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ArtistPhil Lesh & Friends
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Torrentplf2012.11.15.nak100,cp4.banaszewski.flac24.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asplf2012.11.15.nak100,cp4.banaszewski.flac24
Info hash0296c039c3011d7df7397e0a9e0641d9b4d43ed0
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DescriptionPhil Lesh and Friends
November 15, 2012
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY, USA


The Band:

Phil Lesh - bass
Jackie Greene - guitar & vocals
Adam MacDougall - keyboards
John Kadlecik -guitar & vocals
Joe Russo - drums

source: Nak 100 mic's w/cp4 Shotguns > XLR> Sound Devices 722

Set One:
Jack Straw>
Mississippi Half Step>
Crazy Fingers>
Hes Gone>
Cold Rain and Snow,
Ship Of Fools,
Masons Children

Set Two:
Dear Mr Fantasy>
Help on the Way>
Viola Lee Blues>
The Eleven>
Standing on the Moon>
Uncle Johns Band>
Franklin's Tower

Donor Rap

E: Box Of Rain

Taped and edited by Jeremy Banaszewski
ChecksumsPLF121109T04s1d01t01.flac:f8d7e8e405a10f4a9d8734f65781e9c0<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t02.flac:a2ebe3a53728a6681ec0e7b3757c62ec<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t03.flac:1fe24097f829a8e73416e2e7fc0266cd<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t04.flac:ce437811789725cc3919b09eb44bc74d<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t05.flac:fa4b7125313a5a06512ac0014f13ad35<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t06.flac:92b865ad1ae34a1dce7db53a7c33b4ce<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t07.flac:7041ef3c82f5bdd1e37c4b52ab8e4dd8<br />
PLF121109T04s1d01t08.flac:4818ab6b33521f7ce8b01db7add4ae31<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t01.flac:3266d8d0d983b0528845c04def138ea9<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t02.flac:2a8e5dd4354d73a6bdb244a9400f08fb<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t03.flac:59be81fae85a4bb7bea2bcf016b89a9b<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t04.flac:06eb9574fa4f0a38a09ec5fce0e2d035<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t05.flac:76fa4c56ffe33837971e1f2c200120dc<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t06.flac:497c3a1b3b06a813985a953f74b272ec<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t07.flac:68120b7b1799a7203c9453ebe2ec0c64<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t08.flac:48ce29d53e6d9b59e86732d6e2be82ad<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t09.flac:074c949b5d2b29f6c252b5980def51be<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t10.flac:d740499924cb30e3a10a1c4bd7400ed8<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t11.flac:d64311911cc3e5766ff472085679ff0b<br />
PLF121109T04s2d01t12.flac:83d427f302a669c30fc1e22cfac94cd8<br />
TypePhil Lesh & Friends
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1478 2012-11-16 17:50:28
Thanks man. Great to get this. Keep em coming.
Will seed back for others.
vegeta_ban 2012-11-17 00:54:05
Thanks for listening; I will upload tonight's show tomorrow morning and the Welmont shows as soon as possible. Enjoy
Jeremy "vegeta_ban"
zmanatl 2012-11-17 02:12:45
Nice work Jeremy!
sprobeck 2012-11-17 19:51:03
ZenoMarx 2012-11-18 13:50:43
I'm normally a Z-man fan, but I feel this is the more balanced, sharp recording of the two.
vegeta_ban 2012-11-20 07:55:41
thanks :)
LazyLightning66 2012-11-20 20:17:00
Sound is stellar Jeremy. Thanks! Heres how it 'looks':

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