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ArtistTrey Anastasio
ShowTrey Anastasio Band 06-22-02
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DescriptionTrey Anastasio Band
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD
June 22, 2002

Source : Schoeps M22241 > Elvo NT222 > AD1000 > DAT > CD > SHN

Disc #1:
Set 1
1. Burlap Sack and Pumps
2. Mozambique
3. Night Speaks to a Woman*
4. Small Axe
5. Acting the Devil

Disc #2
Set 1 con't
1. Cayman Review
2. Last Tube
Set 2
3. Money, Love and Change**
4. Olivia

Disc #3
Set 2 con't
1. Ether Sunday
2. Ray Dawn Balloon@
3. Thunderhead@
4. Simple Twist Up Dave*** >
5. Simple Twist Up Dave Reprise >
6. Push On t'il the Day

@ - Trey on acoustic
* - 25 minutes, contains Antelope-type jams
** - 37 minutes! contains Peter Apfelbaum sax solo
*** - The band left the stage playing horns, mini drums, cow bells,
ect. for a very short time (about 30 seconds) and returned
right where they left off, hence the Simple Twist Up Dave Reprise.

Show Taped by Chris Warren
Converted and transferred by Chris Warren
Checksums7fb0064934df25c53315b1938b5e8285 *D1-01-Burlap Sack and Pumps.shn
fffab533de284dd476266a32c7e7ee18 *D1-02-Mozambique.shn
0d6d313b4f85c75a21a927baae33eeda *D1-03-Night Speaks to a Woman.shn
9ad1ca4be5c95854f7e0739706e0a425 *D1-04-Small Axe.shn
011d13d59cad99212d4c50a0b1cbc900 *D1-05-Acting the Devil.shn
ec56a5313a9c02233537d698ef9bfdba *D2-01-Cayman Review.shn
821d5475a06f40b5351a3c40bf44d49d *D2-02-Last Tube.shn
b88b7f4279a1ba785a01def6bd980be0 *D2-03-Money, Love and Change.shn
f238d761a53e31cfbd379ce9d2e6abc5 *D2-04-Olivia.shn
9ee0848c25da5b62a18a5263f03b9568 *D3-01-Ether Sunday.shn
96e8412b7f8ef756d7600499389b80b8 *D3-02-Ray Dawn Balloon.shn
6f6da96a99556fb08c6435f6d1c20688 *D3-03-Thunderhead.shn
81110ff758d745ddb76324c8d338e3e9 *D3-04-Simple Twist Up Dave.shn
d6a6fcba6a51d8a35c7ef9307369e4e3 *D3-05-Simple Twist Up Dave Reprise.shn
56bede70d66df5ef4a9f06ca8b68ae3a *D3-06-Push On t'il the Day.shn
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