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ArtistClub d'Elf
ShowClub d'Elf.:-:. Lizard Lounge- Cambridge, MA 2012-08-17.cmc44.flac16 **d'Elf Apocalypse**
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Torrentd'Elf2012-08-17.cmc44.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionClub d'Elf
August 17th, 2012
The Lizard Lounge
Cambridge, Mass

Schoeps MK4~> KC5~> CMC4~> VMS 42(20db)~> Edirol R-05 @ 24/44.1

On-Stage 3'HIGH
Dead Effing Center
ORTF Configuration

Sound Forge 6- Patch in first :43 of set 2; 24bit~> 16Bit
CDWAVE- Track Splits
Traders Little Helper- Decode, SHNTOOL_len,FLAC lvl8
Foobar2000- Tagging

PATCH SOURCE- Earthworks TC25's > V3 analog > Busman Tmod R4

Todd Turmel newplanet7

Mister Rourke- Turntables
Mike Rivard- Bass, Sintir
Sam Gilman- Keys
Van Martin- Guitar (Right)
David Johnston- Guitar (Left)
Tommy Benedetti- Drums

01) Instar
02) Vishnu Dub
04) Dream Wanderer
05) Mogador
06) Pharoah
07) ~Intros~
09) Taint Too

01) Intro
03) Sand
04) Wish I was in Heaven
06) Shadows Shift
08) ~Intros~
09) Hungry Ghosts
Checksumsd\'Elf2012-08-17s1t01.flac:0720475a09b0f78c554feb23e6ed5f74<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t02.flac:88995a737c7b96505874c1ab6ffb28f9<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t03.flac:de9fd0833ed6288e84b6ca4e2b1ff3e9<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t04.flac:4258522f1849a3a846ba9d372110a3c5<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t05.flac:922051146d8842fefafcd3217699976d<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t06.flac:1164557022c56008b4bd15f987b55715<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t07.flac:43fb7640498a10cea7263196f4311d02<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t08.flac:20041a184657b92940ae434a0ed96777<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t09.flac:f6272dda62469ca74fd29c59ce9ed7ff<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s1t10.flac:013d4e1486e359b414422b038b33d651<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t01.flac:0f981d492c07f267f3900776a36ee341<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t02.flac:ca7941608f17c427bd8961c4b73f4126<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t03.flac:07a286c039f943b0231c63c79363044e<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t04.flac:4cb3623487990e45bcfcd4688eea2928<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t05.flac:03fd31ab1dfd9f7077d3a9ce3fbb492c<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t06.flac:3906c48b07111b998a5776faa8b7556e<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t07.flac:d6f556e2626eece2c3ccf4578ecc1d35<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t08.flac:78b55e74e214a293d9d0954b01c45207<br />
d\'Elf2012-08-17s2t09.flac:ff7464645b1bdd0e186b4a42e57ce9f1<br />
TypeClub d'Elf
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newplanet7 2012-11-21 18:27:34
Christ. Haven't seeded half of my recordings.
Here's one from this summer. Me and smokinjoe hit this up.
The show was dubbed d'Elf Apocalypse because of the mashing of a couple groups. Dub Apocalypse and Club d'Elf. Sam on keys is also from a hip band called Otis Grove.
Great stereo separation on this, hence the guitar left/right.
mmwarchives 2012-11-22 00:39:11
Thanks for the sweet d'Elf, these guys!!

I just rocked them with Medeski this past Wednesday & will have that up just as soon as possible.

RandyBayers 2012-11-22 07:40:40
I'd love to jam out to that recent set with Medeski..
RandyBayers 2012-11-22 07:41:45
Todd will you put this on LMA so I can listen at work next week?
mmwarchives 2012-11-22 09:26:58
I wonder if anyone documented last Friday's d'Elf show with Medeski at Helsinki Hudson?? Killer lineup that night!! Here's hoping....
zmanatl 2012-11-22 10:12:06
Nice work Todd! Hey Billy, Lynchie taped the Hudson show. I'll send him a message you are looking for it.He said it was sic.
mmwarchives 2012-11-22 12:32:20
Thanks, Z!! It bet it was very sick.
newplanet7 2012-11-22 17:13:43
Randy, I will put this on archive brother.
Billy, no problem and I would love to hear it my friend. Also I am betting that Eric McRoberts taped last weeks show with 21's. I'll check into it.
Thanks Z!
This recording absolutely smokes peeps.
Enjoy your Turkey day EVERYONE!!!
Pro_ject 2012-11-30 14:17:26
Thank you very much!

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