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ShowFrank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Band Nov. 9, 2012 -late - Brooksville, FL
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Info hash2ee117b290ec71c5e45ff15c7259ac14ac06b0f6
DescriptionFrank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Band

Sertoma Youth Ranch
Blue Sky Stage
November 9, 2012
late set

sbd (dual mono matrix) > oade custom monster XLR cables > Apogee Mini-me (24/96) > sony pcm m-1 @ 16-bit/44.1kHz (Kevin Preuss)
pcm-m1 > sony soundforge > cd wave > flac (KP)

01. intro...
02. instr.?
03. Somebody's Missing You
04. Good Morning Country Rain
05. On the Edge of Letting Go
06. band intros/tuning
07. instr.?
08. more intros/tuning
09. Wild Unknown
10. Is That So
11. July You're a Woman
12. Wrote Me a Letter
13. encore call
14. Line-drive

sound by Mojoe
Checksumsffp<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss01.flac:3728f3681720a215e03058fe33b1c69f<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss02.flac:74abcee4f9bc04b9c9efd7d4631e067d<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss03.flac:e20313c83d7060d4905a2d03b14c5818<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss04.flac:84aea167901550f26cd90deecee37e0e<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss05.flac:87abd5fb6c5174b2d7ca223361bfd7f8<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss06.flac:f9e63730438cbdb270571c5c9da70678<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss07.flac:2c6db79181637cb4c3a9292c69ff40b9<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss08.flac:fac3e61b2853c4f9819aa152e7fa94d0<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss09.flac:dccb2296593a683d7457c71d56764224<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss10.flac:7ab4501887a99e11a605f8e95e07dcb4<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss11.flac:ace060779e2c6d19a912c3d01fbfc949<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss12.flac:e1c0410017a20d6ae2b7fbbd40241376<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss13.flac:74f200e61509450b33b40ebb2f4c04d5<br />
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss14.flac:e2ccbca99c744b43121dee1a6fb0b602<br />
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fs+dkb2012-11-09bss04.flac21.70 MBN/A
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fs+dkb2012-11-09bss12.flac16.85 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss05.flac14.65 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss07.flac11.83 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss02.flac11.70 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss03.flac10.84 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss13.flac6.45 MBN/A
fs+dkb2012-11-09bss06.flac6.07 MBN/A
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Freeborn_Man 2012-11-24 10:49:46
Here's the diamond in the rough I discovered at this festival. (others have obviously found this band already... as is eveidenced by the IBMA and grammy nominations of those in the band).
I cut my teeth on the likes of Bill Monroe Ralph stanley, osborne brothers, jim and jesse and then on the progressive side country gentelemen and my favorite bluegrass band, the Seldom Scene and Newgrass Rivival. Not since seeing Nashville Bluegrass band, Alison Krauss and union station have i heard/seen bluegrass music played like this. I believe this to be the best thing to come along in bluegrass in more than 20 years!!!
So if I get in trouble over this one, it will be worth it to have spread the gospel of Frank's band. They stole the show. after his set I just unplugged before the last set and went back to the campfire to let it soak in.
they are all virtuoso level musician, rare to see in a band.
the 22-yr young guitr player ripped out a Tony Rice tune from Devlin that displayed incredible skills on his martin, and Frank on fiddle. Mike's banjo is remniscent of old school Bela with a blend of Bill emerson, JD and Earl.
enjoy the shit outta this one!
jbrid 2012-11-25 07:50:15
Many thanks!

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