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ShowTony Furtado Band Nov. 8, 2012 -- Brooksville, FL; matrix (sbd + 3 mic mix)
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Torrenttfb2012-11-08.sbd+3micmix.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashc9d78592808127fbf369cb7ad55f628c4054f75f
DescriptionTony Furtado Band

Riverhawk Music Festival
Cafe Stage
November 8, 2012
Sertoma Youth Ranch
Brooksville, FL

source 1: schoeps ccm 41's (ORTF/10' high) + AKG 209 (7' high) > Alesis mixer > sony pcm m-1
source 2: sbd (mono house mix) > Apogee Mini-me (24/96) > Dell Laptop (XP) w/ Wavelab 4
[mics set up 25' from stage, 6' left of center] - Kevin Preuss

sony soundforge > (matrix in SF) > cd wave > flac (KP)

01. intro
02. False Hearted Lover
03. Golden (Broken)
04. Portlandia
05. Can't Lie Down
06. Stagger Lee
07. Cypress Grove Blues (w/ angeline the baker instr.)
08. Bauds of Euphony
09. Bet on the White Horse
10. Rove Riley Rove
11. instr. ? (Tony solo on the Martin)

Tony Furtado - slide guitar (acoustic), banjo & lead vocals
Luke Price - fiddle, electric guitar & vocals
Russ Kleinner - drums

note: the aud mix was about 65% schoeps (L+R), 35% AKG center mic;
aud. mix was -4.5db in the matrix. Home Team recording.

Sound by Mojoe Productions

Checksumstonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix01.flac:a2b9ea8042606feaede16652ae23785d<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix02.flac:9670bcd6986fe3b25572203675c7f7f6<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix03.flac:e7aba60756e113e756e1712898ecc770<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix04.flac:8ae6ad37086c9d568e230194b4ffd228<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix05.flac:de6cf72457f2a5ed060e8b5c3773104d<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix06.flac:99574b7764b62416b2fc8c0c5824ce25<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix07.flac:b5d92e321417134c1a430fa4db0a48da<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix08.flac:96cace6d215a9ba7759c86af9a801668<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix09.flac:6af2e3a7976ddb868b72ccd20d289a18<br />
tonyfurtado2012-11-08matrix10.flac:8e71670bf40e006292f2f0ccb32c4a8c<br />
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Freeborn_Man 2012-11-16 00:25:27
i have one more Tony set, the late set from the main stage. it is straight sbd.
Freeborn_Man 2012-11-16 00:38:32
would someone please post these to thank you in advance.
ziko 2012-11-16 06:02:23

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