west coast performance at the Starlight stage this summer at the Pickathon, they were amazing and the next day in the workshop barn they tore it up, and it was steamy!
While not complete her is what I have for the setlist:

t01 You Go Down Smooth
t02 Here I go Again?
t03 Don't Make me Hold Your Hand
t04 Faith
t05 Wear A wedding Ring?
t06 Miss Disregard
t07 Elijah
t08 Henriette
t09 I Want You Back
t10 Clear A Space
I want You Back -
ArchivalAudio 2012-11-15 02:44:48
imskiing 2012-11-15 05:38:05
hey there ArchivalAudio, how's it going?

did you post that matrix from the pickathon anywhere?

Jperdue4 2012-11-15 11:26:20
ArchivalAudio I was also at Pickathon and saw their 1st west coast set. Could you PLEASE repost that here? I never could find all that much from the fets this year. did you record anyone else? White Denim maybe? thanks!!
Jperdue4 2012-11-15 11:26:43
meant to say "from the fest"
ArchivalAudio 2012-11-16 00:45:28
@ Jperdue4

I have not share any of the recordings yet from the Pickathon.

The Peacock Radio crew records everything, we can only share certain things...

I will continue to master the LSD shows...

we did get all sets on each stage, matrix, 4 track 2 on stage mics + house PA. with the exception of Busman recording the Woods stage, multitrack, multiple stage mics + all the direct instrument/mic sources...

I have been glad to see more LSD show up here... I'll work on get it completed
Jperdue4 2012-11-16 11:37:11
thank you! that will be great. I know that some of the bands do allow taping and sharing and some dont. White Denim is one that does allow it. they are up on the live music archive now ( is a blast, already planning for next summer.
ArchivalAudio 2012-11-22 03:10:37
A couple other you tube
vids I found from performances I missed at the Pickathon:

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