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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGovt Mule Irving Plaza NY,NY 09-12-1998 MG200 (Reseed Requested)
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DescriptionGov't Mule
Irving Plaza
New York,New York
September 12, 1998

Disc One:

01. Rockin' Horse >
02. Temporary Saint >
03.Thorazine Shuffle
04. No Need To Suffer
05. Larger Than Life >
06. She Said She Said >
07. Tomorrow Never Knows Jam
08. Wandering Child
09. Kind Of Bird
10. Towering Fool

Disc Two:

01. Pygmy Twylyte >
02. Blind Man In The Dark >
03. Drums >
04. Blind Man In The Dark
05. Mule

06. Born Under A Bad Sign*
07. Pass The Peas**
08. Lively Up Yourself**
09. Maggot Brain**+ >
10. Cortez The Killer**

* with Danny Lewis on keyboards
** with Bernie Worrell on keyboards
+ 1st time played

Source :
Audience Recording by Freddie G.
Microtech Gefel 200 (cardiod) >
Aerco > SBM1 > Sony D8 >
DAT > HHB 850 > CDR > EAC >
.wav > Flac Frontend (level 8),
verified / aligned on sector boundaries > .flac
CDR > .flac conversion by Eamon Keenan

FLAC fingerprints:


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ChecksumsFLAC fingerprints:<br />
<br />
mule98-09-12d1t01.flac:cbbfea437553c421eedf2d3b41b9455a<br />
mule98-09-12d1t02.flac:095bbc5e1513cbbe1b478c143e2c7b35<br />
mule98-09-12d1t03.flac:00b87b339a1a417e4e34a6fa6b064aa2<br />
mule98-09-12d1t04.flac:0d9cb0d70d78a2b8272f1468ce7e4784<br />
mule98-09-12d1t05.flac:f451c933a0150175dbfb2b371542f91e<br />
mule98-09-12d1t06.flac:cf401c676019f1201318d4223a37a128<br />
mule98-09-12d1t07.flac:082b1c3bbdff92b926f2c935612ea422<br />
mule98-09-12d1t08.flac:87f77e9fbeab20bbc845792f7ff87f5b<br />
mule98-09-12d1t09.flac:2b609cd8fd5b3884952afea671b04eb9<br />
mule98-09-12d1t10.flac:6b9dcf0ea72d6e83581a19d2aa3bc9a2<br />
mule98-09-12d2t01.flac:dc3bacbb08f395dddc2e62eca18935ad<br />
mule98-09-12d2t02.flac:89ad99d31f0be2dade70d79b38b33324<br />
mule98-09-12d2t03.flac:4ba7cd615adbc2954946f3dc037eb9de<br />
mule98-09-12d2t04.flac:296bf543987617d68431a74aafbb5735<br />
mule98-09-12d2t05.flac:5b700814efd3d198f3c7eef24e450488<br />
mule98-09-12d2t06.flac:ad18b3ade2173e78d1be992e5ba90431<br />
mule98-09-12d2t07.flac:a44c500d3edfc8ee90a7c6540ccb5a28<br />
mule98-09-12d2t08.flac:5185f11506d0fda627c5d4e3c7fb8594<br />
mule98-09-12d2t09.flac:aed4cad0af6ab37023bdd8a69f4c1141<br />
mule98-09-12d2t10.flac:647bb6cb0da93697da0c12379852718b<br />
<br />
TypeGovt Mule
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Added2012-11-21 11:40:54
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mule98-09-12d1.LOG2.4 kBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t01.flac32.48 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t02.flac34.98 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t03.flac51.70 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t04.flac55.14 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t05.flac32.64 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t06.flac26.88 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t07.flac50.79 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t08.flac40.78 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t09.flac64.17 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d1t10.flac38.77 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2.LOG2.4 kBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t01.flac20.55 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t02.flac32.72 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t03.flac36.46 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t04.flac12.14 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t05.flac61.11 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t06.flac60.26 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t07.flac41.59 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t08.flac71.04 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t09.flac61.41 MBN/A
mule98-09-12d2t10.flac49.52 MBN/A
mule98-09-12ffp.txt1.1 kBN/A
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_MULETAPER 2012-11-21 11:42:35
Ive never had a sbd of this show as requested, but this is the next best thing!

Thanks Freddie! (and original mule crew)

now this was fun!
renfield 2012-11-21 11:48:15
thank you !! Have you got 09-23-1998 ?...There is bruce willis on harp !! :-)
Tom_of_Mule 2012-11-21 11:52:26
More Woody !
Thank you !
_MULETAPER 2012-11-21 12:17:50
>>>Have you got 09-23-1998

Yes, I recently found 80% of my mule cd collection in storage for 10 years. Theater of the Living arts Philly PA?

yeah ive got it on an audio cd. Im working on a show 2012 for a buddy today and will upload it later.

If time permits,I will rip this tonight and see how it sounds. I will upload what I have. Its not listed in the etree data base either so it will go up. (AUD?)

Im in the process of organizing my archive again. I will always upload shows if asked,I will even upload shows for others who cant, and may have missing peices as well as, do digital transfers of ALL things MULE!

all ya got to do is ask or email etree profile: muletaper at aol dot com
_MULETAPER 2012-11-21 12:19:51
>>>>More Woody !

I will always have a woody for more woody!
_MULETAPER 2012-11-21 12:40:36
Im looking for 1994-95 sbds

I lost about 30 in a hd crash in 06,now my collection is on 2 drives.

if you have sbds please post them and Auds too
sprobeck 2012-11-21 15:51:39
Thanks a lot,
shadonoz 2012-11-21 16:11:25
>>>now my collection is on 2 drives

Words to live by, always! 2012-11-21 22:03:44
My fav all time NYC Mule shows, in order:

1. 3/5/98
2. 9/12/98
3. 3.24.99

Thanks for all the boards! I taped all these monster gigs, and it'll be cool to hear the sbds.

For those interested in olde skool mule, or newer fans, these are ALL classic gigs to snag!


Rick 2012-11-21 22:07:05
Gets my award for greatest Mule encore ever. My fav 'Suffer' too. Woody's bass solo was so good it felt like it was 3D.

06. Born Under A Bad Sign*
07. Pass The Peas**
08. Lively Up Yourself**
09. Maggot Brain**+ >
10. Cortez The Killer**

* with Danny Lewis on keyboards
** with Bernie Worrell on keyboards
+ 1st time played
LetItRollOn 2012-11-22 10:22:22
I've always got a woody for more Mule. I love mule, all years. Much appreciated!!
jek 2012-11-25 15:06:30
I was always drawn to this setlist due to the golden encore. When I listened to it, it seemed to my ears that Maggot Brain was really just a long intro to Cortez the Killer and not Maggot Brain at all. They sounded eerily similar. Maybe I need to listen again...

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