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ArtistMike Mizwinski
ShowMike Mizwinski (MiZ) - The Living Room @ The Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA 2012-11-23 Multitrack
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Torrentmikemiz2012-11-23.multitrack.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashbcaf0a4713fbe6dfeff0acdd3c27f172344c9369
DescriptionMike Mizwinski
The Living Room @ The Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA
November 23, 2012

Part of Railroad Earth's Horn of Plenty Weekend
This was the Pre-RRE Solo acoustic show, Full MiZ band played the after party at Sarah Street Grill

Mike Mizwinski - Guitar/Vocals

Neumann KMS105 (Vocals) + Direct line out of guitar DI) + Schoeps MK21's(clamped to Mike's vocal stand)>Schoeps KCY250/05I>Schoeps VST62iu>Grace Design Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744t
SD744t>Nuendo 4 (mix)>Sound Forge Pro 10 (fades,iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>FLAC>CDWAV>Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)


01 Pen Y Bryn Road
02 Snowflakes
03 Hymnalaya
04 It Ain't Me, Babe
05 Staring Into The Sun
06 Oh My Sweet Carolina
07 Indian Arrows
08 Durangs Hornpipe
09 Crazy Fingers
10 Brokedown Palace
Checksumsmikemiz2012-11-23t01.flac:39afc606471f81a7f39c013cfad1c844<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t02.flac:bfae503f79453f038c5b6acfcc8c5c04<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t03.flac:92c4650a6a2ee5a944a10dc81d3f3159<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t04.flac:a56358fa0fdcec0b242b0257a127f922<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t05.flac:7311e4a22854847baeb7009926762087<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t06.flac:61af5428eb65f2a0b7d13ae9cbdbf6d9<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t07.flac:86ec8f833ba7d09d0f4d4ad8500fc57d<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t08.flac:66ad01d75e4fa03537d9329d83720bcb<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t09.flac:0833455b409c68452e8469cd8eebe35b<br />
mikemiz2012-11-23t10.flac:4ee76fcd2fec3e32fe73b7902f601797<br />
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