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ArtistPatterson Hood and Friends
ShowPatterson Hood - The Working Mans Club Dublin 18 November 2012
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TorrentPHood2012-11-18.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash3a8f42f9b4306f5cd70e5fc8b524ac23d8daabc0
DescriptionPatterson Hood(Solo)
The Workman's Club
Wellington Quay
18 November 2012

Taped & Transferred by kagee1

CA14s(cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR>Adobe Audtion>cdwave>tlh(flac 8)>you
DFC - about 5 metres from the stage

01 Intro - Tuning
02 Depression Era
03 Banter - Intro to Leaving Time
04 Leaving Time
05 Better Off without
06 Don't Be In Love Around Me
07 Banter - Intro to 12.01
08 12:01
09 Pollyana
10 Banter - Intro to Girls who Smoke
11 Girls Who Smoke
12 Heathens
13 The Night G G Allin Came To Town
14 Uncle Disney
15 Banter - Intro the Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
16 Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance
17 Banter- Intro to Come Back Little Star
18 Come Back Little Star
19 Banter - Intro to Better Than the Truth
20 Better Than The Truth
21 15 Days
22 Encore Break
23 Banter - Intro to Ronnie & Neil
24 Ronnie & Neil
25 Sink Hole
26 Banter - Intro to Nine Bullets
27 Nine Bullets
Checksumse7e59a57b430fe5415b2be0d95406955 *PHood2012-11-18.tr01.flac
fbbe1ee2164fbe02b58dee69bce0a547 *PHood2012-11-18.tr02.flac
29b286c6367bc6ed86c9eb01d792acc8 *PHood2012-11-18.tr03.flac
e71645ae40033d970e0021b8b201e510 *PHood2012-11-18.tr04.flac
b6b40c86cba6649d35095545f5988a29 *PHood2012-11-18.tr05.flac
c42975597402b3b7db32d31c3cc98ef7 *PHood2012-11-18.tr06.flac
ddd3b0590950c19d80f644b82701ea33 *PHood2012-11-18.tr07.flac
b77626a44c0cc44e787d75d1c9347e85 *PHood2012-11-18.tr08.flac
38b85e6c13c5863e46a0ed4a0a42b3f8 *PHood2012-11-18.tr09.flac
eaf106f81b7e3cc0a7dac300723406bd *PHood2012-11-18.tr10.flac
2cde6cd5932e79b8caf7abd415b8cb9e *PHood2012-11-18.tr11.flac
979e2fd917936438c408961834076bd9 *PHood2012-11-18.tr12.flac
8219248fd0630c77656aefa599627a08 *PHood2012-11-18.tr13.flac
fcc288e5d91905a66b47e541f1ba0528 *PHood2012-11-18.tr14.flac
691776cd8987a8b8b96ed4b71e572c8d *PHood2012-11-18.tr15.flac
c007c672f4e77949705ab3f07bcf0e01 *PHood2012-11-18.tr16.flac
94c6ae56dfcb4b596bd68197bf5363a0 *PHood2012-11-18.tr17.flac
07e833a20853d51f60bc8319fd85419f *PHood2012-11-18.tr18.flac
2b933697a410b011bf4829f00ea766fd *PHood2012-11-18.tr19.flac
9431c5f348b6ffc05fff4296f946c5a7 *PHood2012-11-18.tr20.flac
8442228e496a7dfa3364146e04ce9b21 *PHood2012-11-18.tr21.flac
5558f34329eaf15a802f6be2096a6a53 *PHood2012-11-18.tr22.flac
f7e06c85bdb786e57cffb234dd9b4a67 *PHood2012-11-18.tr23.flac
9cc00dae95b84c9d0391fe0479ac0e19 *PHood2012-11-18.tr24.flac
67f892f0a8de10f781da94a1e6c94c4d *PHood2012-11-18.tr25.flac
de32616ed08a6a1c5c664f9f8394ffd7 *PHood2012-11-18.tr26.flac
928a7d5db7cb03ebac38760dc2ceef88 *PHood2012-11-18.tr27.flac

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