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ArtistJimmy Herring Band
Showthe Jimmy Herring Band 2012-11-17 Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
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TorrentJimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asJimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.flac16
Info hash3a81d0fa75068a40ef4e94c3505e933e473ce9bf
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Descriptionthe Jimmy Herring Band
Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall,
Buffalo State College,
Buffalo, NY


Source: Milab VM-44 Links > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 [24/48]
Config: DIN Location: Row J, Seat 108, seated head hight
Transfer: MicroSD > PC > Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0 [Normalize 0.00 dB (100.00%),
Dither (16-bit Triangular) & Resample to 44,100 Hz] > CD Wav > Flac16 (465 MB)
Recorded & Transfered by: Seth Nochajski
Photos by: Big Daddy

One Set: -91:27.71- total
01 intro 01:47.46
02 Matt's Funk 05:36.14
03 Since I've Been Loving You 11:07.00
04 Aberdeen 08:21.39
05 Duke and Cookie 06:24.17
06 Miss Poopie 07:49.15
07 band intros/Steve Bailey intro 00:57.64
08 Emerald Garden* 06:50.33
09 Rainbow 11:02.56
10 Heads Up 05:58.23
11 A Day In The Life 07:21.65
12 Bilgewater Blues 06:26.08
13 Within You Without You 11:44.66


Co-Bill with Victor Wooten Band
both bands played together later during the Encore of the Victor Wooten Band set

* = w/ Steve Bailey - Bass

Jimmy Herring - Guitar
Neal Fountain - Bass
Jeff Sipe - Drums
Matt Slocum - Keyboards

Never For Sale
please support bands & venues that allow taping by buying merch. & attending shows
TypeJimmy Herring Band
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Herring & Wooten Bands Ticket Stub 001.jpg302.9 kBN/A
Herring & Wooten Program.pdf4.59 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.flac16.ffp1.1 kBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.flac16.txt1.3 kBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t01.flac5.86 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t02.flac30.33 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t03.flac56.10 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t04.flac41.15 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t05.flac33.40 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t06.flac42.36 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t07.flac3.82 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t08.flac33.26 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t09.flac51.56 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t10.flac30.91 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t11.flac39.42 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t12.flac32.91 MBN/A
JimmyHerringBand2012-11-17.MilabVM-44Link.t13.flac56.68 MBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2343.JPG78.0 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2344.JPG88.7 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2348.JPG63.6 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2350.JPG67.0 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2351.JPG93.6 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2354.JPG79.1 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2355.JPG91.4 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2356.JPG75.8 kBN/A
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Big Daddys pics/IMG_2359.JPG70.6 kBN/A
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Big Daddys pics/IMG_2366.JPG54.3 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2368.JPG52.3 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2370.JPG72.9 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2373.JPG52.1 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2374.JPG71.2 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2376.JPG61.6 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2379.JPG83.3 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2380.JPG73.9 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2397.JPG86.9 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2399.JPG66.4 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2401.JPG50.0 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2407.JPG51.4 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2412.JPG70.7 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2414.JPG85.0 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2415.JPG76.2 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2416.JPG80.9 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2418.JPG67.1 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2422.JPG64.7 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2425.JPG84.0 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2426.JPG74.7 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2428.JPG77.5 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2429.JPG64.9 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2432.JPG84.2 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2433.JPG65.1 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2436.JPG65.3 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2437.JPG47.6 kBN/A
Big Daddys pics/IMG_2438.JPG53.2 kBN/A
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Multibeast05 2012-11-21 15:14:23
bigdaddybflo 2012-11-21 16:15:48
Nice work papa Seth ! Thanks for the clamp space. Great show, great times !
Tomahawk Kid 2012-11-21 16:38:42
Thank you - very much appreciated!
LAStubbe 2012-11-21 17:17:30
Nice job Seth. Wish I could have made this one.
bluelawn 2012-11-22 09:48:28

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