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ArtistAnders Osborne
ShowAnders Osborne2012-10-26, KOTO's Halloween Bash, Telluride Conference Center, Mountain Village, CO (MK4's -fob)
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Torrentanders osborne2012-10-26-flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asanders osborne2012-10-26-flac
Info hash2e4158a8b7efba733ab4f2f92accd7132d0faf23
DescriptionAnders Osborne


Telluride Conference Center

Telluride, CO

Schoeps mk4's(ORTF)>kc5>cmc6>Oade m118> WARM MOD HDP2 @24/48


cool edit pro>cdwave editor>flac16

Taped, transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs.


01 - Love is Takin' its Toll>Knockin' on Heaven's Door>Love is Takin' its Toll
02 - Boxes, Bills and Pain
03 - Burning on the Inside
04 - Spanish Moon
05 - I Got Your Heart

Disc 2

01 - Pleasin' You>I walk on Guilded Splinters>Pleasin' You
02 - The Road to Charlie Parker
03 - Jealous Love
04 - Werewolves of London
05 -
06 - Stoned, Drunk and Naked
Checksumsf8fba895ea4a3ef9c0fb43dd73c36795 *anders osborne2012-10-26d01t01.flac
8a993422c2108cf7118ea01486a65109 *anders osborne2012-10-26d01t02.flac
11b1da6f1c222fafb6dc24a2cf05a945 *anders osborne2012-10-26d01t03.flac
37319433fadc527eb87af467d4cd17fb *anders osborne2012-10-26d01t04.flac
9bd778aa4a1e1e5c614b8b3b0886e627 *anders osborne2012-10-26d01t05.flac
b4d7b3edaec4b86afed8a35dae7febc2 *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t01.flac
23f45fb16da13307216c2951e44c169c *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t02.flac
dbe51a590972f2937bec570c16ae622a *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t03.flac
65ef06c5f47c50969c3126c763df366a *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t04.flac
792c86d01262a6c8837e16053f77276a *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t05.flac
060448d660db84785ebcb6442e1b3af3 *anders osborne2012-10-26d02t06.flac
TypeAnders Osborne
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shadonoz 2012-11-18 15:30:17
Thanks, Ricky. Boy do I miss Telluride! Thanks for sharing so much that you record there.
diskobean 2012-11-18 22:08:45
Thanks bro. I LOVE Anders :)
lowspark211 2012-11-19 10:46:56
coachdietsch 2012-11-19 19:33:08
5th song on disc 2 is I Put a Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Probably most people are familiar with the cover version by CCR.
Thanks for sharing the Anders! Love it, sounds great!
rockymtnryan 2012-11-20 08:17:51

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