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ShowJay Gonzalez 2012-11-17 The Outer Space - Hamden, CT **4022s**
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Downloads asJay Gonzalez 11-17-2012 The Outer Space - Hamden, CT
Info hasha773677629a728bb011cbe99da97ee249524b38c
DescriptionJay Gonzalez
The Outer Space
Hamden, CT

source: DPA 4022s > V2 > SD 722
location: FOB, 30 ft back from stage
transfer: 722 > Mac Book Pro > Sound Studio > xACT

*16bit/44.1khz fileset*

recorded and transferred by Tom Huster

A Team Three Dimes Down Recording

1. Intro
2. Luisa
3. Short Leash
4. The Will
5. Turning Me On
6. Baby Tusk
7. The Other Side
8. I Urge You
9. Tension
10. Goodbye Girl**
11. Punch Of Love

** Squeeze cover

The crowd is very chatty at first but gets better as the show goes on.
Checksums01 Intro.flac:bfc3b7b34c7b874088ca2c7b7da767f7
02 Luisa.flac:315ffef7c9f17b5a32b7b10a8f32d13d
03 Short Leash.flac:e50f2cde33f6b55326c7ef29112a38da
04 The Will.flac:110522d161ed45676cdf8d6ac70fd883
05 Turning Me On.flac:54cc825fada83032cc00c93c85e650bb
06 Baby Tusk.flac:101276e01188aba8ce1bd85c3b38ebf8
07 The Other Side.flac:f263e30fa2ac25abd40490a2db675dae
08 I Urge You.flac:7e19c8b6af3b10d73163a1a3b7dd12a8
09 Tension.flac:7e403e4403b85ff114bf5652492fbf38
10 Goodbye Girl.flac:637579c447e5d4c30036e4f55a84de6f
11 Punch Of Love.flac:0c15abeaea618c0080fa1941ecc32728
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