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ArtistNorth Mississippi Allstars
ShowNorth Mississippi Allstars 11-23-12 Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
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DescriptionNorth Mississippi Allstars
Minglewood Hall
Memphis, TN

Source: Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2
Transfer: HD-P2>Audacity>CDWave>Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and seeded by Tim DiScenza

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Shake 'Em On Down
03. Shimmy She Wobble >
04. My Babe * >
05. Station Blues
06. Shake ** >
07. Take Yo Time, Rodney **
08. Let It Roll
09. Back Back Train >
10. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
11. Psychedelic Sex Machine ***
12. So Much Trouble ****
13. Up Over Yonder
14. The Meeting
15. Hear My Train A Comin' jam # >
16. Snake Drive #

Disc 2

01. I Need Your Love So Bad ## >
02. All Night Long ##@


03. Memphis Blues ###
04. Goin' Home ####
05. Stayed Out All Night (Let Me In) @@
06. Young Woman With Old Fashioned Ways @@@
07. Lord, Have Mercy On Me >
08. Ship >
09. Circle @@@@
10. Po' Black Maddie >
11. Skinny Woman
12. Ho Down +
13. Rollin' & Tumblin'


14. Bad Bad Pain ++
15. Jumper On The Line +++

Line-up: Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson, Lightnin' Malcolm, Chantell and Cherise (backing vocals for the main set)

- Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory opened.
- Lightnin' Malcolm on bass, unless otherwise noted
- Stud is T-Model Ford's grandson
- Luther teased "Crazy 'Bout You" during the "Shake 'Em" intro, and teased "Goin' Down South" during the "Memphis Blues" intro
* - Luther on bass drum
** - Lightnin' Malcolm on guitar
*** - Luther on drums, Cody on washboard
**** - Alvin Youngblood Hart on guitar, Lightnin' Malcolm on guitar, Stud on drums, Cody on bass
# - Garry Burnside on bass, Lightnin' Malcolm on guitar
## - Duwayne Burnside on guitar/vocals, Garry on bass, Lightnin' Malcolm on guitar
### - Luther solo
#### - Cody on guitar; Luther and Cody only
@ - Luther and Lightnin' Malcolm swap out on bass drum
@@ - Cody on guitar, Stud on drums; Cody and Stud only
@@@ - Lightnin' Malcolm on guitar, Cody on bass, Stud on drums
@@@@ - Cody on bass, Lightnin' Malcolm on drums
+ - Cody on washboard
++ - Duwayne on guitar/vocals, Stud on bass drum, Alvin Youngblood Hart on guitar, Garry on bass, guest sax player; without Lightnin' Malcolm
+++ - Duwayne on guitar, Stud on bass drum, Alvin Youngblood Hart on guitar, Garry on guitar, Luther on bass, guest sax player, Lightnin' Malcolm on drums/vocals, Cody on washboard

-- Thanks to Brad Foster for help with the setlist.
Checksums67d797d48612ddc9059df839eb140450 *NMAS11-23-12d1t01.flac
118783abc5c43469795c24f67358c4ee *NMAS11-23-12d1t02.flac
ff81acc868b7aeee6da7ac114285950c *NMAS11-23-12d1t03.flac
d88852d81f20f0688d8e96c967350d37 *NMAS11-23-12d1t04.flac
2dec099838e8dd8ed7297aaa79638dcd *NMAS11-23-12d1t05.flac
0e5d9a41ab2c87667d39767b406593e4 *NMAS11-23-12d1t06.flac
b75991de4b9f16b861e493d49ea576e2 *NMAS11-23-12d1t07.flac
3a2ae6da507208bac18ff8f7d6647ef1 *NMAS11-23-12d1t08.flac
4681cf05f1d834ea5097ba5e34e1e8ba *NMAS11-23-12d1t09.flac
f578c9c55bfe1b96408be0e39395d55a *NMAS11-23-12d1t10.flac
8c8dc08de7b857d7caa71db73e784a38 *NMAS11-23-12d1t11.flac
5f7fe19b183d9cf370cdff8c019f42b4 *NMAS11-23-12d1t12.flac
16cc821783da3d168c5e0950bb5714e7 *NMAS11-23-12d1t13.flac
3cf93fdb5f0827370a3d7c5f83f085df *NMAS11-23-12d1t14.flac
d206c45c3745182d1861ba52264d1b33 *NMAS11-23-12d1t15.flac
bd08e0e5de78d7c8be7966a794b3de89 *NMAS11-23-12d1t16.flac
c631887ba4d19dd7cf37d7ec3529b5b2 *NMAS11-23-12d2t01.flac
72438f979929dd675d6f7f419e07c6bc *NMAS11-23-12d2t02.flac
6b8e342b0b494cb89bc56e924e3f60bf *NMAS11-23-12d2t03.flac
61b3cd3c3877757e3e37fa83a539805f *NMAS11-23-12d2t04.flac
22d8b9b02bac6cdcffdf55ad84fc6e1c *NMAS11-23-12d2t05.flac
c8b1a19c2395f781e45bce7362baa1f1 *NMAS11-23-12d2t06.flac
ac9d35c185d0f95e72f056bfbce3d891 *NMAS11-23-12d2t07.flac
c9671633d4353bf84655eb29c5aea80d *NMAS11-23-12d2t08.flac
5f540d1c71636a0f041fcc53a122353d *NMAS11-23-12d2t09.flac
a6485170979f63207f7f393c994a633b *NMAS11-23-12d2t10.flac
098735870540758cff3f712af0dfd503 *NMAS11-23-12d2t11.flac
7ad988b5dcd2e28d34956524752b8ddc *NMAS11-23-12d2t12.flac
ba546db9c508dd2b86fd979c6b36c5e2 *NMAS11-23-12d2t13.flac
13c04a1644a8fb6e4c27a854f79fd418 *NMAS11-23-12d2t14.flac
f03b474f7202475d19541ec008388b75 *NMAS11-23-12d2t15.flac
TypeNorth Mississippi Allstars
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loganshuffle 2012-11-26 20:38:05
awesome, thanks Tim
vanark 2012-11-26 20:48:58
Way to go, Tim! Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing.
zmanatl 2012-11-26 22:05:59
Great job Tim D!
discopanic1 2012-11-26 22:46:37
Good to see you again. Hope to make the trip again real soon!
stopgo1970 2012-11-26 22:57:07
Make sure you bring Brad so we can poach his setlist again.
vanark 2012-12-01 19:18:08
Uploaded to the LMA. Thanks, Tim.

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