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ShowSugarman 3 2012-11-09 - Bear Creek Music & Art Festival - AKG 461
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TorrentSugarman32012-11-09.AKG481.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5a4ab78fb3b25d5b889286f6e4bbf8bea9b53854
DescriptionSugarman 3
Bear Creek Music & Art Festival
Daptone Super Soul Review
Purple Hat Stage
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Source: AKG c460b/ck61 (DIN) > Oade T+ Mod Edirol UA-5 > iRiver iHP-120 (16Bit/48KHz)
Lineage: iRiver > SDHC > Adobe Audition 3.0 (Resample) > TLH > FLAC 16 (level 8) > Foobar2000 (tagging)
Location: Approx 8' High, DFC, FOB at rail

Recorded, transferred & seeded by Scott Douglas (

1. Intro
3. Bosco's Country
4. Your Friendly Neighborhood Sugarman
5. Modern Jive
6. Love Went Away
7. What The World Needs Now
8. Dirty Water
9. Got To Get Back To My Baby
10. Mellow Meeting
12. Rudy's Intervention
13. Outro
ChecksumsSugarman32012-11-09t01.flac:858f45067307b7ed36ca43db20322d67<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t02.flac:e79ad7669f60c8fb8bc3f9708b2a6a17<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t03.flac:c542e13f3ae73f4bd21d3b6cfef98174<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t04.flac:ea58680b9d893ef87dcfde4a5b6ccbe9<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t05.flac:cb4fa5c0c18c133081fe71d63422fc25<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t06.flac:c27e2bc1f6d62f1cf1365ec44ad9bf3e<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t07.flac:ebc52871b65387576b88ddc53bdd1382<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t08.flac:c483ad455559582756903019c93d7ff1<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t09.flac:b2c0ee94ccf58fb2e283231ca42263c6<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t10.flac:9485f65e486a74d6254b7a92a8e9113f<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t11.flac:5a2d39065cc6aa9e12c838b4395fd4a0<br />
Sugarman32012-11-09t12.flac:ba6a79884cb2919c4aef880051cfa5ad<br />
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Sugarman32012-11-09t11.flac30.45 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t08.flac26.08 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t12.flac24.68 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t04.flac24.30 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t07.flac23.73 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t03.flac22.15 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t10.flac21.36 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t02.flac18.66 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t06.flac17.53 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t05.flac14.97 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t01.flac3.93 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09t13.flac3.89 MBN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09.AKG481.flac16.ffp806 BN/A
Sugarman32012-11-09.txt695 BN/A
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dnuggs 2012-11-14 12:38:24
Oh yeah! Can't wait to hear what I missed! Good recording with you at BC.
skotdee 2012-11-14 13:39:32
Likewise D, can't wait to do it again! These recordings from the Daptone stage came out really nice, I think I prefer them to the guns I ran the next day... Haven't gotten into the Amphitheater stage yet
dskglf 2012-11-14 19:26:06
Thank you, missed the show in Pontiac, will be great to hear this!
RandyBayers 2012-11-20 20:44:13
t3 is Bosco's Country

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