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ArtistRobert Hunter
Showrh2004-06-18.sbd.122864 shn
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Torrentrh2004-06-18.sbd.122864.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashc2c47f6416e7cce155283443d7fd9b3ed7182f9c
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DescriptionRobert Hunter
Red Rocks - Morrison, CO.

Source: SBD > CD-R > EAC > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD wave > SHN

Track 01 Doin' That Rag
Track 02 Cruel White Water
Track 03 Reuben & Cerise>
Track 04 It Must Have Been The Roses>
Track 05 Reuben and Cerise (Reprise)
Track 06 Silvio
Track 07 The Wind Blows High
Track 08 Eulalie

Many thanks go out to Robert Hunter for making this show available!
Checksumsecbcc001ed5f1bbe90f61e6a8218a156 *rh04-06-18t01.shn<br />
909ca744a119a795b089ede6f635098d *rh04-06-18t02.shn<br />
348bee97798a98659da2a160c073f7fc *rh04-06-18t03.shn<br />
771571657561ce2d054527f505f2c83a *rh04-06-18t04.shn<br />
87912e18de9dc80e583d81326d64bf44 *rh04-06-18t05.shn<br />
0470c6fc71ca92208f001460d8d6858d *rh04-06-18t06.shn<br />
3c631abd52ffc7ea7290acc4a772a069 *rh04-06-18t07.shn<br />
9c5b03104e9e27a123970ff80080f6b9 *rh04-06-18t08.shn<br />
TypeRobert Hunter
Last seederLast activity 84 days, 15:55:46 ago
Size188.28 MB (197431115 Bytes)
Added2012-11-27 15:56:38
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Num files10 files
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rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18.md5424 BN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18.txt407 BN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t01.shn22.16 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t02.shn27.10 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t03.shn15.23 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t04.shn12.72 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t05.shn20.84 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t06.shn26.85 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t07.shn40.58 MBN/A
rh04-06-18.shnf/rh04-06-18t08.shn22.82 MBN/A
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treydaman 2012-11-27 18:39:37
Thanks for the Hunter.Is this flac or shn? the files look to be .shn but the folder says flac
furnab2lax 2012-11-27 20:04:07
jerome70 2012-11-28 11:27:35
thanx!-i wonder if robert hunter ever met hunter thompson?that would'a been a collaboration for the ages as well...cosmic-bad-craziness!
Eyes113073 2012-12-26 06:13:53
Anyone ever seen a source for Robert Hunter 11/13/98 in Keene, NH?

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