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ShowTony Furtado Band Nov. 9, 2012 (late set) Brooksville, FL
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DescriptionTony Furtado Band

Sertoma Youth Ranch
Blue Sky Stage
November 9, 2012
late set

sbd (dual mono matrix) > oade custom monster XLR cables > Apogee Mini-me (24/96) > sony pcm m-1 @ 16-bit/44.1kHz (Kevin Preuss)
sony soundforge > cd wave > flac (KP)

01. Golden / Broken
02. Thirteen
03. Portlandia
04. Berta Berta
05. Cypress Grove Blues > Angeline the Baker > Cypresss Grove Blues
06. Bolinas
07. Rove Riley Rove

Tony Furtado - slide guitar (acoustic), banjo & lead vocals
Luke Price - fiddle, electric guitar & vocals
Russ Kleinner - drums, vocals

Sound by Mojoe
Checksumsffp<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss01.flac:acb145c3a53bc40d6ddc5eb8b4d3e044<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss02.flac:10406a5ef42378d325a951301c0fe626<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss03.flac:2aa243201759230a1785c1c17f57d530<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss04.flac:766d7c275970b174899a7cb71d86ba71<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss05.flac:510a5e77a1784dfffae1bde6223f7d13<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss06.flac:d654f56bf42af06c36c6bbe493509ad1<br />
tfb2012-11-09bss07.flac:0b4cb3b10b00ef5b64a263f94149d27e<br />
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Freeborn_Man 2012-11-20 20:55:07
the last set of his.
again, if somebody would please post this to (along w/ the waybacks) it would be much appreciated!
enjoy...a true virtuoso on the slide (and banjo, of course).
johnpg 2012-11-20 21:23:50
thanks again

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