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Info hashd94eb34561438b4b0452ac70815990343cdf652e
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DescriptionJerry Garcia Band
Rainbow Theater
Denver, CO

Source: MAC(Sennheiser K-403>D5)>CDR>SHN.
Taper: unknown.

(Admin note: David White taped this show with these mics, but whether this is from his master remains TBD.)

Disc 1 - Early show, one set
1. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
2. Catfish John
3. Valerie
4. Let It Rock
5. Love In The Afternoon//(tape flip)
6. Love In The Afternoon cont.
7. Run For The Roses
8. Deal

Disc 2 - Late show, first set
1. I'll Take A Melody
2. The Harder They Come
3. They Love Each Other
4. Mississippi Moon
5. Tangled Up In Blue

Disc 3 - Late show, second set
1. Mission In The Rain
2. Run For The Roses
3. Dear Prudence
4. Midnight Moonlight


Shn transfer eac>mkw>shn by 2/23/03
Checksums9f4ce3de9cd661f20d227491462b301a *jgb83-05-20a_d1t01.shn
1f6ae9131b63ba609cae420d455ffb06 *jgb83-05-20a_d1t02.shn
84c9656e30088b603cdb1e034041621d *jgb83-05-20a_d1t03.shn
3e8fac81a0c3cbc237e24167beb18634 *jgb83-05-20a_d1t04.shn
d354a1284e9cbe30e440b63b5fa92b06 *jgb83-05-20a_d1t05.shn
043dd9df65fc8c1b1effd45e1d9ddf21 *jgb83-05-20a_d1t06.shn
59a96d77c3f32f5d357697f9ce67382d *jgb83-05-20a_d1t07.shn
8e2015ceda978a0d19de508d64b4742b *jgb83-05-20a_d1t08.shn
c494593902446cb37fd6ffde410f3689 *jgb83-05-20b_d1t01.shn
bf91f6f2ebaed23d12c1a04eeee5d1e4 *jgb83-05-20b_d1t02.shn
4447d78cd33f95dc146ed68ba80baa6a *jgb83-05-20b_d1t03.shn
9ccc1baf92e066400bf153c048fb2559 *jgb83-05-20b_d1t04.shn
c3704807ac63ea8e741f7f2f0dbdb47f *jgb83-05-20b_d1t05.shn
364ca2a720767a9eccf47b0d866a9a70 *jgb83-05-20b_d2t01.shn
896e84141a169b63c98fae373b4efcdd *jgb83-05-20b_d2t02.shn
fdc6dc94c586bf64c49f622b07e5fee1 *jgb83-05-20b_d2t03.shn
e11dd276e8b5536d57b6840a54486916 *jgb83-05-20b_d2t04.shn
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Added2012-11-25 22:03:00
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SpiralLightofVenus 2012-11-25 22:05:17
This was a requested reseed. Prior to seeding I searched etree for previous seeds and I found one that had no seeders:

Should anyone know of an/other seed/s out there please share. Thanks to all involved in making, taping, preparing and sharing this wonderful music.

(~}:-) SLOV
1in10,000 2012-11-26 00:36:20
My contribution to this recording is that I was in the audience adding to the vibe. You're welcome.

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