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ShowMike Cooley 11-16-2012 The Slipper Room - NYC **4022s**
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TorrentMike Cooley 11-16-2012 Slipper Room - NYC.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asMike Cooley 11-16-2012 Slipper Room - NYC
Info hash1dd377d70086a28bcaf80115ebf32a77d8204c34
DescriptionMike Cooley
The Slipper Room
New York, NY

source: DPA 4022s > V2 > SD 722
location: DFC 8 feet from stage
transfer: 722 > Mac Book Pro > Sound Studio > xACT

*16bit/44.1khz fileset*

recorded and transferred by Tom Huster

A Team Three Dimes Down Recording

01. Intro/Tuning/Banter
02. Cartoon Gold
03. Love Like This
04. Where The Devil Don't Stay
05. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
06. Women Without Whiskey
07. Checkout Time In Vegas
08. Perfect Timing
09. Gravity's Gone
10. Guitarman Upstairs
11. Birthday Boy
12. ??? New Song
13. Ghost To Most
14. Uncle Frank
15. Three Dimes Down>
16. One Of These Days
17. Panties In Your Purse
18. Get Downtown
19. Everybody Needs Love

20. Shut Up And GeT On The Plane

Cooley was in classic Cooley mode this night. The banter alone was worth the price of admission. No it's not a typo, he played Everybody Needs Love...I think it may have been the first and only time he has played it live.
Checksums01 Intro:Tuning.flac:01413f6a691299ae5088538af43b7700
02 Cartoon Gold.flac:ec87c004aa6180c7c4db4974be86b6b0
03 Love Like This.flac:d18d9a2ec558a7d10f7d1b8ed01ca426
04 Where The Devil Don't Stay.flac:36c51e5558b45fc217fbb2747caa4295
05 Carl Perkins' Cadillac.flac:787b369c8ea45198b6def6278c33ddf7
06 Women Without Whiskey.flac:59388d296ae9bb4a337f85dbed3e1279
07 Checkout Time In Vegas.flac:a1ca744fb74f2e74eeaeb743dd08e8ac
08 Perfect Timing.flac:081a3fc1487ddc809a63e0d82a4533b6
09 Gravity's Gone.flac:68f2ec4c3e62025c734b61ec88e8bcc2
10 Guitar Man Upstairs.flac:16bd750f12883c47ba045525f32f9649
11 Birthday Boy.flac:54088f00bd46ae947821b63c76548d6e
12 ??? New Song ???.flac:ad9fdb266cff46db72010f209b7b6849
13 Ghost To Most.flac:b11eb43c7bd28d2ca5af5394f1e83fe1
14 Uncle Frank.flac:be9ff409177799658b298754880fbedb
15 Three Dimes Down.flac:e2377328c9b047037db393da6d10f4b8
16 One Of These Days.flac:3d6edabc8a4fbf7b040f13d6596ad1fd
17 Panties In Your Purse.flac:9b70357b8c428b41c2d6fe8dda52ff04
18 Get Downtown.flac:fa5c064c50611bdc8c16a7c0f17e5905
19 Everybody Needs Love.flac:1c6c05b850b6d2c81b800b5b36cc16c2
20 Shut Up And Get On The Plane.flac:dac5450d24219895f8ad1df9624f4a59
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jason_nc 2012-11-19 22:07:20
never too much Cooley! thanks for sharing
kagee 2012-11-20 04:25:03
Excellent! Was hoping these would turn up.

I taped Patterson in Dublin on Sunday night and will be sharing shortly.
johnfitz 2012-11-20 13:19:48
Thank you very much!!
acrisp 2012-11-20 16:28:04
were you the one streaming that night?? I hit the sack too early and the old lady hasnt stopped talking about it
dbhelm 2012-11-21 20:22:13
As has been said before.... "Cooley is a Rock Star and doesn't know it."


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