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ArtistTrey Anastasio
ShowTrey Anastasio Band - 2002-06-23 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Festival
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DescriptionTrey Anastasio
Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo Festival

AKG c1000s > Sony TCD-D100

Set I:
01) Push On 'Til the Day
02) Money, Love and Change
03) Cayman Review
04) Mozambique
05) Sand
06) Drifting
07) Last Tube
Set II:
08) Night Speaks to a Woman
09) At the Gazebo
10) Mr. Completely
11) Wilson
12) Bathtub Gin
13) Alive Again

10 years later i finally got around to transferring my tape. Enjoy
Checksumstrey2002-06-23t01.flac:3e1a3ddaa481f7f612968037f32c7cc0<br />
trey2002-06-23t02.flac:3ff0bff21e831c35285ba73bd0b22999<br />
trey2002-06-23t03.flac:8cc55aeb43f30a49bf14412ce1b4f2bc<br />
trey2002-06-23t04.flac:dde832dedfa64fffecc04d8183daa586<br />
trey2002-06-23t05.flac:017d1fc0849f0237fe67a05f595ce407<br />
trey2002-06-23t06.flac:80dcf5acc6d7dc84a83561a08a701621<br />
trey2002-06-23t07.flac:8d4cdf42fad18b728961865ab854f2de<br />
trey2002-06-23t08.flac:c3d58939d8a46459aa87ace44f5b2435<br />
trey2002-06-23t09.flac:4e8368834e310daddac83a7d07cbd3b6<br />
trey2002-06-23t10.flac:63f3cc3dda62e7295164b161452a1401<br />
trey2002-06-23t11.flac:302cdfbe10282ef6b75c1bc8cc8ad8e0<br />
trey2002-06-23t12.flac:5e4d355227f14f1694c3cb2704991365<br />
trey2002-06-23t13.flac:f38cdfd491fb9655d37b156a994cac2f<br />
TypeTrey Anastasio
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trey2002-06-23t01.flac69.32 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t02.flac126.69 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t03.flac36.96 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t04.flac55.37 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t05.flac115.00 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t06.flac60.45 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t07.flac97.45 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t08.flac197.44 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t09.flac14.70 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t10.flac141.27 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t11.flac11.96 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t12.flac21.57 MBN/A
trey2002-06-23t13.flac67.01 MBN/A
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metawhy 2012-11-19 15:30:04
thank you!
jasonsobel 2012-11-19 20:27:51
I just added this to the etree database:

_MULETAPER 2012-11-19 20:29:34
I too have a STACK of trey master cassettes I need to do one day.

worth the wait! Thanks!
twatts 2012-11-19 22:25:21

Iowan4Panic 2012-11-20 08:48:29
Can someone upload more sources of this show please. I would like to work on matrixing some sources together for this show. After listening to this I remembered how much fun it was to be up front that night! Thanks for this upload!
Pisces 2012-11-20 09:19:32

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