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Showphish 1995-10-29 louisville gardens, louisville, ky **upgrade to shnid86812**
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Torrentph1995-10-29 akg461.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash23e2b5de8286974749feb47deb4859ca8619afaa
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lousiville gardens
louisville, ky

Set 1:
01- Buried Alive >
02- Poor Heart >
03- Julius
04- Punch You In the Eye >
05- Cars Trucks Buses >
06- The Horse >
07- Silent in the Morning
08- Split Open and Melt
09- NICU >
10- Gumbo
11- Slave to the Traffic Light
12- Sweet Adeline

Set 2:
01- Makisupa Policeman >
02- David Bowie
03- The Mango Song >
04- It's Ice >
05- Kung >
06- It's Ice >
07- Shaggy Dog >
08- Possum[1]
09- Lifeboy
10- Amazing Grace

11- Funky Bitch

[1] Beat It teases.

Notes: Beat It was teased prior to the start of the first set and in Possum. Shaggy Dog was performed for the first time since May 6, 1992 (359 shows).

setlist info courtesy of

source: akg460b/ck61>b18>denon dtr80p ots by chad clark and JK
transfer: DATmaster/sony pcm-r500>marantz pmd661>audiogate(16/44.1)>cdwave>tlh by john m 2012-11-22

*upgrade to shnid86812*
Checksumsph1995-10-29 akg461s1t01.flac:1781e3ad85fba8359819795309986914
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t02.flac:b71f77625cc63106b345204cf92d821c
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t03.flac:404ccb978913f7a69590976d49a91157
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t04.flac:b4f307ff0f69bcce60c7e84ea3529937
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t05.flac:b8dd67da505402882d393b0a5f0e01e1
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t06.flac:c8e471e00ae56fa92eee28d9717c2935
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t07.flac:ccb2f63e1672d717f4e915827d1dd9ab
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t08.flac:85a49ce62a0a5e5af3236fee13c820b9
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t09.flac:9d75572ae01d50389fd34708b30aaa54
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t10.flac:aa9588f4258dd57d5ec8571b9fe55d59
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t11.flac:1f78d546f7bb69d119049658a3a95a4d
ph1995-10-29 akg461s1t12.flac:8c9ecf442ad7ec36f5fc2965fe3cbcf9
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t01.flac:d85ffc1f75a457cbef9a3cf940d25263
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t02.flac:6f3e8e8f5f3eb5f70be8cd5616e1768e
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t03.flac:4c7597eecb3094597d3b9a03b04c6841
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t04.flac:3539b70c711d5525c6b0f61ed0b28667
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t05.flac:026d3bb6cc5b556ec5ed6230ca206dfc
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t06.flac:0cccee4da577ed69a6e0731b1c8a62c6
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t07.flac:71221ddfc1b3b0cd2dabbd70248fefd6
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t08.flac:75058259ff8540581e955aa4aeb6f801
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t09.flac:f9c9c106faed7544aec0529cc5916aa2
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t10.flac:f288ea73eeaa3e441a67825ec4afc0ae
ph1995-10-29 akg461s2t11.flac:6d79d907acef80015349baf37bbd34f3
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Added2012-11-23 15:30:03
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LAStubbe 2012-11-23 18:14:14
Sick sick show. Wish I made the drive down from Auburn Hills the night before. Michael Jackson was all the rumor for Halloween on tour. Thanks a lot.
deadatty 2012-11-23 22:44:03
Thanks, happy holidays.
sprobeck 2012-11-24 17:26:51
Thanks for the upgrade!
jasonsobel 2012-11-25 15:34:20
I just added this to the etree database:


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