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ShowNew Speedway Boogie 2012-11-04 Quixote's Last Patio Stage Set (2151 Lawrence St) *Matrix*
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DescriptionNew Speedway Boogie - The Last Dance
Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

source: "on the fly" Matrix [SBD+(onstage/nos110*/split4')Beyerdynamic MC803 > dmod UA-5 > R-09]
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings

~Set II~

01. Might As Well
02. Scarlet Begonias
03. Samson and Delilah
04. Althea
05. Looks Like Rain
06. Run For The Roses
07. All Along The Watchtower >
09. Throwing Stones
Checksums348c57aa8e014d59dccd5c65af784865 *nswb2012-11-04s2t01.mtx.kindrec.flac
30d366a1cbf4a70c7793cef4faf52d55 *nswb2012-11-04s2t02.mtx.kindrec.flac
b0107a22f4ad32b37ef8d9c7e71503f1 *nswb2012-11-04s2t03.mtx.kindrec.flac
94c6ca7e24c6eecdc3cc31b4126ff309 *nswb2012-11-04s2t04.mtx.kindrec.flac
575640735e5297a6331d1bd838c994c5 *nswb2012-11-04s2t05.mtx.kindrec.flac
90b78379e3a96347f8391d8e818c2bfb *nswb2012-11-04s2t06.mtx.kindrec.flac
05958970709ee9fa0bb3d054eeeec893 *nswb2012-11-04s2t07.mtx.kindrec.flac
a56323b22e7ee35eb0c3543cba27eeef *nswb2012-11-04s2t08.mtx.kindrec.flac
1ca11057edb0649c3d90f85e4574609b *nswb2012-11-04s2t09.mtx.kindrec.flac
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nswb2012-11-04s2t09.mtx.kindrec.flac50.37 MBN/A
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nswb2012-11-04s2t05.mtx.kindrec.flac37.98 MBN/A
nswb2012-11-04s2t03.mtx.kindrec.flac35.51 MBN/A
nswb2012-11-04s2t01.mtx.kindrec.flac30.64 MBN/A
nswb2012-11-04s2t06.mtx.kindrec.flac25.31 MBN/A
quixoteslastdance.jpg249.8 kBN/A
nswb2012-11-04.mtx.kindrec.md5648 BN/A
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nswb2012-11-04.mtx.kindrec.txt529 BN/A
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