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Showphish 1999-07-18 oswego county airport, volney, ny **upgrade to shnid87201**
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Info hasha3deebfc686848388f3337e222252d96107a13fa
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oswego county airport
volney, ny

Set 1:
01- Punch You In the Eye
02- Farmhouse
03- Water in the Sky >
04- Bathtub Gin
05- Back on the Train[1]
06- If You Need a Fool[1]
07- I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome[1]
08- Beauty of My Dreams[1]
09- The Moma Dance >
10- Reba
11- Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2:
01- Runaway Jim[2] >
02- Free >
03- Meatstick
04- Guyute
05- Axilla >
06- Llama

Set 3:
01- My Soul >
02- Piper >
03- Prince Caspian[3] >
04- Wilson >
05- Catapult >
06- Smoke on the Water Jam[4] >
07- Icculus[5]
08- Quinn the Eskimo >
09- Fluffhead

10- Harry Hood[6]

[1] Del McCoury Band.
[2] Super Bad teases from Trey.
[3] Unfinished.
[4] Cat Scratch Fever teases.
[5] Narration featured Trey rambling about the negative aspects of television and the positive aspects of books. Miss You tease.
[6] Accompanied by fireworks.

Notes: This was the second show of the Camp Oswego festival. Back on the Train through Beauty of My Dreams featured a guest appearance by the Del McCoury Band, who had played on the venueís side stage. During Iím Blue Iím Lonesome, Del McCoury broke a string, and a bluegrass breakdown ensued while the string was changed. Runaway Jim contained Super Bad teases from Trey. During Meatstick, the crowd tried to break the world record for most people dancing at one time. Trey explained the record that the band was trying to break while Sofi Dillof danced on stage and the Guinness staff videotaped the crowd. Part of the Piper intro was used on the studio Piper released on Farmhouse. Caspian was unfinished. Some musical chaos ensued between Catapult and Icculus (first since October 31, 1995, or 262 shows), where Trey rambled about the negative aspects of television and the positive aspects of books. The ensuing Smoke on the Water Jam included Cat Scratch Fever teases. Subsequently, Icculus was followed by more narration and a tease of Miss You. The show closed with fireworks during Hood.

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source: akg460b/ck8>b18>sbm1>d8 fob by JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>audiogate(16/44.1)>cdwave>tlh(flac16) by john m 2012-11-1
Checksumsph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t01.flac:8fd357e459e577f895998ff1e164e14f
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t02.flac:698349492268e757bf44fccc71d0ac19
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t03.flac:abdf23ce99686cad87d2bdae4b689e1e
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t04.flac:2156e8d0ff8b45d09e26cfe48d42cf60
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t05.flac:a9518a520bc47a7621991aad1d4b7f21
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t06.flac:b9be63574d033b97dcb8d99a0d0ca439
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t07.flac:2b6cd0905594cf6b75ab25866104d4af
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t08.flac:b1fc8d375e4c56348b5e275e3e727cfc
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t09.flac:34db9bbfcbf80bf3cd99aade3c83affa
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t10.flac:569f4a4a8613c8b8143fe7d948369c61
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t11.flac:44c579170a180eee0a0aa875a157892d
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t01.flac:bfb45b1ac0a85e7a0ea9caa01a903fe0
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t02.flac:2430254182b934b982bc111d76bcec38
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t03.flac:57b6e9d0d53ffd2efcae1e0b37f60d31
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t04.flac:c3235cbcf79910f051cbe2fa03d3fb85
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t05.flac:36fd433713fe0e708ebf4b9d9b16b8a0
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t06.flac:da0b31c67573c280ab30feead32c4ce3
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t01.flac:b1f55f4f0f8ed92ece747273e99bdbd8
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t02.flac:bf7c41d404d0f91db1c2b20495bfae5a
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t03.flac:820d279eda33f9c76e7b8ad85f1c38fe
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t04.flac:e3b28b36d6f5ca963efc2ec826f38420
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t05.flac:a20244ebc3ae6500f8292ad2539e6770
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t06.flac:6d4b389f5e949e8e2065ac029627b957
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t07.flac:62e27a7396336837c72156ff8537752d
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t08.flac:bbe1d1708dde60af6d0bf984b6cf86df
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t09.flac:e82c42267a8cd778043d5eacc84f6afd
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t10.flac:540cb749c2cde3cb2330a17bf2c4196b
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ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8.ffp1.8 kBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8.txt2.2 kBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t01.flac48.87 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t02.flac31.12 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t03.flac28.19 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t04.flac99.36 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t05.flac28.22 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t06.flac19.75 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t07.flac15.72 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t08.flac35.54 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t09.flac45.25 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t10.flac81.66 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s1t11.flac69.31 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t01.flac119.53 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t02.flac54.01 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t03.flac51.52 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t04.flac52.71 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t05.flac20.17 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s2t06.flac45.32 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t01.flac42.11 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t02.flac125.93 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t03.flac52.49 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t04.flac18.77 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t05.flac31.43 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t06.flac20.63 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t07.flac29.79 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t08.flac29.35 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t09.flac85.41 MBN/A
ph1999-07-18 akg460b-ck8s3t10.flac90.60 MBN/A
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jasonsobel 2012-11-15 19:52:00
I just added this to the etree database:

chaffe 2012-11-15 20:29:25
Has anybody thanked Jim Kelly? I lucked out and sat next to him and got a patch from him at my 1st show. Thanks Jim, I am really enjoying your tapes that are being circulated.
twatts 2012-11-16 01:00:23
Thanks to everyone involved!

sirfunkenstein 2012-11-16 23:42:47
Oswego was one of the best times of my whole life! Thanks to everyone who was even there at all. And thanks to everyone still circulating these recordings.

Total awesomeness!
cryptical17 2012-12-21 11:18:22
I was also there, and definitely my favorite Phish festival!
In fact the entire Summer of '99 was some of my greatest Phish tour memories!

Only bummer was during "Reba" I noticed I was starting to get the sniffles! I cought a cold that put me out of commission for a few days afterwards.

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