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ShowGreenSky Bluegrass 2012-11-21 Park West Chicago,IL
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TorrentGSBG2012-11-21_flac.16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asGSBG2012-11-21_flac.16
Info hashe014689f01e38ecc9f43ae505eda5cdfb724684f
DescriptionStrange Sky
Park West
Chicago, Il

Source : Neumann ak40(din)>LC3>KM100>OadeM248>AD2K+ak50(dina)>LC3>KM100>V2>Tascam DR-680
Transfer: SD card>samplitude Se No.9>CD Wave editor>TLH
Location :FOB/DFC/FOC 30' FS/8'high
Taped and seeded by: Craig Hanger

Chicago Farmer
Strange Arrangement

01. Leap year
02. 200 miles from montana
03. Cry holy unto the lord
04. Demons
05. All Four
06. Second that emotion
07. Just to lie>
08. Bottle dry>
09. Eat my dust
10. Working on a building
11. Jaywalking
12. Light up or leave me alone
13. I'd probably kill you *
14. Don't lie *
15. Encore Break
16. Money for nothing

*w/ Joe Hettinga from Stange Arrangement
Checksumsd6c607c1d4016ca4b50f983a8d6111ab *GSBG2012-11-21_t01.flac<br />
52affbaf54be0e53f2f9d1033a659e21 *GSBG2012-11-21_t02.flac<br />
37462299a755a1ea3a0b7d503e786ed8 *GSBG2012-11-21_t03.flac<br />
9391cf080e3a60f6b4cf3f6d855916cd *GSBG2012-11-21_t04.flac<br />
08579a05ed053bca84db971f73f3c778 *GSBG2012-11-21_t05.flac<br />
9d3b1964fe0bfdec1be7d309dfed5715 *GSBG2012-11-21_t06.flac<br />
7fd168f816415e5615180a0716b489b1 *GSBG2012-11-21_t07.flac<br />
1221901b294e4ef003c91cb036ce8dea *GSBG2012-11-21_t08.flac<br />
2c632757edcfdc14d7893ac3128c4d84 *GSBG2012-11-21_t09.flac<br />
c9450b55e0d298669bd72b02e34fa9bf *GSBG2012-11-21_t10.flac<br />
9d49bf1723923a4125f3ec6848237668 *GSBG2012-11-21_t11.flac<br />
a5419c1dabbccb18f677985ef7b394b7 *GSBG2012-11-21_t12.flac<br />
d25afacad0ae9d429ea061114a7f67a4 *GSBG2012-11-21_t13.flac<br />
7cac48370534970d3717ea50eaf141f0 *GSBG2012-11-21_t14.flac<br />
95851fafb5123732803d4b76ab3a3295 *GSBG2012-11-21_t15.flac<br />
24270e5648fbaab718e9bee35a2b737b *GSBG2012-11-21_t16.flac<br />
Last seederLast activity 315 days, 22:59:41 ago
Size582.99 MB (611311965 Bytes)
Added2012-11-23 15:41:25
Snatched52 times
Upped bysn8hndlr
Num files18 files
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GSBG2012-11-21_flac.16.md5944 BN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t01.flac35.83 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t02.flac32.61 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t03.flac17.56 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t04.flac36.54 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t05.flac82.00 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t06.flac36.87 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t07.flac20.74 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t08.flac26.66 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t09.flac43.13 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t10.flac28.92 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t11.flac27.00 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t12.flac45.98 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t13.flac23.16 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t14.flac84.33 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t15.flac12.63 MBN/A
GSBG2012-11-21_t16.flac29.03 MBN/A
text.txt719 BN/A
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sn8hndlr 2012-11-23 16:01:10
Go Team Chicken!!!!!!
zmanatl 2012-11-23 17:13:20
Nice work Craig!
rockymtnryan 2012-11-23 17:50:02
Thanks Craig! Looks like a good set. Really like the new tune Leap Year.

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