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ArtistGrateful Dead
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DescriptionThis is a revision of shnid:94453

Grateful Dead
October 21, 1972
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN

Revision by Dan McDonald, Sept-Oct, 2012.
Diamond Cut Forensics 8 was used to rearrange the audio. I used the spectral filter for equalization in several different ways.
The main goal was to lower the prominence of the bass. Most of the bass was in the right channel, so that was just a reworking of the sonic profile for the left channel. Sometimes, the bass was in both channels. In those instances I either left it alone or lowered it (depending on what was going on at the time). Along the way I boosted the highs considerably in both channels. You should be able to hear quite a bit of difference.

Booting highs lead to some increases in noise. I used a continuous noise artifact reduction filter as a last step to enhance listening pleasure for those who are bothered by nasty noise. If it doesn't bother you, there is a version without the noise reduction. My take is that no noise reduction is more vibrant sounding, but this version is definitely cleaner in sound.
You should be able to hear the drums, guitars and vocals more prominently than earlier versions. I don't specify all the things I did because there were too many changes.

I left the space (tape cut or tape flip in the original) as it was in the source I used. There's enough hiss that either the lineage is wrong or the signal was recorded at very low levels in the original.
One fun note: Appears to be a "Rocky Top" tease from Phil at 8:13 into The Other One.

Original information:

SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat -> CD -> DC8
I attempted to improve the most annoying aspects of this recording
- Balanced the channels
- improved the volume fluctuations in Truckin'
- Lowered the bass slightly after about 3:44 in Truckin'
- cut out some "dead air"
-- Possibly from a Master Cassette
-- Didn't do much to this, just fixed levels and cleaned up cuts
-- This has a horrible mix but it's better than nothing
-- Tape flips in Greatest Story Ever Told and The Other One

--Set 2--
204-d1t01 - He's Gone
205-d1t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told
206-d1t03 - Bird Song
207-d1t04 - Truckin' ->
208-d1t05 - The Other One ->
209-d1t06 - Morning Dew
TypeGrateful Dead
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germain 2012-11-18 07:58:21
Don't let the noise reduction scare you away. Droncit did a masterful job applying it. For many, this will be the preferred version.
rsterrapin 2012-11-18 10:03:19
Many thanks for the fix!!
Rastamon1 2012-11-19 13:05:52
On Truckin from 10:00 to 10:16 there are a couple dozen artifacts that sound a little like drum hits, (but I doubt it). I thought the conversion from flac > wav screwed up but it's also on the flac file

Otherwise this is a grate recording - thanks!
droncit 2012-11-19 14:22:05
Yes, that's on the originals. Someone said it was Phil hitting his pickups. I left it alone.
jkelly8995 2013-07-13 21:04:44
Hey, I have 231mb left to complete this d/l but there are no seeders. Any chance of someone jumping back on as a seed so I can complete. thanks for everything.

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