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Torrentph1996-11-14 mk41.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash257e5ad4ade78419a3faff7eaa3ef8d2d9bc156a
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DescriptionPHiSH - 11/14/96
Hilton Coliseum - Ames, IA

source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41 > Beyer MV-100 preamp; from Chris Tweedy
transfer: Casio DA-R100 > M-Audio 24/96 via Coax SPDIF > Wavelab (fades, normalize, sample rate conversion) > CD-WAV > SHNv3

transfer by on 10/16/03

set I:
01. AC/DC Bag >
02. Uncle Pen
03. Wolfman's Brother
04. Cars Trucks & Buses
05. Free
06. All Things Reconsidered
07. Bathtub Gin
08. Talk
09. Julius
set II:
10. Llama >
11. Sample in a Jar
12. Taste

set II(cont):
01. Swept Away >
02. Scent of a Mule
03. Life on Mars
04. Demand >
05. Run Like an Antelope,
06. A Day in the Life
07. Stash
08. Hello My Baby

Thanks to Lenny Stubbe for all the sick DATs, please contact me if you have Fall 96 Phish DATs!
-Matt aka
Checksumsph1996-11-14d1t01.flac:72ecae9564f3a719e1b0bd3389107db6<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t02.flac:0992f36f6757efd597146fe8e6432fbe<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t03.flac:0264a9f0f2d6a570a17cb99a19d912b3<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t04.flac:f98c434893de24e3b23d1597ca67c1dc<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t05.flac:fb24165d2f7550a11f20abf06fa1f627<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t06.flac:55d2f1a4bdcdd2561196c97a80b3e8a8<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t07.flac:5b1a4f878bbefe5a565f9955a92a2630<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t08.flac:41b7a633327ffec3d5ee046f2b374d26<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t09.flac:673f76f58e344571eda1756065271ca5<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t10.flac:0880c5951a3c39fa9245919a4e8d5236<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t11.flac:93572d5ecb213c84dac7667e9b990b48<br />
ph1996-11-14d1t12.flac:f5704d0e826600c29782dbdb21909b5f<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t01.flac:d76bb6b4374b44cec62874c48d1f2de9<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t02.flac:2982d8600c1c9498649dd5d27455cb1a<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t03.flac:f826980ebd87e3ce6424f0c21bf3d7ff<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t04.flac:387dfc07a7d9efbb6f3d4194bc243a6e<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t05.flac:9e5301ee6e795082c3a63a1490b0acd9<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t06.flac:cb078bc451a6e486830542a992909a5c<br />
ph1996-11-14d2t07.flac:8e348584b00c71d2faaeda82287e95eb<br />
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Added2012-11-14 19:37:28
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Num files22 files
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ph1996-11-14d2t07.flac67.22 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t05.flac66.98 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t02.flac59.45 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t07.flac50.55 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t06.flac45.41 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t12.flac42.85 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t09.flac42.58 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t05.flac40.98 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t01.flac34.59 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t10.flac31.85 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t11.flac26.16 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t03.flac26.00 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t04.flac20.25 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t02.flac19.98 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t03.flac18.66 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t06.flac15.09 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d1t08.flac14.11 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t01.flac12.36 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t04.flac9.03 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14d2t08.flac8.94 MBN/A
ph1996-11-14.ffp.txt1.2 kBN/A
ph1996-11-14.txt851 BN/A
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metawhy 2012-11-14 19:43:17
Here's a phish show from today's date many years ago!

Great recording!

Captures the band's sound at a transitional period.


If anyone can seed 11/11/96 I'd greatly appreciate it. Saw a tweezer video on youtube from that show and it is FUNKY.
LAStubbe 2012-11-14 22:01:28
This one is on the long list to go back and get a fresh 48k transfer from. Not sure when I will get to it, might be a year out, so cool to see a flac'd version for now.
twatts 2012-11-14 22:30:50

metawhy 2012-11-14 23:03:46
thanks Lenny! It looks like this DAT originated from your collection many moons ago.

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