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ArtistGreyBoy AllStars
ShowGREYBOY ALLSTARS - Nov. xx, 1994 - Bikini Test - La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH ***NEW SHOW IN CIRC.***
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DescriptionGreyboy Allstars

Bikini Test
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
November xx, 1994

Source: SBD > ??? > Cass(x)
Transfer: Cass(x) > Nakamichi DR-3 > (Oade ACM) Tascam HD-P2 > r8brain (16/48 > 16/44) > CDWave > FLAC
Cass(x) provided by Franklin Malemud
Transfer by Terry Watts
48k Master FLAC available

Disc 1
Set I:
1. ?
2. Hot Pants Breakdown
3. Sunday School
4. Soul Dream
5. Gravee
6. Ain't It Funky Now
7. ?,,
8. ...Bougainvillea

Disc 2
Set I:
1. ?
2. ? >
3. ? >
4. Tenor Man
5. Celestial Blues
6. ?
7. Steamed Water


Karl Denson, sax and flute
Robert Walters, keyboards
Chris Stillwell, bass
Elgin Park, guitar
Zak Najor, drums
Harold Todd, flute

Tape Flip at the end of d1t07 (and subsequent fade into d1t08), and at 4:10 of d2t05.

Warts and all... I tracked this out like the cassette and I did not attempt to fix any issues.

Terry Watts

ChecksumsFLAC FFP:
gba1994-11-xx - d1t01.flac:6675c93f55d6a2a60835cbe12f394ecd
gba1994-11-xx - d1t02.flac:edd0792f3cc45c70e47196b321696880
gba1994-11-xx - d1t03.flac:1c6f65e1da801576b9bb6a94cd827aae
gba1994-11-xx - d1t04.flac:8024b3835febf01eeff0ed339a9f182e
gba1994-11-xx - d1t05.flac:5704b8fa4bfa1e6dd0fd9f5227e2a715
gba1994-11-xx - d1t06.flac:a252dd358faacf4bdf32776caa3b3f88
gba1994-11-xx - d1t07.flac:fac030894a5672dfc69160dc72ca1512
gba1994-11-xx - d1t08.flac:0164db9bc470aca4b61d1d6b79acd1ad
gba1994-11-xx - d2t01.flac:b21b7eb9d97eb7992ac90e1bfc04ecbe
gba1994-11-xx - d2t02.flac:b6635bb71de2c1febffeeee3386715cd
gba1994-11-xx - d2t03.flac:4f9651fed51d95811cade74f133cb958
gba1994-11-xx - d2t04.flac:b1a38a940b6738e324e25f4ac6122567
gba1994-11-xx - d2t05.flac:54c6564f55e6f8c9006c3215ed23df6e
gba1994-11-xx - d2t06.flac:61e137f10a1c97815fd3b5323bd449c1
gba1994-11-xx - d2t07.flac:faaa7683d0c6007910001c2008a81818

779f67a2058724a91a9025d7677ab231 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t01.wav
bd8cac5771f0b1cc9f8fbb1653a2e245 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t02.wav
5dc425aae53b3878d8f6db02a8d5c680 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t03.wav
a3d654dcc62addf6fc8b72c85377f2d7 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t04.wav
78fc0422b9917197ad4f2b3ee368ed98 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t05.wav
1181e496deb2ffba07cacbdc1fad1aac *gba1994-11-xx - d1t06.wav
62e22441f5ccff4da01f64ba11715153 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t07.wav
100ba014de2795e55aa0bc8fb0a354a6 *gba1994-11-xx - d1t08.wav
e644000b774a246585e12e65b9687f22 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t01.wav
4c1606ee907c85df891b52eafaaf5085 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t02.wav
617e024757c053dba49a245bece98231 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t03.wav
82f7404ed747b9f8699c4a4b8e392647 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t04.wav
4e61a6996b8aa81fb5c04cc2cd66e131 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t05.wav
357355abb5ae43081c779157c3bdee04 *gba1994-11-xx - d2t06.wav
ba2df63912b53019e4be71ec7cb657dd *gba1994-11-xx - d2t07.wav
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gba1994-11-xx - d1t01.flac58.03 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t02.flac28.05 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t03.flac37.57 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t04.flac38.96 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t05.flac33.10 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t06.flac29.02 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t07.flac39.16 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d1t08.flac38.22 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t01.flac28.98 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t02.flac45.17 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t03.flac37.90 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t04.flac68.89 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t05.flac45.55 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t06.flac35.95 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - d2t07.flac32.90 MBN/A
gba1994-11-xx - ffp.ffp915 BN/A
gba1994-11-xx - wav.md5915 BN/A
gba1994-11-xx.txt2.7 kBN/A
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twatts 2012-11-18 00:55:05
All thanks to Franklin...

obaaron 2012-11-18 01:52:32
Wow thanks!
JohnChimpo 2012-11-18 07:45:12
Wow indeed! Thanks a million. This is the earliest GBA show I have seen. Way cool.
funk_lin 2012-11-18 11:09:05
This tape I provided to Terry was received around 1997 by way of Burlington, VT. Hopefully someone can track down a digital version but until then here's something from the historical days close to where DJ Greyboy has assembled this collective. I have to think this show was booked through DJ Greyboy's channels because it seems too random for GBA in 1994 to play Switzerland when they were only a year out from assembly.

Spoke to Robert Walter about this show one time and he was pretty shocked I had a copy of it. He noted it was a particularly crazy night with people coming in off the slopes and unsuspectingly (to Robert) throwing down in a particularly notable ways.

Definitely the earliest GBA show I have even seen in circulation.

Thanks to Terry....
funk_lin 2012-11-18 12:28:29
Can someone up to LMA? along with...


GBA not to long ago added to LMA so the shows are slowly making the way there. Thanks.
kidadam 2012-11-18 12:31:04
JohnChimpo 2012-11-18 14:04:28
Thats right! I will try and upload the GBAs that I have to the LMA!

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