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ArtistRobert Walter's 20th Congress
ShowRobert Walters 20th Congress Velvet Lounge Wash DC 10-18-2000 AMS Onstage *Audiophile*
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Torrentrwtc2000-10-18.ambisonic.onstage.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionRobert Walter's 20th Congress
Velvet Lounge
Washington, DC 10-18-2000

Source: AMS Ambisonic mic onstage 3'high in a dual figure 8 pattern (aka Blumlein Pair)>

AMS box> Lunatec V2 preamp> Sony SBM-1> Sony D7 DAT> 16/44 master

Transfer and Assembly: DAT master> Sony PCM R500 DAT deck> spdif out> MTII 16/44 wav

AA3 for fades and edits, CDWav for tracks, tlh for flac7, foobar for tags


1st set

1) intro
3) Shemp

2nd set

1) intro
3) Good Times


- No other eq, normalization or editing done

- Recorded by Ron Keyser with his AMS/V2 rig and Mike Schuncke (patcher SBM1/D7)

- Transferred and assembled by Mike Schuncke 11/12

- Some real major props go out here to Ron for bringing his equipment and expertise to this show.

Put some good headphones on and hear Cochemea swing his sax around.
Checksumsrwtc2000-10-18 d1t01.flac:d287ba530cfad3a55c3c248a5a49980e
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t02.flac:90eb2c6f5c64edf54575d278000f12a3
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t03.flac:0954c2ee83949f1f2369287e7392f44f
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t04.flac:41695d247e3827b0481ad32c01d7c183
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t05.flac:d5d7b47abdb2ce8b3eebdb19b0910b16
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t06.flac:ed0521669c7d22b7a99116c9952f5e61
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t07.flac:2014a9f79b65c237f4de75c0e88ff381
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t08.flac:9952aa7b2027cfe223c21df47534f249
rwtc2000-10-18 d1t09.flac:5f6a89208c637518faa72a41cfba5739
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t01.flac:cfd76f28154b885794dbc4ab00bb5f25
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t02.flac:006720033c3ffeaa74de11f115f46433
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t03.flac:51a95a0a8bae2290ee1af0e08b2793fd
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t04.flac:5ff75e3d99c56802f70756e3659fd9c0
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t05.flac:b92cabefd7c3a2303a12f70400b0da5a
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t06.flac:9f547fdba4c98f3a485a962a231b9f62
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t07.flac:9e8c4346b21b8ea201e11f683777db85
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t08.flac:e0b00eb6759a6f919193ebab2b1dfc00
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t09.flac:e3d6e5e2a8c02b73436c49d7cded38a4
rwtc2000-10-18 d2t10.flac:d06f85a3d2c0b3e4b632702a14376417

497396c39b7c87e9d568c31782314319 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t01.flac
4d2cf5cef412c42994c84b49571f5d1a *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t02.flac
65e0af6c60643ef56510a64f8209acaa *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t03.flac
168bd473743597eaf90e8800755550ca *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t04.flac
c77bd43a10ad9064c3745723898ba841 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t05.flac
698e9139d2a8633b068c0d9e231d5ee6 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t06.flac
15b2d6b0463de87ac5230663b76a6444 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t07.flac
02801bc1a3ac43cc60ec87dd07049d39 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t08.flac
c6d8c2da566b92d9deb1588f45182451 *rwtc2000-10-18 d1t09.flac
0570da5ceafe0649f631ba3d7423531b *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t01.flac
0761847e22295bae544340a61b7b6553 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t02.flac
57acda3fc5a4fdd05d6675909c95f5ae *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t03.flac
bb9f1c6d6cc81b56c32b7a861ed69db3 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t04.flac
7feca6b8692cb7c477b3b5daf93c9496 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t05.flac
8f784663148ab4aaf07eaf65f86a53de *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t06.flac
a54fc011e13ecec7754e23490e805d42 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t07.flac
9101be220d5f300dfe9eb3550ebf48e9 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t08.flac
55323422511ecaed49dfdeb144fa14d6 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t09.flac
c58089c68f3b6ab52e277bbeee171be3 *rwtc2000-10-18 d2t10.flac
TypeRobert Walter's 20th Congress
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popskull 2012-11-26 22:42:27
I will prob catch some heat for calling this fileset "audiphile", but if you only have one RW2C show in your collection, I would recommend this one

The stage was only 12' wide tops and cramped. Ron placed the AMS perfectly.

Between hearing Robert playing Rhodes and Organ at the same time and Cochemea's sax swaying in front of the mic, this recording makes my head explode......hope it sucks you in as well


Recreational_Meat_Head 2012-11-26 23:00:48
Sounds like a must-have. I have plenty of the 20th Congress in my collection....but you can never have enough really.

Thanks for this one and to all the others posting a lot of Robert Walter related stuff recently. Everything the guy touches is funky as shit. And there seems to be a ton of high-quality recordings circulating. Love discovering a lot of this stuff for the first time!
funk_lin 2012-11-27 00:03:07
Who was on drums? Sluppick? Russo?
BWTBTGOG 2012-11-27 00:19:19
much thanx ...excellent sound ......indeed cranked it up with the vintage system.....dont know how many would dl it if ya put it up in 24/96 ........i would very nice thanx again
jkennedy 2012-11-27 01:15:52
JohnChimpo 2012-11-27 06:53:45
I saw a couple of shows on this tour, so the lineup is probably:

Robert Walter: assorted keyboards
Chris Stillwell: bass
Cochemea: sax
George Sluppick: drums
Chuck Prada: percussion

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to this!!
1Cylinder 2012-11-27 08:30:28
Thanks Mike! I don't think it's out of line to refer to this recording as "audiophile" quality. As far as live recordings done with a pair of mics & a DAT deck, and no post-recording editing, this is certainly one of the best I've heard. The stereo imaging is amazing. And of course, the music ain't too bad either. :-)

Yes, rw20c's lineup at this time included george sluppick on drums.
drivingwheel 2012-11-28 20:04:49
thank you!!

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