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Showthe Waybacks Nov. 10, 2012 Brooksville, FL
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Torrentwaybacks2012-11-10.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash2a3a7391ad1e795c3a9678ce2f77aec3f044e0f1
Descriptionthe Waybacks

Riverhawk Music Festival
Blue Sky Stage
November 9, 2012

sbd (dual mono matrix) > oade custom monster XLR cables > Apogee Mini-me (24/96) > sony pcm m-1
sony sondforge > cd wave > flac

early set

01. intro
02. Been Around
03. Nice To Be Alone
04. Coming Back Home
05. Russell County Gorge
06. Black Cat
07. the River


Late set

01. intro
02. Loaded
03. Goin' To New Orleans
04. Shady Grove >
05. Vincent Black Lightning
06. Glass Onion!
07. Lowdown
08. Blue Sky
09. Tired of Being Right
10. All Right
11. Bright Place
12. encore break
13. Moonlight Midnight#

# w/ Mitch Lind - acoustic guitar, vocals

Sound by Mojoe

24-bit/48kHz and 16-bit/48kHz filesets are available from the laptop Wavelab master*
*[sbd (dual mono matrix) > oade custom monster XLR cables > Apogee Mini-me (24-bit/48kHz; Soft Limiter ON) > usb > Dell Inspiron (XP) mastered live in Wavelab 4 @ 24/48].

This fileset is from the sony pcm-m1 patched out of the mini-me, recorded @ 16bit/44.1kHz.

Checksumsmd5<br />
b61de4ae3cd13af005282ef7e7f45426 *\\ffp.txt<br />
8c7cbdb20f31661336a94f4d73048d94 *\\james nash Riverhawk 2012 136.JPG<br />
0a580215fe1572396484a334804ed100 *\\waybacks at Riverhawk 2012 130.JPG<br />
a82d4c611f114e261ed49073e192285a *\\waybacks Riverhawk 2012 134.JPG<br />
82933334d83be559d43960fbb1860322 *\\<br />
6d17c893c45c8c57f50fadc70a947a42 *\\waybacks2012-11-10early01.flac<br />
d8467f088fbf1b52e01d1816acb63269 *\\waybacks2012-11-10early02.flac<br />
99f0c8287ab9f15435bb76999dc0d8ce *\\waybacks2012-11-10early03.flac<br />
218e5ce636105f0e42fc3f493ee38bc7 *\\waybacks2012-11-10early04.flac<br />
b43286fb9e0a55be518df660a6c1deed *\\waybacks2012-11-10early05.flac<br />
81e05a50aaca1dbd9a8e2973207db0c2 *\\waybacks2012-11-10early06.flac<br />
fb431ae9780210e11568b095ca2e270e *\\waybacks2012-11-10early07.flac<br />
1c3b2bcb65227bc3c6ddfeb106be852e *\\ffp.txt<br />
d90143d99029a18be929dcf906d7c796 *\\<br />
e9c5e265a08f3395b82f43dde454919a *\\waybacks2012-11-10late01.flac<br />
6744780df8a69387c45b61c9890220b3 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late02.flac<br />
b3bf232a7ae0f9135a02f1fdb24fb559 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late03.flac<br />
13e8063e11262d5f7ddb8622a9d72303 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late04.flac<br />
71c2bbac1bc053c5e399bd78e4c459a2 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late05.flac<br />
55ac4f389ce69fe13c9fc4e82efb05c2 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late06.flac<br />
2952cef734f18eedda0b481f5944b93e *\\waybacks2012-11-10late07.flac<br />
601393f68acae7e6d741c190e6fb2f36 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late08.flac<br />
901a36646273c89d4b1c1b95054d896b *\\waybacks2012-11-10late09.flac<br />
6660bb992650dc287eec8c3b823de2c2 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late10.flac<br />
cbd1f46c1e60eb819bad787db55d6dc6 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late11.flac<br />
4fc4c5f015ec854fe30cb085da4cb2dd *\\waybacks2012-11-10late12.flac<br />
3d477433b0409ea151265f328e684728 *\\waybacks2012-11-10late13.flac<br />
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waybacks2012-11-10.sbd.flac16.md5.txt3.1 kBN/A
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Freeborn_Man 2012-11-18 13:20:14
i will put up the 24bit version soon.
again, if somebody would please post these to, i'd appreciate it very much!
thanks to those 4 putting up tony's set. i'll do his last set, sbd, next.
Elrey 2012-11-18 14:38:11
Waiting for that 24bit virgin, _Man!
skevap 2012-11-18 17:15:24
AustinSoul 2012-11-18 20:20:05
Thank you - 16 bit man checking in
tomp99 2012-11-21 13:29:43
Thank you. these are quality recordings!

i will add the sets to the archive. I split them per your folders.

The early set is up at

The late set will follow todat at

tomp99 2012-11-21 15:42:02
The late set has been posted to the live music archive at

Ignore that location given the late set in the previous message.
tomfrey 2012-11-21 15:46:23
The instrumental in the first set is Black Cat.
Freeborn_Man 2012-11-22 18:19:11

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