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ArtistDerek Trucks Band
ShowDerek Trucks Band * May 16, 1998 * Poughkeepsie, NY (Neumann KM184) ** NEW TRANSFER - NO DAE **
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Torrentdtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionDerek Trucks Band
May 16, 1998
The Chance Theater
Poughkeepsie, NY

Source: Neumann KM184 > Beyer MV-100 > Sony SBM-1 > s/pdif > Tascam DA-P1 (16 Bit, 44.1 kHz)
Transfer: DAT (c1) > Fostex D-5 > (custom AES > s/pdif digital cable) > Roland R-44 > WAV > Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (fades) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

The DAT used in the transfer was a first generation digital clone of the DAT master
Thanks to John Curatolo for providing the DAT (c1) used in the transfer
Recorded, transferred and seeded by Paul deLima (November 20, 2012)

01 Otto
02 Preachin' Blues
03 D Minor Blues
04 555 Lake
05 Naima
06 Band Intros
07 Forty-Four*
08 Mr. PC* >
09 Drums > Mr. PC*

*With Warren Haynes (guitar & vocals)
Checksumsdtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t01.flac:0e7a7340cc652f47043c584eae589b3a<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t02.flac:370a7c056875939b84a782a8ad397d31<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t03.flac:582d210e328fd7f2a8989da887999adf<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t04.flac:09a304b1e8f68e2978ef8f2945605654<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t05.flac:b5933a5eb25533bee28f96aa9e095377<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t06.flac:335a5a20f9a34fde0bd50134fea1d152<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t07.flac:7e7d98396e9db9e2ffa3e703a729a1a5<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t08.flac:b090b0006656dadacec5372ee424fd2a<br />
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t09.flac:d1bcadc903f15f5686a57ca34195b485<br />
TypeDerek Trucks Band
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dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t08.flac41.34 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t01.flac37.79 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t05.flac37.34 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t07.flac32.97 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t09.flac31.89 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t04.flac30.15 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t03.flac24.75 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t02.flac21.48 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.t06.flac7.51 MBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.txt2.2 kBN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.md5807 BN/A
dtb1998-05-16.Poughkeepsie.Neumann.ffp702 BN/A
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MULE TAPER 2012-11-20 16:32:57
"The Chance Theatre"

a hometown venue
MULE TAPER 2012-11-20 16:34:40
next up mule set?
1Cylinder 2012-11-20 16:49:14
Sorry, no Mule set. Unfortunately The DAT clone I have has spots of diginoize on it.
MULE TAPER 2012-11-20 19:26:12
is it fixable/patchable?

the nak 300 source is the best but a km 184 source... hey if it is fixable and you want to send me the file offers open.
1Cylinder 2012-11-21 10:50:59
If I can track down a clean DAT clone, I'll do another transfer & upload the show. In the meantime, I'll upload what I have - fading out on the track (Suffer) before it gets to the diginoise.

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