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Torrentjg83-03-12.017147.jgb.late.nak.jjoops.sbeok.shnf.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asjg83-03-12.017147.jgb.late.nak.jjoops.sbeok.shnf
Info hashd0ca30bb83fcb02eb45443446741917356fb3ebd
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DescriptionJerry Garcia Band
Beverly Theater
Beverly Hills, CA
3/12/83 Late Show

MAC ("Tapers from Hell", Nakamichi CM-300 mics (hand-held in
X-Y pattern, 15th row left of center] > Sony D5 [Dolby B,
Maxell XLIIS "chrome"]) > Sony TC-D5M playback > Canare custom (shielded) cable > Tascam DA-20mkII DAT 48khz master DAT >
Tascam DA-20mkII DAT playback > Marigo Audio Lab Apparition
Reference Coaxial / RCA cable > Tascam 700 CDRW master CD >
Marantz CDR 550 Dual Well Recorder CD clone (DAO, 1x) > CD
clone (no details) > HP 9350i extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4) >
sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > .shn encoding
(mkwACT v0.97 beta 1). A > CD by Mike French (all digital
devices powered via Vans Evers "Clean Lines" Reference AC power
filtration unit), EAC > SHN by Joe Jupille (jjoops AT attbi
DOT com).

Disc One (4) 38:05
--Set I--
01. ... Harder They Come [#11:12] [0:08]
02. Mission in the Rain [8:50] [0:08]
03. Valerie [7:21] [0:02]
04. Catfish John [10:15] [0:07]

Disc Two (4) 43:46
--Set II--
01. //Sugaree [#11:48] [0:10]
02. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [8:48] ->
03. Dear Prudence [12:55] ->
04. Tangled Up in Blue/ [10:04#]

- d1t01 HTC fades in, not much missing
- d1t01 HTC levels drop @ 1:29, reducing the touch of overload
to that point, some level fluctuations through first two mins.
- d1t02 Mission R-channel briefly out @ 0:53-0:56
- d1t01 Sugaree cuts in, not much missing
- d1t01 Sugaree anomaly (probably analog) @ 0:25

Thanks to Jeff Darr for the discs!

A MisSHN in the Rain Installment of the Music Never Stopped Project.
Checksums008f930bcb69a28185a912188f062b26 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d1t01.shn
36e4b3f031ba6e9508a83ad9ce22eb71 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d1t02.shn
a2e2ec5f3da572ef01967d113ab2bea8 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d1t03.shn
6eeec0e794b4b099ec49550f02d0a850 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d1t04.shn
9904ac06153f185972b365a1257a1ffa [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d2t01.shn
008283db5b8a5cbf4c64bb8d9db382c8 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d2t02.shn
476bb1182eb2d94dcb60b8c1c96374e7 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d2t03.shn
ca771da1fdbb146a1a30da747da90245 [shntool] jgb1983-03-12b-d2t04.shn
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Added2012-11-24 07:27:25
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SpiralLightofVenus 2012-11-24 07:34:55
This was a requested reseed and was originally a part of [ ] .

Before seeding I also searched this shnid in etree to find the original seed of the show by itself and not a part of a larger group. I did not find this shnid by itself which surprised me. If anyone can correct me, please do and, if you would, kindly provide the link to the original/other seed.

Thank you and enjoy.

(~}:-) SLOV

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