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ArtistLeftover Salmon
ShowLeftover Salmon 1999-11-20 State Theatre, Falls Church, VA (SBD) (1st time torrented)
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TorrentLoS1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash059de05f3fb3cfaad7c1875026283b522f071e3c
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DescriptionHey all,

Apparently this show has never been torrented or on archive, so figured it's time! Only 10ppl listed on db.etree with this

1st of 2 nites to close out the fall tour, packed house this night, Bad Livers opened, lots of guests from Bad Livers/Everything/Magraw Gap
It's 1999 Leftover Salmon what else do you need to know!?!

Get a-holt on!

Leftover Salmon
1999-11-20 Saturday
State Theater, Falls Church, VA
(Sunday's 11-21 show ended fall tour)

2002 Source: Stereo SBD > ? > .shn (non-seekable)
2012: SHN > wavmerge > Audacity (reduced spikes, normalization) > CDWave > FLAC > Mp3Tag

Got these SHN's in trade I think around 2003, no text file or info rec'd with shns, 'date modified' shows 5-8-2002 and 5-9-2002

Bad Livers opened

01. Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
02. Jokester
03. Wild Bill Jones
04. Dance on Your Head
05. Muddy Water Home
06. Rabbit in a Log
07. Breakin' Thru
08. High Five
09. It's Your World
10. Let's Have a Party #$
11. Las Vegas $
12. Mama Boulet %^
13. The Other Side
14. Can't You Hear me Calling &*+
15. Riding on the L&N &*+
16. From the Bottle to the Needle &*+
17. Ask the Fish * (incl. Wa Chenzo, Walt Whitman in Chinese)
18. Nobody's Fault But Mine
19. Carnival Time %
20. This is the Time
21. The Boogie
22. Live it High (w/crowd members on banjo,tuba)
23. Euphoria #+
24. Rocky Road Blues > Nobody's Business > Freeborn Man > Friends of Mine #
25. Cheesefrogs

Total time 150:47

Vince Herman - guitar, washboard, vocals
Drew Emmitt - mando, fiddle, guitar, vocals
Mark Vann - banjo, vocals
Tye North - bass, vocals
Jeff Sipe - drums

# with Mark Rubin - tuba
$ with Danny Barnes - banjo
% with Nate Brown - drums
^ with Chuck ? - drums
& with Danny Knicely - mandolin
* with Dr. John Flower - vocals
+ with Buddy Wolf - gtr, banjo

Buy the official releases and merchandise and go see 'em live!

Checksums6c183081b0239551bfd05205ca87e1a9 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t01.flac
52ab82e5f7a6a0f677c8ea832f27899a *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t02.flac
4fbae91ee2d3bda4b3472d8210120538 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t03.flac
9c06c3738932abae7e5f031b7b06a81e *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t04.flac
24aaed4fc257baecd66f55e63766c148 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t05.flac
fcee30a8c2d08b21e51b717436733768 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t06.flac
c88b183fa7ed7fadc71c8cfd2672c8eb *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t07.flac
bc23bae94c5ab733056eb737f3cf7348 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t08.flac
bbc2537f39a69dd5efb43a938c0408d1 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t09.flac
ca08c9920091f148120cf818f640a20a *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t10.flac
f36a2bd20951b694b6f525052862c815 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t11.flac
cf2fe5502d21d3c44bc20cdab00e1994 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t12.flac
aab58c2052a0f524bea9a5412d7b7a83 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t13.flac
c4ddd990df1a1a46f88eb8d9c6f707f7 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t14.flac
6d73b651d9a7be1a3de518abb11d9533 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t15.flac
73f34750e03f00b63af4826019c68df3 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t16.flac
e5abb817c4da080996b8df7cd080025b *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t17.flac
bf8fcf62a16391ba011530f26ccd79a7 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t18.flac
4028d7163bb40b93ed873c08cdb049fc *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t19.flac
5af34ddad15738617055ae85ec68be43 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t20.flac
40f961d7936bdc26fa6eb4600f2d596d *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t21.flac
37451632a762987b6c4bb5d1d20ff148 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t22.flac
6e39d3ccdc7d4e8389d4780dfec7cd60 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t23.flac
5a21a4a6eca10456304a9f0a36a86827 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t24.flac
e447febd9ee0ca9688807f188d2f09c9 *los1999-11-20.SBD.FallsChurch,VA.t25.flac
TypeLeftover Salmon
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kinfolkiana 2012-11-22 01:45:10
Wow! Thanks!
teamdrink 2012-11-22 08:35:38
LetItRollOn 2012-11-22 10:19:14
Thank you!
buckaroobonzai 2012-11-22 16:05:26
Thank you very much
chocobot 2012-11-22 19:23:26
thank you.

seeing them tomorrow night @ the theater in boulder.
montanamon 2012-11-23 19:05:56
Thanks a bunch :)
myoosicisthebest 2012-11-27 12:14:49
This is on the LMA as well now:

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