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Info hashf537951866e29e8ca0ac93cd76672057440b3f31
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DescriptionJerry Garcia Band
Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, CA


Disc 1: Set 1:
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
Catfish John
That's What Love Will Make You Do
Valerie >
Run For The Roses

Disc 2: Set 2:
Mission In The Rain
The Harder They Come
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Dear Prudence >
Tan//gled Up In Blue

Splice in Tangled Up in Blue.

Crispty crunchy!

Conversion Notes:
DAE (EAC: High, Secure, Offset Corrected) all track quality 100%
Show recut with CDWav.
All sector boundaries verified using SHNTOOL.
SHN(seekable) using mkwACT0.97 via eD - 11/05/02

Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!
Checksums4481f654a966b4c9d925b6b5f0161d1a *jgb83-03-05d1t01.shn
b831c4be87be1a3ec49f1e3c1b1a71ab *jgb83-03-05d1t02.shn
c5587ae199fdf9abb82fd0efee706f63 *jgb83-03-05d1t03.shn
5f73313f9cae53f39966b07b2d4b9c9a *jgb83-03-05d1t04.shn
89ab425788efb56fa0eca02f2befdbe8 *jgb83-03-05d1t05.shn
1e1590bb5bbf23f3899f884370d87bb3 *jgb83-03-05d2t01.shn
3a7367e5b1a562c98a5cc8e2a25a4d37 *jgb83-03-05d2t02.shn
fa08c08086bb3dd56797d5b5f089754e *jgb83-03-05d2t03.shn
b90c39094b9f80abf735cb9c17a91bfd *jgb83-03-05d2t04.shn
b8614d9be511edea34e91d2a407d1dc6 *jgb83-03-05d2t05.shn
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Size725.51 MB (760751548 Bytes)
Added2012-11-25 07:56:47
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Upped bySpiralLightofVenus
Num files16 files
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Garcia1983-03-05.12925-all.md5560 BN/A
Garcia1983-03-05.12925.txt693 BN/A
jgb83-03-05.md5560 BN/A
jgb83-03-05.txt693 BN/A
jgb83-03-05d1t01.shn55.24 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d1t02.shn66.62 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d1t03.shn77.66 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d1t04.shn61.48 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d1t05.shn42.72 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d2t01.shn83.09 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d2t02.shn95.47 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d2t03.shn62.80 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d2t04.shn93.46 MBN/A
jgb83-03-05d2t05.shn86.98 MBN/A
shntool.txt887 BN/A
shntool_res.txt853 BN/A
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SpiralLightofVenus 2012-11-25 07:58:29
This was a requested reseed. Prior to seeding I searched etree for previous seeds and I found two that had no seeders:

(~}:-) SLOV

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